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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Poetry Party Group Photo
Elizabeth (photo by Sheron Garraway)
05/28/2012, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

The guest speakers, open mike participants and organizers of the evening were all asked to pose for Sheron who is a freelance writer for the Vincentian newspaper, as well as the West Indies campus newsletter. She was kind enough to email me copies of the photos you see on the blog.

An another note, we had a fantastic, incredible dive this morning with Dive Bequia. One of the instructors offered to take me on our own private excursion (I do have special needs, like fear, anxiety and a "Why the hell do I want to do this at all?" kinda attitude) and that turned out to be a wonderful idea. He helped me relax, enjoy myself and have that "corrective" experience I was hoping for. The dive itself was exquisite, the coral colorful and abundant, the fish populations parading around like there was no tomorrow--oh my goodness, it was what diving is all about. My ears are now clogged, like they were before and that's a drag, but it was well worth it. We highly recommend Dive Bequia for both beginners and experienced divers. Now I believe I'll be able to go with Ed on our own, which was what he was gambling on.

Poetry Party at Fig Tree Restaurant
Elizabeth (photo by Sheron Garraway)
05/28/2012, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

We attended a "poetry party" at the Fig Tree Restaurant which was put together by Cheryl Johnson in collaboration with The University of the West Indies Open Campus. She invited numerous well-known SVG poets and dramatists, then opened the mike to any other poets in the audience. Cheryl had learned I was a poet when Ed told her--I would not have mentioned it nor would I have offered to read anything, but once she found out, she nearly insisted I bring something to share during the evening. When I balked, she asked me to tell her why. I hesitated because I wasn't really sure myself, but as I thought about it, I realized that while poetry has been an important component of my life for many, many years, it has also been associated with more troubling times. My poetry is tucked away for safe-keeping but sometimes it's painful reading about times that were less than ideal. Cheryl asked me to come, said she hoped I would read, and so I dug out three pieces that I felt comfortable sharing with strangers in a foreign country and did just that. My voice was shaking as I took the stage, looking out into a small audience who didn't know anything about me. Later, Cheryl honored me by including me among the guests she was thanking and told everyone the story of meeting us, why I hesitated about reading, etc. She then said, "We hope Elizabeth and Mr. Elizabeth will return next year with more poems to read on Poetry Party night". I was humbled by the experience. But mostly, I loved hearing the local poets, learning about the culture through their work and enjoying such a rich and lively evening. We thank Cheryl for making us feel welcome in her community. After the readings when the audience went home, she asked us to stay with the invited guests to eat some of their delicious food, along with the best passion fruit drink you can imagine (non-alcoholic).

Town sea wall
05/28/2012, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Happy Birthday Anna! We are going on a dive this morning, which will be my first since receiving our dive certification. I'm hoping it will be a "corrective experience" for me. My certification dives were difficult and I ended up with blocked ears for two weeks after. The diving around Bequia is known to be excellent. Luna is putting her vote in for a beach day. Lounge, swim, chase other dogs, lounge, swim, chase other dogs. Sounds boring to everyone but her.

Evening Out as a Family
Elizabeth (photo by s/v Sapphire)
05/27/2012, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

We had a delightful evening on s/v Sapphire with Caroline and Moby from Rochester, NY. They left today for Grenada where they'll haul their boat and fly home to NY until the winter. We were sad to see them leave. Luna is always a well-behaved dog on other sailboats but she does have one quirky habit. For some reason, she likes to call it a day at 7:30 each night. That's when she sits on top of the steps going down to our main salon and waits to be carried down. Once below, it's off to sleep she goes. If we're on someone else's boat, she wants to go down below just the same, so when she waited to on the companionway steps on Sapphire, I asked Caroline if it was between 7-7:30. Sure enough, it was 7:30, time for bed! Caroline and Moby are lovers of animals and were happy to allow her access to a cool, teak floor where she promptly went to sleep. This photo was taken prior to bedtime. We forgot our camera so if Caroline and Moby send us the picture of Luna sitting beside them, we'll post them as well. I took this photo off Sapphire's blog. I know, I know, I steal photos all over the place.

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