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It's Always An Adventure
Al Dive
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
04/29/2012, Roseau, Dominica

We promised the good folks at Al Dive, where we picked up a mooring ball that we would post a photo of their place, along with a plug for their services. They are very professional, friendly, and eager to help with anything. If you're ever in Dominica and want to dive, check them out.

Before leaving Dominica
04/29/2012, Roseau, Dominica

It always gives me a smile to see Ed actually resting, relaxing and enjoying the day. He works hard and gets pretty worn out most days, plus he worries about the upcoming months. I do, too. Neither of us looks forward to the days with little or no wind, mosquitoes and unpredictable threats of storms. We have come across many people who have marina slips reserved in Grenada or Trinidad for hurricane season, but we can't seem to commit to that option. We have good sailing friends who went down to the ABC's during summer months (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, off the Venezuelan coast) and that might be our choice as well. And then there's the issue of Luna, who would probably be happier living in an air conditioned house in the US then on a boat in the Caribbean (go figure!) but who ultimately wants to be with us whether it's here, there or anywhere. She has been granted import permits to all the rabies-free countries we've applied to thus far, but we are concerned about St. Vincent and Trinidad who seem to be tougher about the requirements. We are hopeful we'll do fine in that regard and if not, Luna will have to stay on the boat if and when we stop at those countries.

Leaving Dominica
04/27/2012, Roseau, Dominica

Happy Belated Birthday, Jon! We are getting ready to release our mooring ball and leave this spectacular Island. We'll make a quick stop in Martinique before making our way further south to St. Lucia. There's a well-known Jazz Festival there that we'd love to catch part of if not too expensive. Dianah Ross, Santana, Ziggy Marlin and lots of others are headlining. It's been a great visit here; we continue to be impressed by the friendliness, helpfulness of almost everyone we meet, and of course, the natural beauty. Dominicans are proud of their country and have every reason to be.

Zam Zam Cafe
04/25/2012, Roseau, Dominica

One thing I meant to do was to ask the owner where the name of their restaurant comes from. This is the view from the road. When the place is closed, the door is shut and you don't have a clue what magic is just on the other side. You can see Ed discussing the bill with our waitress, Merle. He is giving her more money for her tip after she handed the change back to us.

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