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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
View from the fort
05/04/2012, Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia

One of the many "got to take this photo" shots. There is a tropical wave forming, as I mentioned previously and when it comes, it will bring lots of rain. We felt fortunate it held off long enough for us to get some touristy type stuff in this morning. Tonight we go to a "jump up" with our friend Brad. Nancy brought her jumping shoes for the occasion. God only knows what that means!

Swim Therapy
05/04/2012, Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia

It is always good therapy for my sister to be in the water; any water will do but Caribbean water is certainly high on the list of choices. You can tell by the look on her face she is soaking it in, enjoying it to the fullest. We had a nice swim but then Luna had to return to Skylark because she wasn't allowed on the state park trails. It's too bad because she could use the exercise, though she is like Nancy Jo and always finds the water great for any occasion. Nancy Jo and I hiked up to the fort for a "got to have a photo of this" view and then hiked down to meet Ed for lunch at a funky, artistic restaurant at the base of the trail. Once she and I were at the top, a Rasta man came bounding up the steep stairs, smoking a cigarette and complaining about how hot it was. On and on he complained. He took a very quick look around, then bounded back down, muttering to himself, "I've been doing this for 20 years, and it is hot, hot, hot". We couldn't help but wonder why he was doing it, what the point was. On the way down, he shook his waist length dreads out from his hat, muttering loudly to himself the entire time.

Gift from a friend
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
05/03/2012, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

The other day I mentioned a man I met who just happened to be working on Brad's boat. This man, Gary, who is also called Kenyatta by his friends but who was chrisented by yet another name is a Rasta who has a heart as big as NYC, which is where he lived for several years before returning to his home on this Island. He and I made a good connection and he told me he was going to make me a gift, along with one for Brad. I knew he would follow through but I didn't know the gift would be an exquisite handmade basket made of palm leaves. It is filled with fruit and vegetables after passing a farmer with the empty basket in hand who informed him that he couldn't give a fruit basket without fruit in it. Kenyatta filled it high with cherries, apples. melon, papaya, sweetsop, apricots, and bananas. The piece of palm leaf you see under my chin is a decorative bird "flying" over the basket. We enjoyed having drinks with him and Brad, hearing entertaining stories about the Rasta beliefs, time in NYC, loves of his life and especially his fiancé Roxy who sounds pretty special.

Nancy Jo arrived this afternoon and it's hard to believe she's actually here. She is tired from getting up early for her flight this morning but the nice thing about being in the Caribeean on a sailboat is whatever needs to happen will happen and all we have is time. And of course, weather. Tonight before she headed off for bed, she looked out one of the portholes from down in the salon and said, "Oh, look, fireworks!". We looked out and saw anchor lights bobbing from other boats, the lights from shore bobbing and the moon and stars as well. We laughed hard because what she was seeing was from our boat bobbing, not fireworks. It takes a little while getting used to your home rising up and down, especially when you're down below and thus lose perspective. Photos of Nancy Jo will be posted tomorrow or the next day when she is rested and photograph-friendly. Luna, by the way, was beside herself to have her on the boat, especially when Brad arrived tonight and all her current favorite people were giving her tickles and pats.

Brad on his bowsprit
05/02/2012, Rodney Bay Marina

It's always a treat for us meeting up with Brad, which would be more aptly put, running into him unexpectedly. I would accuse him of following us except we typically discover him when he's already settled in somewhere. We stopped by for a beer yesterday afternoon and left when his girlfriend, Carolyn called from NC. He scurried off to find a comfortable place to talk and this is where he landed. We'll finally get a chance to meet her on Saturday when she arrives for a week's visit.

Today, last minute details in preparation for our visitor who gets in early tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait!

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