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SV Kokomo - Denny & Becky
Leaving San Blas Islands November 1st, visit our website:
Denny/87 degrees, sunny
02/21/2012, uankiterdup East lemons

Eat Snorkel Drink Sleep, Eat Snorkel Drink Sleep, when friends arrive from the US we soon break into a vacation routine, come to think of it when we have no friends visiting we have a routine also. It goes Eat Snorkel drink sleep. Sometimes it's interrupted with some other fun things but it not good to break for your routine to often.

Life is good on Kokomo


02/22/2012 | Deb McAdams
Tough life! We can’t wait to see you and hear all the stories you can’t print. Miss you guys. Don’t forget to unpack all your sweatshirts etc before you get here.
Kuna Family
Denny/87 degrees, sunny
02/19/2012, Swimming Pool

Last night we met a Kuna family on the beach. They were so nice. They asked our names and told us theirs before going back to their huts and letting us have cocktails on the island. This morning we went into the Island and asked if we could give gifts to each of the kids. The parents were so excited and made the children each get dressed in their formal clothes before we could pass out the beanie baby stuffed animals to each of the 10 children. It is fun to give to a community that is so grateful for what they are given. We are on day 4 of having our friends Pat and Christine on the boat. It is so much fun to share our travels with good friends.

Life is good on Kokomo


Life with Denny
Guest Pat/85 degrees, sunny
02/18/2012, Salardup

I get to visit with Denny about big boats/small boats and how the view, the experiences, and how complicated some of the systems are. You could come down here and buy a 27 ft. sailboat for a relatively small cost. This experience is the same. Denny told me a story about a guy going into a bar and they asked for a beer, the man says "this is a good democratic way to meet people, because they don't know what kind of boat you have". From the conversation, Denny was invited to his boat which is a Swan 66 and it could just have been a Hunter 30. You would have gone and visited him no matter what kind/size of boat they have. Part of this is that it doesn't matter what you have and who you know, the experience is the same. Denny tells me about the Kuna people and how they want to go to Panama City and make a lot of money, but it is very stressful, so they come back to the village and enjoy the communal life and it is a simple way to live. The guide book says that people come to study the Kuna people and their longevity. In part its probably because of a low stressed life. Now when I meet a Kuna, maybe he's feeling sorry for me. Thinking this poor guy doesn't have a village to live in.

We went and visited a power boat Hobo, which is a beautiful and spacious. They are a former sailor and decided they weren't going to cross any more oceans, so they bought a power boat. He still has the mind of a cruising sailor and knows how to keep it simple and hang with the sailboat crowd. We also met Lisa, the famous mola maker and beautiful mola that Lisa made into a place mate for us. Denny grilled steaks and we had crab with bearnaise sauce (steak oscar), and it was delicious!

Denny's right, life is good on Kokomo!


Dryer Arrives (YES!)
Guest Christine/87 degrees, sunny
02/17/2012, Salardup

We arrived in Panama City safe and sound. We had two days to relax in Panama City and get on Denny & Becky's "Life is Good on Kokomo" schedule. After our 50 miles trip in the truck through beautiful tropical, lush, rain forest, we were so please to see Denny standing on the dock to greet us. After two wheel barrels full of luggage, boat parts (clothes spinner/dryer), groceries, and mandatory alcohol and chocolate, we were off on a panga ride to Kokomo. Becky was waiting with a big smile, great tan and camera in hand. We took a tour of Sugdup Island which is part of Carti Islands. John (local Kuna gentlemen) showed us his community which included the meeting hall, clinic, church, grocery store, school, power house and his own home. The upstairs was set up to accommodate travelers on their way to other Islands. No cars on the island. The pathways between the huts were for walking and only single file space.

We had lunch, then headed out to Gunboat Island. We had a small sail as the island is only 6 miles away. We had a restful night at anchor and departed for Salardup for a swim. The Kuna from Salardup visited us in their Yala (canoe) with lobster, crab, and fresh fish. Another boat came buy, Becky gave the Kuna people barbie & batman toothbrushes and toothpaste, they seemed very touched. They also handed us their cell phone to charge. They don't have the ability to charge cell phones. Happy hour at noon with lunch.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Cleaning day
Denny & Becky/86 degrees, sunny
02/16/2012, Carti

Cleaning day, we have friends coming to visit today so yesterday we cleaned the boat. I guess it's important that our friends see a boat that looks like new. I scrubbed all the mud and dirt off the bow and to my surprise Kokomo is still a white boat. When we pulled up anchor there was a rock stuck on the anchor. This rock was the size of a large pumpkin, the kind you see at the fair. I was surprised the windlass was able to get it to the surface. I had to take a hammer and crow bar to the bow in the dinghy and break the rock in half as there was no was to get if off. We were lucky, this could have been a loose your anchor kind of day.

