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SV Kokomo - Denny & Becky
Leaving San Blas Islands November 1st, visit our website:
Charter - David & Krista
Becky/85 degrees, sunny
02/16/2012, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

We had a lovely time with David and Krista. Here is a short video of their time with us.


Kokomo Charters
Becky & Denny/sunny, hot, beautiful
02/15/2012, Hot Tub

We are in the San Blas Islands of Panama and have decided to open our boat up to chartering. This place is too beautiful not to share with others.

Below is more information:

$125 per person per day for up to seven days for two to four people (two is more comfortable) V-Berth has a comfortable bed with your own sink Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks throughout the day Fresh fish and lobster will be served when available Homemade bread, cookies or apple pie smell wonderful and hard to resist Popcorn and a movie in the evening will make for a restful night Hot or iced latte, coffee, tea, water and soft drinks Water maker makes the water taste pure and delicious Alcohol not included, but bring along what you would like to drink Each day we will sail (depending on wind) Enjoy snorkeling the Holandes Cays, Coco Bandero Cays, Lemmon Cays Snorkel a ship wreck on Dog Island Kayak around an island (two onboard) Relax in the water on a floating noodle with a drink (water temp. 85-90 degrees) Fishing equipment available Visit a local Kuna Yala village and see how they live We will video your time with us for you to take home (bring a thumb drive)

We will arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport in Panama City and take you to a hotel or bed and breakfast (we have recommendations). Taxi fare is around $25, depending on where you are staying. There are two ways to get to the boat and return to Panama City, either by flying or driving.

Flying from Panama City to Corazon de Jesus:

If you are flying Panama Air ($67/person) to Corazon de Jesus, you need to make a reservation and pay for it by credit card. At the airport there is a $2/person fee. We will meet you in the dinghy and take you to the boat.

Driving from Panama City to Carti:

In the morning, we will have a driver pick you up and bring you to Carti, $25/person. You will need to check into Kuna Yala and show your passport, $6/person fee. Then a local panga driver will take you to our boat, $15/person.

On the drive from Panama City to Carti you will be going through mountains where it is very beautiful and scenic. You will see majestic rain forests, sweeping hill country, valleys formed by slumbering volcanoes, and peaks towering to 11,000 feet.

A little bit about us:

Denny and Becky has been entertaining guests onboard Kokomo for the past seven years. Denny is a licensed US Coastguard Captain with over 18,000 ocean miles. Becky has 14,000 miles of offshore experience and her baking skills bring the boat alive. Kokomo is equipped with a 2,000 watt inverter and generator making it possible to run a hair dryer, blender or latte machine we have onboard. Snorkel gear, kayaks, 15 hp dinghy, easy access from the water ladder, BBQ, stereo and flat screen with a large movie/TV show selection.

Your visit with us and onboard Kokomo will be a memorable one! For photos and video of the San Blas Islands go to our blog at . For more information contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] .

Becky & Denny

PS - We will re-post this about once a month

12/20/2011 | Aaron & Nicole
Hi guys, found your blog through Tom and Jeanne on SV Eagle. We're heading towards the San Blas ourselves so maybe you'll still be around there when we get to the other side. We're currently in La Cruz Mexico and working our way south. Thanks for the great posts!

12/22/2011 | Kelly Stover
What a deal! Is this $125.00 per person total or per day? Hope your friends take you up on it. What a great time you guys are having. We're freezing in Boise and dreaming of warmer weather and warmer water. Hugs, Becky
12/23/2011 | S/V Jeiorgia
Chris and I are moving in for a week of R&R for $125. Please get the ice cubes chilled and the mints for my pillow ready. If we stay two weeks, can you throw in a Canal transit?
12/23/2011 | Lare
Okay, Vicki and I will be there soon. Can I play your guitar?
Love Holland
Becky/86 degrees, beautiful!
02/10/2012, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

Our latest couple was Liset and Henry from Holland. We learned all about their country and lifestyle. Below is a short video of them. Great couple, we enjoyed every minute!


battery problems
Denny/hot, humid, rainy
02/03/2012, Panama city

6 months ago we burned up our starting battery. no problem the house batterys work just fine. turns out that's only true in the afternoon. In the morning the battery's are low and if the engine does not start right up the drain on the battery's makes it so we have a small problem. today I took yet again, the long trip into Panama to buy a replacement starting battery. hopefully tomorrow all will be good and Kokomo will start as she should. Boats are fun if you like a mew surprise every day, I must as I'm still smiling.

Life is good on Kokomo


Such Fun Chartering!
Becky/86 degrees, beautiful!

Great eaters! They ate everything and were very happy and grateful. We had such a nice time with our three English guests. They reminded me of our boys, so I got my "kid" fix and I'm good to go for awhile!

Here is a short video of them.


First Sucessful Charter
Becky/86 degrees, sunny

What a lovely couple Josh & Laura were! We enjoyed their company every minute! Here is a short video of their stay with us.


