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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
Group Photo
Elizabeth (photo by Bethany, s/v Cape)
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

The July 20, 2012 Taste of Trini gang.

Fresh Produce Stand
07/23/2012, Trinidad Taste of Trini Tour

Hot pepper sauce hanging above the fresh fruits and vegetables. Avocados, $2 each. Juicy mangos and bananas were plentiful.

Fresh Water Meets the Atlantic Ocean
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
07/23/2012, East Side of Trinidad

This river ends here, joining forces with the salty ocean.

On the Beach
Elizabeth (photo by Ed)
07/23/2012, Manzanilla Bay, Trinidad

I never tire of beaches. But then again, I love the deep woods, mountains and deserts as well. Lakes, rivers and streams? Them too. I love big cities, small towns and foreign language. I love listening to accents from the US, Boston, New York, Georgia, New Orleans, Texas and Maine. And of course, New Jersey where my good Captain is from. I especially love new experiences as well as the comfort of a well-worn routine. I adore large, spacious houses but would probably design a compact, humble cottage for our next land-based home. I love dogs, cats, horses and anything fuzzy. I do not like cockroaches. I hate them most of all.

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