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s/v Skylark
It's Always An Adventure
We Need a Sponsor!
Elizabeth (photo by Mark s/v Liahona)
08/12/2012, Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

OK, who wants to donate money for our matching ball caps? And color-coordinated noodles? I believe Sarah from Wales calls them woggles, or some such thing. Then, all we need is a larger swimming pool, but what we'd rather have is clean water around our boats. Team Aerobics is ready to roll as soon as someone with big bucks steps up to the plate. Waiting....

Water Aerobics Team
Elizabeth (photo by David s/v Persephone)
08/12/2012, Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

These are some of the women who enjoy Willie's water aerobics. "Team Aerobics" is what you might call us, except we don't have matching caps and we never know who will show up for the morning workout. Willie has organized aerobics all over the caribbean islands, which everyone seems to appreciate. I have especially enjoyed the opportunity for a good workout, especially given that the walking around here is problematic, and we all enjoy the social time with each other. From l-r, Lori (US), Karena (Norway), Willie (US), Sarah (UK) and yours truly with the grey hair on the end make up our current group. We miss our two Aussie friends who have come and gone, Annie and Gail. We haven't seen our French representative, Kathy in a few days and miss her as well. The tiny pool can be rather challenging when everyone shows up, but we get creative and carry on.

Friday Night BBQ at Coral Cove
Elizabeth (photo by Willie s/v Liahona)
08/12/2012, Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

Each Friday night some of the cruisers at Coral Cove Marina have an informal BBQ. We bring what we want to grill and a dish to share. It's always fun, with different people coming and going. This is a photo of me and David on s/v Persephone who arrived that morning with his partner Lori. They are in the slip next to ours. We got to know them in Saltwhistle Bay and spent time with David in Grenada as well but missed Lori who was back in the US at the time.

I will probably add one more post tomorrow and then I'll be busy traveling to the US. I'm not sure what I'll do with the blog during my 5 week absence, but maybe Ed will take over if I don't keep up with it. Luna will stay here with Ed, except for a brief interval when a friend from Coral Cove will take care of her, allowing Ed to join me. Since I enjoy writing for the blog and taking photos, my guess is I'll periodically check in during my shore leave.

Muddy Water
Elizabeth (photo by Willie s/v Liahona)
08/12/2012, Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad

Another photo showing the change in water color from all the runoff. There were calls on the radio about whether conditions were safe to come into the harbours, with someone responding that there was a lot of debris in the water and caution should be taken. All in all, it was a pretty dramatic day. We hope those who were negatively impacted will get assistance and we of course offer our sympathies to the family of the two residents who were killed.

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