It is a Sailboat!
Becky/86 degrees, beautiful!
01/23/2012, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

We are going to move the boat today. No we don't have a motor, but after all it is a sailboat! I will be in the dinghy when we leave the shallow and narrow water, pushing the boat. Then in the open deeper water we will sail to the East Lemmons and when we get closer, again I will get in the dinghy and push us into a safe anchorage. Denny wants to be in the East Lemmons because that is where all the kite boarders are and he is anxious to start to learn. All I see is him hurting himself! Of course there will be photos & video of him kite boarding, should be good!


Denny/85 degrees, sunny!
01/20/2012, Mamallanas hostel

Today I took the jeep from Carti to Panama and shopped for boat parts. Round trip to the big city is $100, then I checked in to a hostel for a cheap room ($10). They were full but they are letting me sleep on the deck outside for free. I wonder if it will be as quiet as it is on the boat. If Becky came with me the cost would triple as we would need a nice hotel, that's why she chooses to stay on the boat. The average age ate the hostelis 25, if you take away my years the average age is 22.

Life is good on Kokomo


England Boys
Becky/85 degrees, windy
01/17/2012, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

We had such a lovely time with Nicky, Tony and Andrew. I love their accent and think I'm starting to talk with an English accent!

Last night we arranged for a panga to come to Kokomo in the morning. Nicky, who speaks several languages helped me set this up. The panga came in the morning, Denny yelled at the guys to come up for their ride. Denny paid the panga driver and told them where the three guys were going. Then the panga driver turned and left right as the guys were coming up on deck. Denny and I looked at each other and couldn't believe what we saw. Did they just rip us off? As it turns out, they thought they were picking up three guys. Four hours later when they returned, they came back to the boat and this time had the passengers. I guess there was some miscommunication.

We are looking forward to our next charter as we really enjoy entertaining!


light winds and sunny sky's
Denny/86 degrees, light wind/sunny
01/12/2012, West lemmons

We have officially changed from the plastic dodger windows that keep water out to the sun screens as it no longer rains more than 1 minute per day. With the sun out all the time it is hot in the cockpit so shade screens let us sit outside. The wind blows so with hatches open the inside of the boat is comfortable. This is the weather we signed up for when we left Washington 16 months ago.

Life is good on Kokomo


01/13/2012 | Deb McAdams
I’m looking for the Facebook “like” button. No need for a long reply or anything, just a quick click on the “like” button and you’d know I read your post and was in agreement with it and a bit- okay, more than a bit- jealous of you guys and your lovely weather and shorts wearing and swimming stuff. And I wouldn’t have to go on like this. So “LIKE”.
We're acclimated
Denny/86 degrees, light wind/sunny
01/11/2012, West lemmons

We are cruisers now for sure. Last night we were on the beach having a beer with friends and Becky let me know she wanted to go back to the boat. She was cold. The wind was blowing about ten knots and the sun was just setting. When we got to the boat we noticed it was only 82 degrees. Just a year ago Becky thought it would be better to be cold than hot as you can always put on a sweater. I guess you can't if you don't have a sweater on board. I wonder how were going to do when we return to the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks.

Life is good on Kokomo


01/11/2012 | Rob Crone
Hope you have some extra closes to wear when you get back to the Pacific Northwest. We are hosting the Crab Feed in Dockton this year (10 -11 March). If I remember right, last year we had light rain in the High 40s. Oh well the fire was warm. We are all looking forward to see you two.
01/15/2012 | Jeanne Walker
yeah...we have been hearing that a lot. mid 70's here in La Paz...but we are still on PNW time so this is feeling pretty good. Locals all have winter boots, parkas, and scarves...
First Charter - Thumbs Up
Becky/86 degrees, windy
01/08/2012, Carti

We had a lovely young couple from Australia for three days. They currently live, work and go to school in Canada. They were here in Panama on holiday for over two weeks. We are so fortunate to have them as our first charter, as we had a wonderful time.


01/09/2012 | Bob Stuke
Very cool Becky and Denny! A little money for the cruising kitty, and a lot of fun!
Heraldo the Veggie Guy
Becky/86 degrees, sunny
01/03/2012, East Lemmon

This is a local Kuna guy named Heraldo. He comes to your boat filled with vegetables, wine, soda, eggs, chicken and more. This is such a great service! We have bought from him a couple of times and his prices are very reasonable, considering I'd pay just about anything for lettus! Oh how I miss a good salad!


Venancio’s Home
01/02/2012, Isla Maquina

The above phone is of Venancio. We were invited into his home. He is a famous mola maker here in the San Blas Islands. His brother is Alfonzo. These two brothers are the only people on the island that speaks English. You will notice in the video Venancio's house is dark, but you can see stuff hanging on the walls and hammocks. We went outside towards the back near the water where Venancio was working on a mola. He explained to us what he was making. Then we went in his backyard where there was a pig pen. That's probably for another celebration.

Happy 23rd Birthday Drew
Becky/86 degrees, sunny
12/30/2011, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

This is one of my favorite photos of Drew (on the right) taken 20 years ago. He is now a strong, competent, intelligent, good looking, (ok I'm a proud mom, I'll stop) young man. We miss you Drew and look forward to seeing you in the near future - Happy Birthday!


12/30/2011 | Jim
I remember when you took him for his first legal drink at 21 seems like just a short time ago Glad you had your childhood pix with you we certainly dont have them even digitized

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