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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Hanging with the Locals....
Elizabeth (photo by s/v Tusen Takk II)
06/16/2012, Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, the Grenadines

...I mean fellow cruisers. :) This is Dave and his girlfriend Lori (s/v Persephone). Lori left the next morning for the US (though she'll be back soon) and he is here at Mt. Hartman along with Miclo III and Liahona.

Interesting Photo of the Bay and Skylark
Elizabeth (photo by s/v Tusen Takk II)
06/16/2012, Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, the Grenadines

Skylark can be seen on the right at the stern of s/v Liahona, we're the one with the toast colored awning. Mark affectionately referred to our awning as a circus tent. That's Miclo III in between us with the white hull and dark blue stripe around the hull. They actually own the boat we had our hearts set on but couldn't swing at the time. Boat envy is a terrible thing.

Photos from the Pig Roast
Elizabeth (photo by s/v Tusen Takk II)
06/16/2012, Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, the Grenadines

We were just sent some additional photos from the pig roast in Salt Whistle Bay, so I thought I'd add them to what we have already posted. I'm also adding one of Ellen and Rob on Miclo III, so you can put faces to names we have mentioned. This photo is of Mark (s/v Liahona) and Ed monitoring the pig on the grill. To the right is Rob (s/v Miclo III).

Glorious Grenada
06/16/2012, Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada

Lat/lon are updated. Grenada is living up to everything we've been told about it. From a cruiser's perspective, there is never a dull moment. Last night was pizza and live music at Tiki's, about a 15 minute walk from our anchorage. Good fun, but I forgot I've had a bum knee (it's been feeling much, much better) and danced with Ed, which was exactly the wrong thing to do. This morning I am feeling the pain again. Was it worth the dance? Yeah, I would say so. Yesterday afternoon we walked a couple of miles to a rum factory with our boat cart to stock up on the good stuff. We went with Ellen and Rob on s/v Miclo and had a good time with them. They are from the NJ shore, which is where Ed spent many a summer during his childhood.

Ed and His Tuna
06/16/2012, Between Carriacou & Grenada

It was a 5-6 hour passage from Carriacou to Grenada "proper" and Mount Hartman Bay. The wind was light but enough to keep us sailing. Ed put out two rods and caught another huge something-or-another which gave us a run for our money for about 15 minutes. I was having a heck of a time slowing the boat down enough for Ed to properly manage the heavy load on the line. We feel certain it was a big one, maybe even comparable to the Wahoo. Eventually the fish took the hook (our brand new double thing) and went on his merry way. We were disappointed to lose the hook, naturally, but somewhat relieved at not dealing with a humungous specimen which would need lots of muscle and attention. Before we had time to think up some "the one that got away" stories, another fish on the 2nd rod made its presence known. This time, the boat slowed easily (thanks to the wind dying), the fish was smaller and we got it on board without incident. It was a lovely tuna, and we appreciate it giving its life for our dinner. When we arrived at Mt. Hartman Bay, we said hello to friends on Miclo III, Persephone, and Liahona. That night we crashed what might have been Miclo's quiet night to themselves, offered to share our tuna and brought over some sushi/sashimi fixings. Rob made a whole lot of sashimi (we can't find our rolling seaweed or mats anywhere which is maddening and meant we couldn't make rolls) and we ate every bit of it. It was good fun and we're very excited to be here.

06/18/2012 | Betty Hutcheson
What a handsome fish and fisherman!
Cow Along the Road
06/16/2012, Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada

Grenada is known for its lush beauty, warm people, and endless opportunities for fun. We weren't fond of Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou, Grenada, but in a sense, that was just a warm up for the "real" island of Grenada. We spent two nights there; I don't think we'll be eager to return, which is an uncommon reaction to places we've visited. We may be more or less fond of where we are but its rare we don't actually like somewhere. We didn't like Soufriere harbour either, but loved the places we could access from it. I can't think of anywhere else we felt that way about.

The photo is of a good-looking, though rather bony cow we came across in Tyrrel while walking Luna. Luna wanted to make friends, but she had her eyes on a really cute goat down the road a ways. Put a goat within sniffing or eyeballing distance and she'll be entertained for hours. Cows? Interesting, yes, but goats? More exciting than a tennis ball, floating coconut or Brad on s/v Lady Angele.

Oysters from the Mangroves
06/14/2012, Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada

Oysters in Tyrrel are picked from tree limbs in the mangroves and are flatter and smaller than the ones we're used to in the US. We bought a dozen from the wine man, Thomas (see the wine bottles in his tender?). He opened them for us and we ate all 12 as an appetizer in the late afternoon. The verdict? Either we didn't like the lime juice we squirted over them (limes are a little more tart than in the US) or we didn't like the oysters. Either way, we won't be buying them again. That shouldn't be an issue since we're getting ready to lift anchor and sail down to Grenada proper (Carriacou is officially part of Grenada but the main island is further south). We'll anchor at Mt. Hartman Bay and figure out what we want to do from that point. Several other cruisers are already there who we met in Salt Whistle and who will make the passage down to Trinidad within the next few weeks. Don't forget, if you want to track our passages, click on the Spot Tracker under Favorite Links.

New Country, New Flag
06/13/2012, Carriacou, Grenada

For those interested in our lat/lon, I have updated it. If anyone finds it isn't accurate, how about letting me know? I never check it myself. Our plans to visit or skip Grenada were dependent on whether we heard back from the Trinidad government about Luna's import permit. We didn't, so we decided to see some of Grenada before heading to our hurricane home. We're in no rush to arrive in Trini (as it is affectionately referred to) because we'll be leaving paradise and entering a different world. Not that we won't enjoy Trini, we just might love it. But Grenada is full of beautiful sights and we look forward to spending a week or two (or more) here. We loved St. Vincent and the Grenadines and could easily have spent a few more weeks there but one Tropical Wave after another is forecast and or/upon us, limiting some of our plans and desires.

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