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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Rum, Rum and More Rum
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/21/2012, Side stop on inland tour, Dominica

Behind this bartender is every imaginable, conceivable type of rum. There was even one called Obama Rum. We didn't partake in any, but it might be worth returning for some!

Carib Boat
Ed (photo by Elizabeth)
04/21/2012, Carib Indian Reservation, Dominica

The Carib Indians make these boats using one carved log for the bottom half of the hull. They leave it out in the sun and rain to cure, with rocks in the middle of it so it sags under the weight of the rocks. As it bows, it gets its shape and widens so that when they insert the side boards it is wide in the middle and narrow in the ends.

Carib Mother and Child
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/21/2012, Carib Indian Reservation, Dominica

Winston pointed out that this woman, a Carib Indian was probably full-blooded but her child looked like a mix. As I mentioned before, the Carib people are very handsome, but then again, so is everyone else. Young, old, big, small, thin, not thin (we don't see a lot of obesity in the islands), people have a deep beauty that is quite noticeable. And as much as Winston flirted, what strikes me is how respectful the men seem to be with the women in general. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of flirting going on, but no cat calls or whistling at the women walking by, no groups of men yelling out at passing females. I have noticed the same thing in every Island we've visited thus far. There might be a comment or two, and lots of what one woman called "provoking" between the sexes, but it all feels safe, respectful and clean.

Messin' Around
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/21/2012, Emerald Falls, Dominica

Playing around with Heather (s/v Picaroon) under the falls.

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