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s/v KOKOMO - Denny & Becky
LEAVING San Blas Islands November 8th, for our schedule visit our website:
Panama Canal Transit
Becky/87 degrees, an hour of rain
10/18/2011, Panama

This photo above is from the live video camera when we went threw the canal. It is hard to see us, but I put a red arrow where Kokomo is. We are the small dot in front of the big blue container ship.

This video is when we had a tour of the museum

Here is the video of our canal trip.

10/20/2011 | Kelly Stover
There goes the Beckys! Glad we weren't eaten by the alligators.
Bread Fruit
Becky/87 degrees, an hour of rain
10/17/2011, Colon, Panama

When we were on the river we saw some bread fruit hanging close to the water. Kelly decided to pick it and open it up to see what it looks like inside. Below is a video of this.

Panama Canal Story

Paul (one of our crew) wrote on his blog the problems Kokomo had getting threw the canal. Here is a link to his blog. Thanks Paul, nice photos. Paul's blog link

I will post a video of our transit when it is downloaded.

We had a wonderful birthday celebration for Becky Stover last night. Her birthday is today and they left to head back to Idaho. We will miss them!

10/17/2011 | Deb McAdams
Thanks for the link. It sounds like a pretty good trip once they let you get started. We watched you live for a bit before I had to leave for the dentist. I would much rather have been in the canal (with you guys or Jim and Connie, not IN the canal) than at the dentist. It’s a gorgeous sunny October day here, though. You’re missing some beautiful Indian summer weather here, and a really fun Salmon Bake cruise hosted most ably by Rob and Caroline.
10/20/2011 | Kelly Stover
Thanks again for the birthday cake and party. You are so sweet! Miss you guys.
Shelter Bay
Denny & Becky/85 degrees Rain
10/16/2011, Shelter Bay Panama

Becky and Kelly Stover have left for Idaho. We had a very fun and eventful 9 days with them. I only hope they had as much fun as us.

We are now settling into Shelter Bay for a few days while we finish fixing and washing the boat. We will be headed to the San Blas Islands on Tuesday. Can't wait for the next stage to start.

Bye Becky and Kelly, we will miss you!

Life is sad on Kokomo

The Chagres River
Denny/85 degrees air, 80 degrees water
10/15/2011, Chagres River, Panama

We are anchored in what must be one of the most peaceful and beautiful places on earth. We are surrounded by wild life and slept to the sounds of the jungle. Around 7 am a local Panamanian came past the boat fishing. I told Kelly that we paid extra to see the fisherman when we reserved the river for ourselves for the weekend. This is believable, as why else would the 100 plus pleasure boat's that are six miles away in Shelter Bay not be here?

Yesterday we went for a hike into the jungle. The guide book said to bring a compass as GPS won't work with the thick jungle canopy. The book was right, but it was worth going. We followed the sound of howler monkeys until we were right in the middle of a group of 50 or so. Watching and listening to the monkeys was a treat for all for of us. On the way out we came across a significant amount of fresh blood, reminding us that the jungle is alive at all times.

Our canal trouble has made our time on the river shorter than we wanted, but I am so glad we chose not to pass it up.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Becky/87 degrees, an hour of rain
10/12/2011, Panama City

YES - We are finally going threw the canal!

No internet for about a month, so no photos or video. I will post them when we get internet. But will post daily.

10/12/2011 | Deb McAdams
We saw you going through the Miraflores lock this morining, rafted onto it looked like a big tug. Congratulations! iFelicidades!
Panama Canal Expansion
Becky/87 degrees, no rain - beautiful!

We went to the museum at the Canal. Here is a video of when we were in the movie theater showing the Canal Expansion.

No Canal Today
Denny/85 degrees with rain in the afternoon
10/11/2011, Panama City

No Canal Today

We were ready to go threw the canal today but they (the canal people) wouldn't have us. We are ready to go again tomorrow; hopefully they are now ready to have us. A boat asked us if we would help them on Wednesday morning with getting crew to their boat. Turns out to be a 115 ft Westport, we asked if we could have a tour of the boat in exchange for helping them. The tour was a highlight of our day as the captain was from Washington and has a sailboat in Mexico. Things happen for a reason. Each day brings new excitement. Check out us going threw the canal tomorrow (I hope).

