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SV Kokomo - Denny & Becky
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Becky/89 degrees, feels like 104
06/25/2012, Bocas del Toro

Last Friday night we were entertained by our friends off S/V Rocinante (Larry & Vickie) and their guest Joe. We started out with happy hour drinks and then had a delicious BBQ chicken dinner at the Bocas Marina Bar & Grill. Vickie played her flute and sang, Joe played his guitar and sang, Larry played his guitar, harmonica and sang. Denny and I passed out percussion instruWements to the crowd that Vickie brought. We all sang along and had a great time!

We are moving into a slip today at the Bocas Marina for probably a month. Denny will have more to say on this.....


06/25/2012 | Jackie
Moving into a slip? As in tied to a dock? Hmmmmm
Anxious to hear the "rest of the story". All is quiet at Delin Docks, and school is FINALLY out for summer!
06/26/2012 | Deb McAdams
Keep us posted for sure. It sounds like you had quite the concert. Fun. Speaking of marinas, we are going to catch up with Jim and Connie next week, tropical storm Debby or not. We’re heading off to Florida to visit family and will see them, too. Should be fun catching up. We’re looking forward to catching up with you guys, too. Still working out when will be best for my work schedule, but we’ll keep in touch. Keep on blogging.
We Made it to Bocas del Toro
Becky/89 degrees, feels like 104
06/23/2012, Bocas del Toro

The above photo is of Larry in Bocas Town. We toured the area as you will see in the video below.

Some history of Bocas:

Bocas del Toro is located in the NW corner of Panama, about 30 miles from the Costa Rican border. Bocas is booming, rapidly becoming the country's main tourist destination. This delightful cruising ground is made up of two big bays called Bahia Almirante and Laguna de Ciriqui, with eight major islands, 51 cays and over 200 minor islets.

Christopher Columbus discovered Bocas del Toro on his 4th and final voyage. He was awed by this region's beauty as much as today's viositors still are. A great wave of immigrants came into the Bocas area during the 19th century, including many black slaves from the US.

The end of the 19th century marked the beginning of the banana industry. Still today, bananas make up over 80% of Panama's exports.


Nice Sailing
Becky/88 degrees sunny
06/22/2012, Bocas del Toro

The above photo is S/V Rocinante. This was a great sail to Bocas del Toro.

On our way to Laguna de Bluefield
Becky/89 degrees, feels like 104
06/21/2012, Laguna de Bluefield

This was one of our stops. It was a nice and protected anchorage.

These were some women that came to our boat. I gave them magazines and nail polish, boy did they light up and was very thankful!

This was taken at sunset. S/V Rocinante with Laguna de Bluefield in the background

Below is a short video of our trip to Laguna de Bluefield.

My Turn
Becky/89 degrees, drizzel in the am, hot & sunny in the pm
06/20/2012, Bocas del Toro

We walked around Bocas Town and got familiar with what was available. The stores were very nice and you could get most anything you wanted, with fresh vegetables. As we were walking, Denny pointed out a dental clinic. It was my turn to get my teeth cleaned, as it had been close to two years. So in I went, the dentist was very nice and gentle. I came out with squeaky clean teeth! Only $50. Happy me!

Life is good on Kokomo


Peaceful easy feeling
Denny/88 degrees sunny and nice
06/19/2012, Laguna de Bluefield

After a relaxing sail up the coast Kokomo and Rocinante are anchored side by side in a pristine little bay that could remind you of the Puget Sound if not for the dug out canoes and out houses that hang over the water. Last night we had dinner on Kokomo with Rocinante and played a little music to finish the night. thanks to Vicky I was enticed to bring my guitar out and join Larry and Joe. for me it was a lesson that will help me improve my skills. For the people living on the beach it was a few hours of music entertainment as the to pros exchanged songs and all within ear shot got an unexpected concert. we all had fun and soon retired as a new day of travel will come with sunrise. Lobster, fish, brownies and music.

Life truly is good on Kokomo


06/20/2012 | Jeanne Walker
WOW that sounds great!

If you two get a chance, perhaps you could drop us a note with any tips you might have regarding adding videos to the blog. I am having a terrible time with it! Thanks Tom
cruising guide
Denny/88 degrees sunny and nice
06/18/2012, Escabudo de Veraguas - West point

It occurred to me that we have moved a few chapters in the Panama cruising guide. For those of you that have it we just spent two wonderful nights on page 181 there is a photo on page 179. We are in the west anchorage. Today we are moving to Laguna de Bluefield, page 174. I shot my spear gun 3 of 4 times yesterday. The fish I want to spear got as big as they are by avoiding spear fisherman like me. How can a fish so smart as to avoid my spear gun be stupid enough to eat fake food. We will troll today and hopefully will have fish for dinner. Light NW winds and flat seas should make for a peaceful day. Nock on wood.

