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It's Always An Adventure
Marigot Village
Elizabeth (photo by Nancy Jo)
05/07/2012, Marigot, Saint Lucia

Sweet little village here at Marigot, which we look forward to exploring just as soon as Nancy Jo and Ed finish their morning chores. :)

Anchorage in Marigot
Elizabeth (photo by Nancy Jo)
05/07/2012, Marigot, Saint Lucia

We are nestled in amidst the rain forest, which with the rain is a happy home for mosquitos. Luckily we only had a couple of the boogers on Skylark. We'll hope for a bit of wind today to keep them away.

Elizabeth (photo by Nancy Jo)
05/07/2012, Saint Lucia, South of Rodney Bay

Right before sunset, the swells became untenable at Anse Cochon, so we left that anchorage to come into Marigot Bay where it's much calmer. The rain lasted most of the night but this morning the sun is trying hard to poke out and we are busy drying off the boat. I am not doing that particular chore, however. There is one benefit to keeping up with the blog---Nancy Jo and Ed are wringing out the boat and I'm down below with my morning coffee and computer. It could be worse.

Rain, rain and more rain
05/07/2012, Anse Cochon

We left Rodney Bay yesterday morning and motored in the rain to Anse Cochon (just south of it actually) where we picked up a mooring ball. Dr. Special (Michael) found us soon after we arrived and told us he owned the moorings so we would need to pay him. He also had a huge conch shell to sell us. My husband, the impossible tourist, paid the man for the ball, which probably was necessary and then bought the conch shell from him. We had a serious conversation afterwards and although Ed couldn't promise to stop buying trinkets from every Tom, Dick, Harry and Dr. Special he meets, he did say he would try harder to resist or else let me deal with them. No harm done, but where in the world are going to store the enormous conch shell?

We snorkeled along the reef and decided it was a great spot but poor visibility and no sun made it less than ideal.

Luna borrowed Nancy Jo's rain hat after getting pretty wet in the rain and asked if we'd take her picture for the blog. Demanding little girl...

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