Life is good on Kokomo!


Lightening Show in Panama
Becky/87 degrees, no rain - beautiful!
10/11/2011, Panama City

We had quite the lightening show while we were watching TV outside. So the talking you hear in the video is the TV show. The lightening lasted for at least an hour. It was amazing! Here is a small portion of it.

Transit Threw the Canal
Denny/85 degrees - beautiful day!
10/10/2011, Panama City

We have fixed the boat. The first time we had the starter repaired it was done on the cheap. I guess if you want something done right you have to do it yourself or with the help of good friends. We are hoping that we can go threw the canal Tuesday morning. We will know that later tonight. Thanks Paul and Kelly for hanging in there and showing me the way.

Life is good on Kokomo!


10/10/2011 | Paul
The starter works, but there was no cold beer!

Sound Effect goes threw the Canal
Becky/85 degrees, windy

OOOH, the above photo on the left is S/V Sound Effect going threw the first two locks. I was able to zoom in and see Connie, smiling, happy as could be. Not fair!

Here is the live camera I saw this on: Panama Canal Live Video

Canal Postponed
Becky/87 degrees, an hour of rain
10/10/2011, Panama City

The motor won't start!YIKES!

We were all ready to go at 6:30 am with all our crew, but when Denny went to start the motor, it didn't turn over. He thinks it's the starter again. So off with the counter top and out comes the start to be taken back to the shop. Because we had to cancel our transit, we were charged $450. OUCH! We are now schedule to go threw on Wednesday - stay tuned.

10/10/2011 | Deb McAdams
What a bummer to be all geared up and ready to go and then not be able to. We were all set to watch you guys go through the canal today, but I guess we’ll wait till Wednesday, too. There’s a CYCT meeting tonight, so I’ll pass it on there for those who didn’t read the Mainsheet or keep up with your blog, so everyone who wants to will be able to watch you transit. At least if your motor wasn’t going to start, it’s better to do it BEFORE you start through and not in transit. Way scarier. Good luck!
10/10/2011 | Deb McAdams
Forgot to ask, did Jim and Connie go on ahead or are they waiting to go through with you guys?
Panama Canal
Denny/87 degrees, no rain - beautiful!
10/09/2011, Panama City

Today we are hanging out with our friends Becky and Kelly from Idaho. It is so nice to have friends to visit with. They are so much fun, we are having a great time with them!

We will be going threw the canal tomorrow Monday the 10th. Our freezer and frig are full to the brim. The lines and fenders are on and we are pumped!

We are excited to have great crew and look forward to our transit. You can watch us live as we go threw the panama canal webcam on the internet tomorrow between 7 and 10am Pacific time.Panama Canal Video Link

I'm happy as Kokomo is moving again.

10/09/2011 | Vicki Byers
We miss you guys so much!! I'm excited you are going through the canal, it's getting cold here and we are wishing we were down there. Still waiting for the baby here getting close. Enjoying our kids but missing Rocinante and our sailing buddies. Love to all Vicki and Larry
Isla Taboga
Becky/87 degrees, an hour of rain

The above photo was taken from our Panama Cruising Guide book.

This bay was clear and clean. Denny cleaned the bottom of the boat here.

Loved all the flowers on this island!

solar panals
denny/ sunny

yesterday we added two new solar panals to the boat. this makes 4 135 watt panels on kokomo. The addition of these panels means we wont need to run the Honda generator every other day. If its sunny we might not have to run it at all. Today the batteries were full at 1pm. It feels good when things work out the way you want them to.
If your outfitting a boat to go off shore get more solar than you think you will need, Its not always sunny but its always hot. refers and freezers work hard in the hot weather.


10/07/2011 | Bob Stuke
I know someone who will give you a really good deal on a wind generator, AND a watermaker!!! Thoroughly enjoy your videos....

PS. Pretty sure Rich is in Annapolis at the boat show..

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