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SV Kokomo - Denny & Becky
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Isla Chapera
Becky/88 degrees

We are now back from the Las Perlas - what a great time we had! Now that I have internet, I will post some photos & videos.

We had such a good time on Isla Chapera! Watch a few videos below and you will see.

Rio Cacique - Las Perlas
Becky/85 degrees

The above boy came by in his canoe, we gave him a chocolate cup cake, boy did he give us a big smile!

I really enjoyed giving away some of our beanie babies.

When we got to shore, this little boy followed us all around. He is so cute!

We also saw whales here.

On our walk we came across a waterfall. You might want to turn down your volume, as Jim really enjoyed his waterfall shower!

09/27/2011 | Deb McAdams
One of the best showers Don and I ever had, not counting the ones right after docking the boat in Hawaii and Alameda, was on the Washington coast on a backpacking trip. I’m sure our water was a LOT colder than in Panama, though. Those are some pretty amazing (whales)as well as scary (jim in the waterfall) sights there. And I don’t think we would vote any of you off the island. Keep having fun!
Isla Moga Moga
Becky/85 degrees

After 21 days in the Las Perlas Islands, we have enjoyed every minute, but we will return to Panama City to prepare to go threw the canal.

I will post some photos and videos of our time in the Las Perlas.

The photo above is a torch Denny found floating in the water.

This is sunset at Isla Moga Moga

This video is where they filmed Survivor Island - Panama

This day was soooo hot!
How hot was it Becky?
Smokin' Hot Day on Moga Moga

Rain all morning
Denny/cloudy 82 degrees
09/25/2011, Contadora - Las Perlas

Sunday morning we woke up to rain. Unlike most days this rain stayed longer than an hour. So we played games and did boat projects while we waited for a break in the weather so we could go to the beach. Our friends on Sound Effect left this morning to go back to Panama City. We will do the same Monday or Tuesday. For now, we will explore the northwest side of the island and hope the rain that stopped after 5 hours is gone for the day. It's not all bad; this morning reminds us why we left Tacoma to go to the tropics. We filled 20 gallons of water from the rain!

Well, we walked the island, it's about 1 mile long, if that, and has nice paved roads. There are several houses on Contadora, most are also bed and breakfasts. Every spectrum is represented from high end to my budget. The beaches are sandy and one even claims to be nude. Becky wouldn't let me go there. Several water taxis give tours of the Las Perlas Islands, so we could have done our three weeks in an afternoon if we wanted. We anchored on the south side, right in front of a hotel/restaurant called Restaurant Romantico. We spent time on the other side three weeks ago, so Becky is ready to give tours.

Life is good on Kokomo!


09/25/2011 | Marv Fritts
Hi Becky and Denny,
while you guys have been living the life I have been stuck in the cold NW. Heading back to Mex. in a month still hoping to meet you guys in NZ.
Denny/raining (catching water) 81 degrees
09/24/2011, Contadora - Las Perlas

I have always said I would not write about actually sailing as it gets old quick. Today though was one of those days. We set sail right from the anchorage and sailed right up until we dropped anchor 4 hours later. Most the day we were on the nose, but in 12 to 15 knots of wind that's ok with us.

Watched SV Sound Effect sail next to us

While we were sailing, we had a whale within 30 ft of the boat

Rain, thunder and lightning. We are so thankful no lightening strikes, but it sure is something else to watch in the distance

In the end had a cocktail while watching the sunset. 15 miles of great sailing. That's why were out here, or at least one of the reasons.

Sailing is good on Kokomo!

(have internet for a short period today)

Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp,
09/23/2011, Perlas Islands - Isla Pedro Gonzales

Today we woke up to the sound of whales playing next to the boat. It's hard to describe what it's like when a moment like this happens. First we heard them in the boat the noises whales make. It was so loud it seemed like they were talking to us. These were very happy whales. There were 4 or 5 boats in the anchorage and every person was on deck watching as two or three gray whales rolled over and over flapping their long pictorial fin in the air. It was an “I can't believe I saw it” moment. Becky will post a video of this when we have internet and get back to Panama City, probably the middle of next week.

We are so happy we have had the opportunity to visit the Las Perlas Islands in western Panama as it has been an unexpected surprise. Clear warm water, beautiful white sandy beaches and whales have made the month of September unbelievable.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Paradise has its problems
Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp,
09/22/2011, Perlas Islands - Isla Pedro Gonzales

One thing that you see in Panama that can get you down is garbage. When you are sailing threw tide rips or current lines there is a river of plastic. If you focus on the plastic you will soon be disgusted. Or you can look past the plastic and see the incredible beauty that surrounds you. We choose to see the beauty. In the distance there is always a wave breaking on shore or a whale splashing about or incredible landscapes to look at. Same is true on the beach. If you look at the high tide line of trash you see an ugly beach. If you look at the sand that travels for hundreds of yards, the shells, crabs crawling around, and rock formations; you see beauty. It's to bad the people of Central America don't spend more time disposing of their garbage, but they don't. Look past it and you see a great cruising destination.

