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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Skylark Imposter
06/27/2012, Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

Who is this Skylark imposter? A power boat? For sale? Let's hope the new owners change the name and not go "skylarking" through these parts.

06/28/2012 | Betty Hutcheson
Makes me appreciate the things I take for granted on a regular basis. Hope that water gets fixed! Finally a real shower and no water! Yikes! That's enough to make a preacher cuss...a quote from my dear father.
Love you guys
Skylark in her new home
06/24/2012, Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

Lat/Lon is updated for those interested.

We are settled in at our slip at Coral Cove Marina in Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad. It's a bit surreal being here. We are in the northwest part of the country, not too far from the major city of Port of Spain. Although Luna will be limited to the marina, we'll have access to lots of places. There's a good bus system here and I'll be able to do some shopping on my own. The buses are similar to other West Indian buses, or vans, typically there's nothing written on them but if you're on the side of the road and stick your hand out, they'll stop for you. Ask the driver if they're going where you want to go and if so, climb on board. If someone asks you how many people can fit on a maxi taxi in the Caribbean, the answer is "One more". They pile in. The fare is dirt cheap but you pay again every time you get off and on. Usually it's the equivalent of $1.50 US one way. When you want to stop, in other Islands you just say "Driver, stop here". But in Trini we understand there's a button you push to exit when you want to be let off.

On our dock, we are surrounded by an English family who have been cruising for 5 years, a New Zealand couple, several Americans, a S. African couple who have also been out for many years who we met in Bequia, a couple from Canada (though the husband is Brazilian) and we understand an Aussie is around here somewhere. We said goodbye to our Polish friends who leave for Poland tomorrow and are nearby on the hard (their boat is on stilts and out of the water), and I feel certain there are other interesting people we've yet to meet. Everyone we've met thus far has been great. Our friends on Just Imagine and Miclo III are at different marinas but not too far and within dinghy or walking distance. In this photo, Skylark is toward the end, 2nd to last one.

06/25/2012 | Betty Hutcheson
So, will you have internet access all summer?
Thinking about you three and loving you!
06/26/2012 | Elizabeth
We will have Internet through our marina the entire time we're here, which will be great.
06/28/2012 | Betty Hutcheson
How does this marina compare to Charleston? I'm not trying to be a smartass....just want an idea....really.
So happy you'll have Internet access all summer. Let's hope it's more consistent than the showers!
06/29/2012 | Ed Easter
This marina, like many of the surrounding ones is a working boatyard, with boaters constantly either working on their boats solo, hiring contractors, or having the boatyards do work for them. So our marina has that "working man/woman" feel to it. Nice enough, just not very fancy and without luxuries of any kind. Having said that, any amenities can feel like a luxury to cruisers like us!
Miclo III
06/24/2012, Approaching Trinidad

This is a shot of Miclo III as we got to Trinidad, immediately before Luna so rudely chased the dolphins away. One bark! That's all it took for them to sciddadle. But back to Miclo III, she is a fine looking sailing vessel. She is motor sailing into 22kts of wind through Boca de Monos, as are we (obviously since we're taking the photo). That's Monos Island on the far side of Miclo III.

06/24/2012 | betty Boop
Looks safe to me...
So glad there are good folks to keep you company. I'm missing you guys more than ever! it's been over a year since we parted.;-{
Welcoming Committee
06/24/2012, Approaching Trinidad

Our nighttime sailing was in 15 kts, with an easterly breeze and slight seas. The stars were magnificent. While Ed rested, I watched Neptune and Venus rising up from the horizon, one on top of the other. Magnificent. I also saw what must have been some sort of satellite moving across the sky. It wasn't a plane, so that's all I can figure. As the morning sun rose, it was chased away soon enough by our first set of squalls. The clouds kept building about 5 miles north of the Hibiscus oil rig field and the squall turned out to be a large weather system that kept the wind on our nose, with a strong southwest current pushing us off course several times. None of this was predicted, nor expected. Approaching Trinidad, a pod of very large dolphins sent out a welcoming committee. I was psyched, as I always am when the dolphins swim at our bow, but good ole' Luna, dog that she is, barked once to say, "Get outta here, this is my boat!" and off they went to greener pastures. I have to teach her better manners when it comes to dolphins. For a non-barking dog, she doesn't hesitate to make it known to men in dreadlocks and dolphins that they are not welcomed on Skylark. Does she ask us how we feel about these visitors? Does she care?

