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SV Kokomo - Denny & Becky
Leaving San Blas Islands November 1st, visit our website:
First Charter - Thumbs Up
Becky/86 degrees, windy
01/08/2012, Carti

We had a lovely young couple from Australia for three days. They currently live, work and go to school in Canada. They were here in Panama on holiday for over two weeks. We are so fortunate to have them as our first charter, as we had a wonderful time.


01/09/2012 | Bob Stuke
Very cool Becky and Denny! A little money for the cruising kitty, and a lot of fun!
Heraldo the Veggie Guy
Becky/86 degrees, sunny
01/03/2012, East Lemmon

This is a local Kuna guy named Heraldo. He comes to your boat filled with vegetables, wine, soda, eggs, chicken and more. This is such a great service! We have bought from him a couple of times and his prices are very reasonable, considering I'd pay just about anything for lettus! Oh how I miss a good salad!


Venancio’s Home
01/02/2012, Isla Maquina

The above phone is of Venancio. We were invited into his home. He is a famous mola maker here in the San Blas Islands. His brother is Alfonzo. These two brothers are the only people on the island that speaks English. You will notice in the video Venancio's house is dark, but you can see stuff hanging on the walls and hammocks. We went outside towards the back near the water where Venancio was working on a mola. He explained to us what he was making. Then we went in his backyard where there was a pig pen. That's probably for another celebration.

Happy 23rd Birthday Drew
Becky/86 degrees, sunny
12/30/2011, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

This is one of my favorite photos of Drew (on the right) taken 20 years ago. He is now a strong, competent, intelligent, good looking, (ok I'm a proud mom, I'll stop) young man. We miss you Drew and look forward to seeing you in the near future - Happy Birthday!


12/30/2011 | Jim
I remember when you took him for his first legal drink at 21 seems like just a short time ago Glad you had your childhood pix with you we certainly dont have them even digitized
Denny/sunny, hot, beautiful
12/22/2011, Hot Tub

People think it rains in Washington, well it does, but mostly it drizzles and it is wet most days. Although I've heard the first part of December was a record dry. Tacoma only gets 50 to 60 inches of rain per year. From December 8-20 here in the San Blas Island, we got 18.5 inches, or a full third of Tacoma's rain in 11 days. I guess that's why they call it the rain forest, and this time of year is called the "rainy season". I hear once it stops, we might not see rain again until May or June. We like the extreme weather patterns of Central America.

Life is good on Kokomo


Ship Wreck

This is so cool! Because it is in 10 feet of water, we could really see what a ship wreck looks like. Our friends from SV Dragon's Toy have an underwater camera. He took a photo of Denny and I. Also here are some amazing photos.

I see an underwater camera in my future!

01/07/2012 | Rena Jansen
Thanks for posting these. We loved that snorkel - the pics show how I felt - like I was in an aquarium. Beautiful!

This was a very small island but it had many services. Here is a short video of this small island.

Denny thought this was a great little island to buy me. So he dropped me off and claimed it "Becky's Island".

Working Toilet

Head Work

Seems like at one time or another our head (toilet) stops working. Here is a short video of Denny working on the problem.

Parts came in and all is good on Kokomo!

Cleaner Teeth in Kuna Yala

We had a couple young guys come to the boat and sell us lobster. We asked if they wanted a tooth brush and tooth paste. They said "yes". They had a very nice smile.


Here is some history of Portobello:

The Bay of Portobello was discovered by Christopher Columbus on November 2, 1502 during his fourth trip. Master Juan de Tegjada chose Portobellow in 1586 as the Caribbean transshipment center because of its magnificent harbor and convenient location. Portobello became one of the most important sites for transferring South and Central American riches. From this port, tons of gold and silver flowed to the commercial capital of the Spanish empire. Between 1574 and 1702 forty-five fleets of galleons were sent forth, non of which carried less than thirty million pesos of riches. Ruins of the solid fortification can still be seen today.

The wealth that arrived at Portobello was a strong temptation for pirates like Henry Morgan, who worked the Spanish Main. With an assault troop of 460 men, he managed to take Portobello. The little Spanish troop of defenders took refuge in the castle of San Jeronimo where they put limited resistance and were overcome by Morgan's assault.