Three months ago we had our alternator rebuilt. The guy couldn't get the right part, but did the best he could. It has failed again. When we get back to Panama City we will replace it with a new one in hopes that we can put this problem behind us. This morning I went outside to start the Honda 2000 generator so we could make water and charge the batteries. In the distance a whale was leaping out of the water. What a great place to break down.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Floating Hotel
Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp,
09/21/2011, Perlas Islands - Isla Pedro Gonzales

Yesterday we went and said "hi" to the people on the Pacific Provider. It is a 163 foot boat that is used as a sport fishing lodge and hotel. The manager gave us a tour of the boat, wow, then she asked us if we would like to come back around 6 pm to have a drink at their bar. We called Jim & Connie and asked if they wanted to get dressed up and go to the Pacific Provider for a drink - they were in. We went out for our big night out. While we were learning about their fishing experience we told the guests about our trip. The bartender and wait staff continuously brought us appetizers that were so good! We were being spoiled in a life of luxury. The captain of the boat was having a hard time getting a hold of some of the people on a sport fisher boat and asked if I would go out on my dinghy and get the two guys. When I returned, he offered to buy our group a round of drinks. After 2 hours of socializing with the guests at the bar, it was time for dinner and time for us to leave. Total bar bill for the 4 of us was $15.

We moved the boat today to the island of Pedro Gonzales. On the way we caught a 10 lbs. Sierra Mackerel. Should make for some good eating tonight with Jim & Connie. Right after we caught the fish it started to rain for about 15 minutes. We filled our two 3 gallon buckets three times each. Then washed the deck of the boat where Denny cleaned the fish, poured a bucket into the head, flushed it out, and did it again (nice clean holding tank), and Denny took a shower under the rain water. When it rains here, it rains hard and we love it! After we anchored, we jumped into the clear 88 degree water and swam around.

Life is great on Kokomo!

09/23/2011 | Jeanne Walker
Fresh fish....fresh water....clean boat and a clean Denny...can it get any better?
Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp,
09/20/2011, Perlas Islands - Punta Cocos

Yesterday we went ashore and walked an old air strip. It was built by the US military to protect the Canal during WWII. Today it is rundown but still used. A sport fishing company has a maga yacht and 3 sport fishing boats anchored in the bay and their clients fly in and out. Currently Panama is building a military base around the landing strip and one day it will be home to their air force. While walking around the air strip, Jim from S/V Sound Effect was very excited. I think he now believes he was in WWII. If I was a grandchild of his I would be very causes of the story's he told about the war. Today we will try to carry our kayaks to a fresh water lake and paddle around. Wish us luck.

Life is good on Kokomo


Denny/86 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp, Rain
09/18/2011, Perlas Islands - Rio Cacique

After a morning of rain we tried to take the dinghy up the river. The tide had gone out to far so we walked the beach. At the end of the bay we found a waterfall. We all took turns taking a shower and enjoyed having cold fresh water falling on us. Then it was back to the boat. Peanut butter and saltine's for lunch. Don't worry, its one of my favorites. Becky went about the task of making bread, saltine's is not one of her favorites. More kids in canoes tried to sell us banana's, but you can't buy from them all. We are going to move the boat to the southern most point in the Las Perlas Islands. The point looks like Cape Horn. Somehow I think going around this point will be easier than the real horn. The boat left Tacoma more than a year ago. I guess were not cruising rookies anymore.

Life is good on Kokomo.

Seasoned cruiser


Beanie Baby
Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp
09/17/2011, Perlas Islands - Rio Cacique

We moved the boat about 15 miles today, sailed them all. We are anchored at the mouth of the Rio (river) Cacique in the bay of Bahia San Telmo. After anchoring, a young boy, maybe 12, paddled to our boat and hovered. He did not say much, but when we gave him a cupcake from my birthday party he smiled and rowed away. Later that day a man came by in a ponga (boat) and asked if we wanted a Papaya, one dollar. We said yes, he told us he would be back in a few minutes. About ten minutes later he showed up with 12 kids and a few adults. They were family. He gave us a papaya and we gave him the buck.. Becky then asked them to wait and we got out our beanie baby stuffed animal collection. We gave all 12 kids a beanie baby and watched them all leave with smiles on their faces. Tomorrow we might go to town and visit. The beanie baby experience was an A+.

Life is good on Kokomo!