Betwixt and Between
06/24/2012, Somewhere outside of Grenada and Before Trinidad

We made our passage with s/v Just Imagine and s/v Miclo III, leaving promptly at midnight Friday. That night Ed and I decided to go to bed around 7-8 to "relax our eyes", and hopefully get some sleep before 11:30. Ed retired and I was still on the computer when I noticed Luna was restless, unsettled, wandering between our berth and the main salon. Then she barked (highly unusual). I shushed her but she did it again. I still ignored her, believing she was thrown off balance by the early bedtime. I went to bed shortly thereafter but noticed she started rubbing her face on all our area rugs in a frenetic manner. She ran between all three, rubbing, rubbing, rolling, running to the next rug, repeat performance. Finally, I got it in my thick skull that something was wrong. I stopped her from rubbing, looked at her face and woke Ed up right away. Her face was swollen to twice its normal size, eyes nearly shut, the size of golf balls. Her jowls looked like she was holding marbles in both cheeks. Many marbles. We took off her collar, got out some Benadryl and quickly researched on the Internet a safe dosage for dogs her weight. We got a pill down her throat immediately and within 5 minutes, she'd stopped itching. The swelling was still bad but she was able to rest and was swallowing normally, thank goodness. At midnight we lifted anchor under a sky heavily littered with stars. By midnight we were sailing, Luna was sleeping and the temperature was refreshingly cool. We gave Luna a second Benadryl around 2. The swelling continued to subside but we're clueless what she got into that caused this allergic reaction. She's in tip-top shape now, lying on the settee upside down, dreaming about men in dreadlocks and pesky dolphins.

The photo is of the Trinidad and yellow "Q" flag which is what we fly prior to checking in at customs.

06/24/2012 | Betty Boop
Poor Luna...what in the world??? How frightening! I guess you just figure it out since a vet isn't part of the plan. So glad Luna Girl is A-OK.
06/24/2012 | Kathryn Sain
poor luna........:(
View of Our Previous Anchorage
06/22/2012, Mount Hartman Bay, Grenada

A shot of the anchorage we left this morning. We loved it there and will look forward to returning after hurricane season, if not before.

Water Aerobics
Elizabeth (photo by unknown cruiser)
06/22/2012, Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, the Grenadines

This is what water aerobics looks like with Willie (s/v Liahona) leading the group. She was a physical therapist in her previous life. It's been a great way to visit with other cruisers, enjoy the warm Caribbean water and give my body a good workout. I came across this photo on a friend's Facebook page and I'll eventually ask her who took the shot so I can give them credit for it. We won't have any swimming in the sea for many months to come, only in a smallish swimming pool at our marina in Trinidad. I think I've mentioned how much Luna will miss swimming and running on beaches. I'm afraid she's going to be hot and bored for many months to come. We won't be bored, but we'll be hot as well. We moved over to Clark's Court Bay this morning to give us easier access on our midnight departure and we'll arrive by mid-afternoon tomorrow, unless we get lucky and get there sooner. We are sailing along with s/v Miclo III (Rob and Ellen) and s/v Just Imagine (Robin and Cheryl). Next post will be from Trinidad!

Man in Mast
06/21/2012, Clark's Court Bay, Grenada

Happy Birthday Rob!

This man was taking a photo of the group of dinghies at the concert. The sailboat was rafted up to the barge.

We are leaving Grenada tomorrow around midnight with several other sailing vessels. I might not have another post on the blog until we arrive in Trinidad. This afternoon Ed and I are attending a cooking class where they demonstrate how to use local ingredients in recipes. Tomorrow morning we'll leave our anchorage and position ourselves at a different spot in order to provide better accessibility for our departure. We hope to arrive in Trini sometime Saturday afternoon. We have a slip reserved once we get there. Not much fun being on a slip and forgoing swimming for the rest of the summer. But there are some advantages, which I'll talk about once we're there.

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