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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Oysters from the Mangroves
06/14/2012, Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada

Oysters in Tyrrel are picked from tree limbs in the mangroves and are flatter and smaller than the ones we're used to in the US. We bought a dozen from the wine man, Thomas (see the wine bottles in his tender?). He opened them for us and we ate all 12 as an appetizer in the late afternoon. The verdict? Either we didn't like the lime juice we squirted over them (limes are a little more tart than in the US) or we didn't like the oysters. Either way, we won't be buying them again. That shouldn't be an issue since we're getting ready to lift anchor and sail down to Grenada proper (Carriacou is officially part of Grenada but the main island is further south). We'll anchor at Mt. Hartman Bay and figure out what we want to do from that point. Several other cruisers are already there who we met in Salt Whistle and who will make the passage down to Trinidad within the next few weeks. Don't forget, if you want to track our passages, click on the Spot Tracker under Favorite Links.

New Country, New Flag
06/13/2012, Carriacou, Grenada

For those interested in our lat/lon, I have updated it. If anyone finds it isn't accurate, how about letting me know? I never check it myself. Our plans to visit or skip Grenada were dependent on whether we heard back from the Trinidad government about Luna's import permit. We didn't, so we decided to see some of Grenada before heading to our hurricane home. We're in no rush to arrive in Trini (as it is affectionately referred to) because we'll be leaving paradise and entering a different world. Not that we won't enjoy Trini, we just might love it. But Grenada is full of beautiful sights and we look forward to spending a week or two (or more) here. We loved St. Vincent and the Grenadines and could easily have spent a few more weeks there but one Tropical Wave after another is forecast and or/upon us, limiting some of our plans and desires.

Sundowners on s/v Tivoli
Elizabeth (photo by Willie s/v Liahona)
06/13/2012, Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, the Grenadines

Remember the day we arrived in Salt Whistle Bay and scraped the bottom of the bay with our broken centerboard? Well, soon after we arrived and were just realizing we had a major problem, we were invited for sundowners (cocktails) on the s/v Tivoli, who we didn't know but were friends with our hosts of the BBQ, Mark and Willie on s/v Liahona. Ed's response to me as I happily got ready for social hour was, "But I should inspect the centerboard and see what we're dealing with" (i.e., diving on it) What? Now? Why? Are you nuts? "No, that's ridiculous" I said, "It can wait until morning". He reluctantly agreed. We enjoyed meeting Judy and Torben on s/v Tivoli, and Nancy and Dave on s/v Fawkes. And of course visiting with Willie and Mark. That seems like a very long time ago. Judy and Torben had to leave the next morning but we'll look forward to meeting up with them again when they return to Trinidad from an extended trip to the US.

06/13/2012 | Kathryn Sain
Great photo, you guys are looking happier and happier...I guess deciding to spend 2 weeks more here or 2-3 more weeks there is a great stress reducer!!! LOve IT! xo
06/13/2012 | Elizabeth
Thank you, Kathryn! I definitely think this lifestyle agrees with us for the most part.
Captain Turbin
06/12/2012, Clifton, Union Island, the Grenadines

We met Turbin in the town square and learned he spent most of his adult life as a merchant marine on cargo ships. He has traveled the world and says he never had a bit of trouble from anyone wherever he was. He spent time in Egypt, Yugoslavia, the USA, the Baltic Sea--and when I asked him where his favorite country was, he naturally said "Home". He had a handsome face, grayish-green eyes, a kind smile. He asked whether we needed any fish, which is what he does now that he doesn't take to the sea any longer and Ed told him about our ENORMOUS Wahoo. That got them talking lures and he offered to sell Ed one that would guarantee lots of catches. He went home to retrieve it and it's similar to the one we bought in Bequia (our magic lure) but it has a double hook and double skirt. We promise to send photos at some point.

06/15/2012 | ellen
Love this photo!
Town Square
06/12/2012, Clifton, Union Island, the Grenadines

The whole town is bright and colorful with clean streets and friendly locals. At least on the square where we were hanging out this was the case.

Market Vendor in Clifton Square
06/12/2012, Clifton, Union Island, the Grenadines

Plenty of fresh vegetables, spices, fruits, souvenirs, gifts, clothing, and anything else you might be in the market for. The dog in the photo isn't Luna, just a stray. Only one of the dogs growled at Luna; the others want to play.

Union Island
06/12/2012, Clifton, Union Island, the Grenadines

We are anchored and moored (for added security on mooring balls we don't trust) in Clifton Harbour on Union Island which is part of the Grenadines. Many cruisers discouraged us from spending too much time here, other than to visit customs for checking out of the country. However, we think it's a charming town and a reasonably comfortable anchorage. We shopped at the market this morning, walked Luna around, met the stray dogs, made friends with the townspeople and will probably be on our way shortly after lunch today. Last night we had cocktails with new friends Ellen and Rob (s/v Miclo III), plus lunch with them in town at a great restaurant overlooking the water. We look forward to seeing more of them in Trinidad. We will be lifting anchor momentarily and heading south. We'll check in when we get where we're going and have some Internet.

Thanks to everyone who has commented recently on the blog. We've had a flurry of activity and we really appreciate your taking the time to send a comment. We love hearing what you want more of, so please don't be shy about asking. We wish we could respond to each and every comment made, but it can be difficult staying up to date during times of limited Internet access.

Willie and Mark
06/11/2012, Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, the Grenadines

This is Mark and Willie (s/v Liahona) who were our generous hosts of the bbq. There is talk of making it an annual event. We would definitely return next year if at all possible.

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