09/18/2011 | Lare
Right on!
Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp
09/14/2011, Perlas Islands - Isla Canas

Today we visited a town with infrastructure. their were sidewalks between each house like roads. and the waterfront had a bulkhead and a boardwalk complete with park benches. Someone had gone to the big city lobbies for funds and put the village people to work making their village very impressive. It is a sign that Panama has money and if the right people are in charge of it good things can happen. We walked the whole village and people were friendly. Their were several people working on projects. When we returned to the boat their were 5 or 6 people on the beach putting sand and shells in bags to take back to the village. People working, happy and proud. I think I could live in a place like that.

Life is good on Kokomo


The Rainy Season
Denny/91 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp
09/14/2011, Perlas Islands - Isla Espiritu Santos

When we left El Salvador we were told no one leaves this late in the year, it's the rainy season, it rains every day. Since we left El Salvador the first of July, it rained most days, sometimes very hard. But, I can only count the times it has rained all day on a few fingers. Mostly it's been hot and sunny. At night or in the afternoon, a squall will come through and give us a brief show of wind and rain. Sometimes thunder and lightning will accompany this weather. It is all most always short lived and while we don't want to see lightning, we welcome the rain; it cools the boat and rinses the salt off everything. I guess it depends on where you're from, but if you're from Tacoma Washington, losing a handful of days in a year to weather is no big deal. The people that have been here before tell us that October and November bring the real rain, but their not from Washington, so we'll see. Living in paradise does come with risk - lightning! I used to welcome lightning from the living room of our house; a lightning show was something to see. But when it's cracking in the same bay as your boat, there is a different prospective of the power and destruction lightning can bring. We personally know of four boats this year that have been hit. When that happens, it takes out most of the electronics on the boat. We have heard it called “the $20,000 set back”. We knock on wood each day that this won't happen to us. Feel free to knock on wood for us while reading this. Right now, its 7 am and 80 degrees, it's overcast with a light breeze from the north. I'm outside in shorts. The starboard water tank leaks, the port winch needs to be cleaned and one of the things that tighten the outboard to the dinghy needs to be greased.

Life isn't perfect on Kokomo, but it's good!


After we anchored here we swam to the beach and walked around. Sound Effect came and anchored so we swam to them. The wind just started to pick up with small white caps, so we decided to start swimming back to Kokomo. I was having a hard time swimming back with the current against me and the strong winds, but Denny had his fins and snorkel gear. So Jim jumped into his dinghy and towed me back to the boat. What a nice guy! I love to be in the water as it lowers my body temperature and I'm comfortable (for about an hour).

Today, after we did some boat chores, we went over to another beach and anchored the dinghy. We swam a bit and waded in the water. It was like our own private pool. Very relaxing.


Denny/92 Air Temp, 88 Water Temp
09/14/2011, Perlas Islands - Isla Espiritu Santos

Last night we celebrated my birthday, I could not have asked for more. We spent the day swimming and then sailing. around 4 we met for dinner and a party. We had two dinners and two deserts. Waffles followed by Brats, then cup cakes followed by lemon meringue pie. I guess sometimes it pays to be indecisive. Thank you Jim and Connie, You have been the best of freinds this past year.

today we visited the town of San Miguel. Becky talked to several young boys and took their picture. we enjoyed walking around and wished we had stayed longer. It was hot in town so we soon found ourselves headed to the boat We are now anchored at Isla Espiritu Santos. the journey around the islands continues and we keep having fun.

Life is good on Kokomo


Happy Birthday Denny
Becky/89 Air Temp, 85 Water Temp
09/12/2011, Perlas Islands - San Miguel

Today is Denny's birthday. He gets to choose where we go next. He has chosen San Miguel and for dinner he has requested Belgium Waffles with Johnsonville Brats. For dessert his favorite Lemon Meringue Pie. The crew on the Pacific Cup Race (Gregg, Jeff, Will, Bruce) will remember this dessert as it was our half-way treat.

I must say, the Perlas Islands are very beautiful! Here is some history:

The Perlas got their name when the Spanish conquistadors Gaspar de Morales and Francisco Pizarro robbed a large amount of pearls from the indigenous King Toe. In 1515, they defeated the king and enslaved his skilled pearl divers. The 31 carat "peregrina" pearl of Queen Mary Tudor of England came from these islands. You can still get some pearls from the locals at a good price.

When the local fishermen came to our boat with lobster, oysters and fish to sell; they also showed us some pearls. The pearls were very small, you would need 10 pearls to make the size of a pea. Maybe all the good ones were taken for the day.


09/13/2011 | Rob Crone
Happy Birthday Denny. Whats that make you, 39 again?
09/13/2011 | Deb McAdams
Happy birthday, Denny! Think about me back here in the Pacific Northwest while you whip up that meringue! We miss you guys. Keep on celebrating every day.
09/14/2011 | Chuck Lanham
Happy Birthday Denny.
09/14/2011 | Jeff Kellar
Happy Birthday Denny! Hope the meringue pie is great. I remember beating the meringue on the way to hawaii. Miss you two.

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