Life is good on Kokomo


Charter - David & Krista
Becky/85 degrees, sunny
02/16/2012, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

We had a lovely time with David and Krista. Here is a short video of their time with us.


Kokomo Charters
Becky & Denny/sunny, hot, beautiful
02/15/2012, Hot Tub

We are in the San Blas Islands of Panama and have decided to open our boat up to chartering. This place is too beautiful not to share with others.

Below is more information:

$125 per person per day for up to seven days for two to four people (two is more comfortable) V-Berth has a comfortable bed with your own sink Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks throughout the day Fresh fish and lobster will be served when available Homemade bread, cookies or apple pie smell wonderful and hard to resist Popcorn and a movie in the evening will make for a restful night Hot or iced latte, coffee, tea, water and soft drinks Water maker makes the water taste pure and delicious Alcohol not included, but bring along what you would like to drink Each day we will sail (depending on wind) Enjoy snorkeling the Holandes Cays, Coco Bandero Cays, Lemmon Cays Snorkel a ship wreck on Dog Island Kayak around an island (two onboard) Relax in the water on a floating noodle with a drink (water temp. 85-90 degrees) Fishing equipment available Visit a local Kuna Yala village and see how they live We will video your time with us for you to take home (bring a thumb drive)

We will arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport in Panama City and take you to a hotel or bed and breakfast (we have recommendations). Taxi fare is around $25, depending on where you are staying. There are two ways to get to the boat and return to Panama City, either by flying or driving.

Flying from Panama City to Corazon de Jesus:

If you are flying Panama Air ($67/person) to Corazon de Jesus, you need to make a reservation and pay for it by credit card. At the airport there is a $2/person fee. We will meet you in the dinghy and take you to the boat.

Driving from Panama City to Carti:

In the morning, we will have a driver pick you up and bring you to Carti, $25/person. You will need to check into Kuna Yala and show your passport, $6/person fee. Then a local panga driver will take you to our boat, $15/person.

On the drive from Panama City to Carti you will be going through mountains where it is very beautiful and scenic. You will see majestic rain forests, sweeping hill country, valleys formed by slumbering volcanoes, and peaks towering to 11,000 feet.

A little bit about us:

Denny and Becky has been entertaining guests onboard Kokomo for the past seven years. Denny is a licensed US Coastguard Captain with over 18,000 ocean miles. Becky has 14,000 miles of offshore experience and her baking skills bring the boat alive. Kokomo is equipped with a 2,000 watt inverter and generator making it possible to run a hair dryer, blender or latte machine we have onboard. Snorkel gear, kayaks, 15 hp dinghy, easy access from the water ladder, BBQ, stereo and flat screen with a large movie/TV show selection.

Your visit with us and onboard Kokomo will be a memorable one! For photos and video of the San Blas Islands go to our blog at . For more information contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] .

Becky & Denny

PS - We will re-post this about once a month

12/20/2011 | Aaron & Nicole
Hi guys, found your blog through Tom and Jeanne on SV Eagle. We're heading towards the San Blas ourselves so maybe you'll still be around there when we get to the other side. We're currently in La Cruz Mexico and working our way south. Thanks for the great posts!

12/22/2011 | Kelly Stover
What a deal! Is this $125.00 per person total or per day? Hope your friends take you up on it. What a great time you guys are having. We're freezing in Boise and dreaming of warmer weather and warmer water. Hugs, Becky
12/23/2011 | S/V Jeiorgia
Chris and I are moving in for a week of R&R for $125. Please get the ice cubes chilled and the mints for my pillow ready. If we stay two weeks, can you throw in a Canal transit?
12/23/2011 | Lare
Okay, Vicki and I will be there soon. Can I play your guitar?
Tour a Swan 66
Denny & Becky/86 degrees, sunny
02/15/2012, West Lemons

After dropping our friends off we went back to the West Lemons to visit our new friends on S/V Godot. Paul and Anne are from Norway and had a 66 foot Swan built for them in 2009 so they could sail around the world. Paul and I both grew up next to light houses and dreamed of long range travel. We hope that one day we run into them again, as they are headed threw the canal while we are headed to Europe. Since we have been it the San Blas, Becky has had her mind on a catamaran. She thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. After a tour of the Swan, she has her priorities back in line. Now she has big boat fever. This is the first boat she has seen out cruising with a dishwasher on board. I tell her to dream, as dreams do come true. I also tell her good things come in small packages.

Life is good on Kokomo


For those of you who want details which Denny didn't get into. OMG what a beautiful boat! There are four estate rooms; each has their own TV & I-Pod, bathroom & shower. Two of the rooms have a double and a single bed. The galley was spacious including all the comforts of home. The dining room table was huge with chairs that had pegs in them to hold still underway. Of course it had washer/dryer. The deck was all teak, with nothing but the spinnaker pole. Very clean look. The two steering wheels were made out of carbon fiber. I could go on as I was very impressed!


