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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Group Photo
Elizabeth (photo by Bethany, s/v Cape)
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

The July 20, 2012 Taste of Trini gang.

Fresh Produce Stand
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

Hot pepper sauce hanging above the fresh fruits and vegetables. Avocados, $2 each. Juicy mangos and bananas were plentiful.

Fresh Water Meets the Atlantic Ocean
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
07/23/2012, East Side of Trinidad

This river ends here, joining forces with the salty ocean.

On the Beach
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
07/23/2012, Manzanilla Bay, Trinidad

I never tire of beaches. But then again, I love the deep woods, mountains and deserts as well. Lakes, rivers and streams? Them too. I love big cities, small towns and foreign language. I love listening to accents from the US, Boston, New York, Georgia, New Orleans, Texas and Maine. And of course, New Jersey where my good Captain is from. I especially love new experiences as well as the comfort of a well-worn routine. I adore large, spacious houses but would probably design a compact, humble cottage for our next land-based home. I love dogs, cats, horses and anything fuzzy. I do not like cockroaches. I hate them most of all.

07/26/2012 | judith fabian
I love this photo of you, and your prose that comes with it!
Be careful about dissing neighboring fat cats ...
she could come on board when you least expect her!! Maybe Luna will start her on an exercise program. I so miss you, Ed and my Luna.
07/31/2012 | Jan Keny
Having just returned from northern Minnesota, Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (no cell coverage), I get what you just wrote. Sounds like you feel at home in many places. What a gift.
Boats on Manzanilla Beach
07/23/2012, Manzanilla Bay, Trinidad

This beach was occupied by locals of Indian heritage. Lots of families, kids and stray dogs. Dogs are not treated particularly well in the Caribbean from what we've determined. There are some locals who profess to love dogs, but none of them are treated as members of the family. If a dog is owned and not a stray, he or she is used mostly for protection. Of course there are exceptions but we run into this time and time again. The strays are everywhere. One little dog, with stubby legs and horrible mange, would've come directly to the vet and then home with us if we lived here and had a cage for carrying her. She was sweet and eager to be pet by us. We don't typically pet the strays, however, especially if we're about to eat with no way to wash our hands. But she would be a keeper if we didn't live on a boat. Luna misses playing with other dogs, so she races up to Rastafarians instead and bows down in her "Wanna play? Do ya? Do ya?" move, but if they're wearing a cap to hold up their dreads, she barks while issuing an invitation and they freeze. Which is why she remains on the leash 97.5% of the time.

Eating in the Van
Elizabeth (photo by Rod s/v Sheer Tenacity)
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

I loved this Chinese dish call Poor Man's Creole.

Coconut and Little Girl
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

This sweet girl was working on a coconut in her driveway. We bought several of them from her father and older brothers, drinking the milk and eating the tender meat inside.

Cocoa Tree
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

The cocoa pod is opened and a lot of beans are on the inside. It's bitter to the taste. Jesse's Uncle owns this grove of trees, which we didn't know until after we left the site. While we were there, Jesse pretended we were trespassing and suggested we run back to the van if anyone tried to ask us what we were doing there. We all fell for it, of course.

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