While we had a drink at Captain Jack's Restaurant, I saw several hummingbirds have a drink of water at the feeder.

Customs House: This rectangular building of Renaissance style was constructed in 1630. It was used as a merchandise warehouse for trade and as a fiscal office for the Govenor and his royal officials. In 1644 it was damaged by William Kinghill's attack. It was reconstrucgtged in the decade of 1760, and was affected again in 1882 by a strong earthquake that destroyed the archer that faced the sea.

Church of San Felipe de Portobello: This church is home to the Black Christ of Portobello, a wooden statue of Jesus of Nazareth. The statue has become holy and worshipped because of the miracles attributed to it. Every October 21 the festival of the Black Christ of Portobello is celebrated. People walk on their knees as far as Costa Rica to pay their respects.


We were told you could buy octopus from the locals for $1. We also were told how to clean and cook it. Actually, it tastes pretty good and it wasn't a lot of work to prepare.

Friends Visit Us!

We were so happy to see our friends Steve and Rena (blue and orange shirt)

Swimming Pool

We loved this place. Warm, clear water to swim and snorkel. The following video says it all!

Here is Dog Island

12/15/2011 | Ron & connie
Hi, that water and diving sure looks great and are we envious. Back home now for holidays and did some decent snorkeling in Sea but nothing like you have. Will board Intuition early January and head for PV where plan to spend most of winter. Life is sure good on Kokomo.
01/07/2012 | Rena Jansen
Took another look at the pictures from our visit and it took me right back there. What a fabulous time, thank you again! I'd sure like to hide in Karen & Mikes suitcases to come back to your piece of paradise.
San Blas Islands

We asked our friends that visited us, Steve & Rena to download to YouTube some videos for me so I could post them on the blog. Thanks so much for doing that!

Here is some history:

The San Blas Islands are a vast archipelago on Panama's Caribbean coast composed of over 340 islands. Worldwide they are unique in many ways, home to the indigenous Kuna Indians, who have best preserved their culture and traditions out of all the tribes in the Americas, yet being reachable by small airstrips built by the North Americans during the Second World War. At the same time you have one of the most untouched stretches of virgin rainforest and a cruising ground of incredible beauty, all in the same place.

The San Blas Islands and the associated mainland territory are called Kuna Yala by the autonomous Kuna Indians who effectively control this quarter of Panama. The land is not divided into individual properties and fences are absent. Kunas treat their forests as we treat an anchorage. Tribe members can pass through and benefit, but do not claim possession by industrial development. That is why the landscape still looks much the same. The Kunas are physically small, well proportioned, healthy and have boundless energy. They are peaceful, non-aggressive and crime of any form is extremely rate in Kuna Yala. The mainstay of the Kuna economy is coconuts which grow en masse on the outlying islands.

The Kuna women make money selling "molas".

These beautiful appliqué are intricately made by sewing and cutting different layers of colorful cloth. Each mola is unique, and they usually show abstracted forms of birds, animals, or marine life.

There are two famous mola makers. Vernancio and Lisa (who is a transvestite). Here is a photo of Vernancio:

Here is a video of Lisa explaining the story behind one of the molas we bought:

The Kuna men's day starts early, shortly before sunrise. They get into their dugout "ulus" and paddle the half-mile or so to the mainland, arriving at first light. Some have an additional hour's walk inland to begin harvesting bananas, fruits, firewood and sugarcane. Around one o'clock they head back to the island. The remainder of the day is spent resting, fishing or taking a sail with the family. In the evening they hang out in the "congreso" and retire to their hammocks early.

Spinnaker Run

On our way to Isla Maquina, we were able to get our spinnaker up. It was so nice to see it still was in one piece after about six months in the sock. We had it up for three hours going 6 knots. After the wind shifted we took the spinnaker down, I caught a tuna!


Thank you all for your concerned e-mail messages. I will post the results when I know, which should be in a few days. I will put sunblock on every three hours. I'm sure all will turn out ok.

Bathing Suits

Becky and I got new bathing suits when we went to Panama. We have been wearing the same suits for 15 months (two each) and they are worn out. I never thought I would wear out a suit like you do sandals. I will now be sporting a new look, lucky for me it has long legs to protect my thighs from the sun. I will soon be sporting a new head protector as word has it I should spend less time in the sun.

Life is good on Kokomo


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