Life is good on Kokomo


Fathers day
Denny/88 degrees sunny and nice
06/17/2012, Escabudo de Veraguas - West point

Happy fathers day to all dads reading the blog. and a special fathers day wish to my Dad, Step dad (thats you Stan), two brothers and brother in law. May today be special for all of you. for me I get to spend the afternoon cleaning the bottom of the boat. we are anchored in a great little bay and the weather could not be better for swimming so I will take the opportunity to clean. we also walked the beach , met a great family that lives on this island and smorkled the reef for a few hours. tomorrow we sail abourt 30 miles to the next anchorage. I'm looking forward to a nice short day sail.

life is good on Kokomo


slow sail
Denny/86 degrees wet and loud
06/16/2012, Escabudo de Veraguas - West point

I try not to complain about bad sailing days but the past 30 hours included a 24 hour period where we only covered 91 miles. AWt times we had a 3 knot current against us and the motor was on most of the time. We were faced with light winds and lightning and had a hard time making any headway. We are now anchored in a nice bay that is open to the ocean. I hope the winds don't start blowing tonight. We are anchored right next to S/V Rocinante. Larry and Vicky are from Seattle and we have been spending time with them the past week or so.

Life is good on Kokomo


Fort San Fernando
Becky/88 degrees sunny
06/15/2012, Portobelo

This is Fort San Fernando. Below is a short video.

We are off this morning for Bocas del Toro. It should take 24 hours to get there.


Charter - Pat & Keyna
Becky/88 degrees sunny
06/14/2012, San Blas

This is a short video of our latest charter.


Back on Kokomo
Becky/92 degrees hot & sunny
06/13/2012, Portobelo

We left Friday morning from Portobelo to go to Panama City. This trip was on two busses. The first one was a chicken bus to Colon that took 2 hours and cost $1.60 each. The second bus was a nice bus with AC & TV. This was to Panama City it took 2 hours and cost $3.15 each. To get from the first bus to the second we were advised to take a taxi. the taxi ride was 150 yards and cost $2.00 . once we arrived in Panama we took a taxi to S/V Rocinante and were reunited with Larry and Vicky , new friends we had met last year in Mexico and their crew member Joe. We had met Joe in El Salvador when he was crewing on a different boat. since leaving Tacoma 2 years ago we have met several people then parted ways only to be reunited months later. Early the next morning we met our canal adviser "Ricky". He was knowledgeable, friendly and was very pleasant. We rafted to a 67' fishing boat and went threw the first 3 locks center tied. After motoring across lake Gatun we were given permission to lock down on the same day. Earlier we were told we would have to spend the night on the lake. We centered tied alone going down. No problems for Rocinante as everything very smoothly. We arrived in Shelter Bay later that evening. The only hiccup was the next day, Rocinante started to take on water. The bilge was complete full and coming up the floor boards. It took 5 plus hours to figure out the bilge pump was leaking into the boat. Larry ordered a new one, installed it, and 5 days later, all was good. We left Shelter Bay at 5:30 am this morning and arrived late morning to Portobelo. Kokomo was just fine without us.

Life was good on Rocinate!

Denny and Becky

06/15/2012 | Jim
Say hi to Larry and vicki way to go another crossing I bet this one wasnt very hard on you two.
Ship Hits Reef
Becky/88 degrees sunny
06/11/2012, Portobello

One of our outings in Western Coco Banderos was to get close to a ship that hit a reef and sunk. The closer we got I was amazed at how large this ship was. Parts of the ship were all around the ship. We tried to figure out what each part was. We think to the left of the ship was the rudder.

Junk Rig Boat
Becky/88 degrees sunny
06/10/2012, Portobello

One evening while we were watching the sunset in Western Coco Banderos, we saw in the distance Miramore which is a junk rig boat. Denny explains this boat in the video below.

Small girl water skiing
Becky/88 degrees sunny
06/09/2012, Portobello

During our stay in Western Coco Banderos, we were very entertained by a family that was next to us in the anchorage. This was a family from France and they rented a 40' catamaran for a year. They have two girls 7 and 9 years old. They home school on the boat and after school in the afternoon each day the parents would take each of the girl's water skiing. They have a dinghy that's 9 feet with a Yamaha 15 hp. The water skies were attached together. They both were able to pop right up. Very cute!

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