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It's Always An Adventure
Titou Gorge
04/23/2012, Dominica

The last place we visited was Titou Gorge. Chris Doyle (author of our trusted guidebook) describes it best as a "deep slot-canyon that winds back a couple of hundred yards into the mountain. The sheer walls are narrow and wind round into various interesting chambers. The bottom is a river, so you have to swim. The light coming from the forest above is dramatic as it lights up the sheer walls. At the head is a thundering waterfall." It was an incredible place, as was everything we saw all day long. We were lucky to avoid most of the cruise ship tourists and are hoping the winds die down a little from this point forward. We still have one more place I want to visit--It's Moses and his family at their "Rastaurant". They are Rastafarians and grow all their own food, offering lunch from their gardens out of a calabash bowl and served with a cocunot spoon. But if the wind and swells persist, I'm not sure we'll make it there.

Town Life
04/23/2012, Roseau, Dominica

Roseau as we sail by toward our anchorage.

View from the restaurant patio
04/23/2012, Dominica Tour

We were high up, looking over this as we ate our lunch.

Lunch Stop
04/23/2012, Dominica Tour

The restaurant where we stopped for lunch. This is where Judith snuck Luna inside.

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