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It's Always An Adventure
Enjoying the hot springs
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/23/2012, Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

It truly doesn't get much better than this. Maybe a rum punch in my hand would eek it up a notch or two, but then I'd probably slip on the rocks even more than I did while making my way to the cold springs after this one.

Trafalgar Falls-Right side
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/23/2012, Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

And the one on the right.

04/23/2012 | Terri
Such great pics. Thanks for the memories you bring us from Dominica.
04/28/2012 | Ed Easter
We are glad to share our experiences with you and bring you back to some of yours vicariously!
Trafalgar Falls-Left side
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/23/2012, Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

There were two magnificent falls next to each other but without a wide-angle lens on our camera, we had to take two shots. This is the one of the left. Ed hiked a long way up to an upper pool while Tyson and I lounged in the hot springs and Judith went who-knows-where to meet foreigners from all around the world. That Judith!

Bobby Brown
04/23/2012, Dominica Tour

Our excellent guide, Bobby. I can't remember his given name, not that it really matters.

Middleham Falls View
Elizabeth (photo by Bobby Brown)
04/23/2012, Middleham Falls, Dominica

You see why I say it's worth it. Lovely.

Hiking down to Middleham Falls
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/23/2012, Middleham Falls, Dominica

Don't look too closely or you'll see me sweating from head to toe. That's Tyson and Judith behind me.

Luna on the hiking trail
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/23/2012, Middleham Falls, Dominica

Luna waiting for us to catch up. She had boundless energy, unlike her mama who found the hike one of the more difficult. It reminds me of hiking with our brother-in-law Landon who is notorious for taking us on a hike in Maine with a "moderate" difficulty level, only to be told later by same that "Maybe it was more on the extreme side of moderate" or "maybe it was actually one of those listed as strenuous". This one was advertised as a 45 minute hike one way but turned out to be about 90 down and a little less returning. But so worth the effort, as was every single "moderate" hike in Maine with Landon.

Island Tour with Bobby Brown
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/23/2012, Roseau, Dominica

In addition to the fruits/herbs/vegetables we saw on our first island tour, ww add nutmeg , bay leaf, cocoa, coffee, limes, wild strawberries (very tart), avocado trees and lemongrass. There are many others, none of which I recall at the moment. This tree is one we can't identify from memory. Maybe someone else will fill us in. Our tour guide Bobby Brown (not his real name; he's a singer who was called that by his buddies after the popular rap singer and the name stuck) was great, and he allowed Tyson to run the show as far as the places and order of things we would see. Together they made a brilliant team. We hiked up and down, up and down to get to Middleham Falls. Luna enjoyed the hike as well but we were all pretty tired at the end of it. The trail was beautifully laid out with logs but it wasn't easy going. We ate lunch at the restaurant showed in one of the photos, another delicious Caribbean meal with Creole influence. Luna stayed in the van at the request of the restaurant owner until Judith, who thinks Luna should be allowed EVERYWHERE, went to the van without us knowing and brought her inside to sit under the table. The owner smiled and allowed it, probably because Judith, who makes friends with every human being she meets, already knew her name, her baby's name, her history and her email address. The hike after lunch didn't go as well for Luna when she was forbidden to go down the trail and into the falls and hot springs area. It turned out just as well because it was rough going over all the streams and rocks. But Judith had Luna on the leash when we got to the park and had forgotten to make friends with the park ranger. "No dogs allowed!" he yelled. OK by us, we'll figure something else out. Not, however, OK with Judith who argued with him to no avail, then turned on her heels and started to walk off with Luna toward the trails. Oh God, I thought, we're all going to be arrested! "Judith!" I yelled, "We have to listen to what he's saying! You have to come back with Luna!" Luckily, Bobby Brown came up to us at that point and said he would stay behind with Luna. I apologized to the park ranger but he barely cracked a smile. Can't say I really blame him. That Judith! It's no wonder Luna thinks she rocks.

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