Valentines day
Denny/86 degrees, sunny
02/14/2012, Dog Island

Valentines Day, This morning our guests reminded me it was Valentines Day. I quickly made up a card that told Becky how much I loved here and gave it to her with a kiss. She read the card and questioned weather I was right on the day. Then when she found I was right she asked if I knew this on my own or if I was told. I can not lie, so I told her I thought of it on my own. She never believed me for a second. Then David gave her a box of chocolates. Today I never had a chance.

Life is Good on Kokomo, sometimes lonely but good.


Great day
Denny/86 degrees, sunny
02/13/2012, Dog Island

A great day on Kokomo. The sun was out and the water never looked better. A guy came by selling lobster and the boat next to us sold us a new flag, ours was looking a little worn. We charged two cell phones today for the local Kunas and gave our left over dinner to a Kuna rowing by. Good things happen to good people Becky keeps telling me, so I keep trying to be good.

Life is good on Kokomo


Denny/86 degrees, sunny
02/13/2012, West Lemmons

Last night there was not a cloud in the ski. I sat up with my I-Pad and used the Star Walk program to study the stars. It is amazing how much you can learn in a short amount of time using this program. I have always wanted to take a star navigation class. With the use of this tool and some training I think I could navigate without instruments in an emergency.

Life is good on Kokomo


02/13/2012 | Jim & Lisa
Would love to hear more about your charter service in the San Blas. Can you do a post on it?


Kokomo Romantico
Denny/86 degrees, sunny, windy, 20 plus
02/12/2012, West holendas

Today we find ourselves in the West Holendas for a quick snorkel before heading to the East Lemons to meet up with friends. Our guests are having the time of there lives as we show them a small sample of paradise. David and Krista are from Ontario Canada. David wanted to take his girl friend to the most romantic place on Earth. He didn't go wrong on picking Kokomo to deliver. Me might have to rename the boat “ Kokomo Romantico”.

Life is good on Kokomo


A shirt
Denny/81 degrees, sunny, windy, 20 plus
02/10/2012, West lemmons

Theirs always a project, yesterday it was the water maker. We started making water yesterday only to find that our water maker was making half what it should. After several tests I decided it needed a new pump head. As with all boat projects most the time to do a repair is in getting to the repair. The repair itself is easy. This was no different. Two hours to get the pump off, ten minutes to clean it up, and one hour to put the pump back. The rest of the day the water maker ran as it should.

While some boat problems linger on and cause me to loose hair, most things have been easy to fix. The longer we cruise the more I understand the need for a big box of spare parts. When we go back to Tacoma in March, we will shop for boat parts we might need instead of thing we want.

Today is cloudy, windy and 81 degrees. I have a shirt on because it's cold. I never thought I could be cold in 81degree weather. That's what 17 months in the tropics will do to you.

Life is good on Kokomo


02/16/2012 | Jeanne Walker
We actually had a day of rain here in La Paza few days almost a year out of Des Moines Wa and rain is now shocking us!!
Happy hour
Denny/81 degrees, sunny, windy, 20 plus
02/10/2012, West lemmons

Becky and I went to a happy hour last night on one of the islands in the West Lemons. The happy hour was from 6 to 8 pm. We bought drinks for several friends and had a great time. This morning when I got up I counted the change in my pockets. I had $19.50. When we left the boat I had $26.00. 7 glassed of wine at $.50 each and 4 beers at $.75 each. How can you beet that. While enjoying our time ashore we met a couple for Norway. I shared my sailing experience in Norway. When I was 16 I spent a few months in Norway and that was the 1st time I sailed on a boat. I told them about my great cousin Bud and the Viking club, as we are proud of our Norwegian heritage. We all wished he could have been here to enjoy the evening. Today we are back in Carti as duty calls. But soon we will hook up with our new friends as Becky told them she would show them her boat if they showed us theirs. There boat is a 2009 Swan 66. I'm sure they will be jealous of Kokomo :-).

Life is good on Kokomo


02/11/2012 | Ben Olsen
Denny, I read your message to my Grandpa, here is a message from him in return: " Phyllis and I are thinking of you at all times. Thanks for thinking of us, and mentioning us in your blog. We're having dinner and wine with our grandson, Ben. We wish you luck. Our best to you. Bud and Phyllis.
Love Holland
Becky/86 degrees, beautiful!
02/10/2012, West Lemmons, San Blas Island

Our latest couple was Liset and Henry from Holland. We learned all about their country and lifestyle. Below is a short video of them. Great couple, we enjoyed every minute!


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