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24 September 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
20 September 2017
13 September 2017
10 September 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
03 September 2017
31 August 2017 | Dennis Point Marina, Maryland
30 August 2017 | Dennis Point Marina
28 August 2017 | Dennis Point Marina, Marysville
25 August 2017 | Washington DC
10 July 2017 | Sand Island, Wisconsin
08 July 2017
07 July 2017 | Sand Island, Wisconsin
29 June 2017
28 June 2017
27 June 2017
26 June 2017
24 June 2017
23 June 2017 | Sand Island Lighthouse
21 June 2017 | Sand Island Lighthouse
18 June 2017 | Bayfield, Wisconsin

Annapolis Boat Show

24 September 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
Becky/90 degrees, sunny and hot
Denny and I are working at the Annapolis Boat Show. Denny's job is to build all of the docks in one location, then the water crew move all the docks into the above waterway a couple days before the the show starts on October 5-9. This is the sailboat show. Then all of the boats come in and tie up to the docks. And then all of the vendors come in and set up. I'm working in the office and typing all of the vendors name badges and their employee's. There are over 800 vendors and anywhere from 3-20 employees. So I've been typing many name badges over the last few weeks.

Then when the sailboat show is over, all of the sailboats leave which is a big production and there is a "change over" party to watch the beginning of Denny and the water crew to change the docks for all the power boats. They only have a couple days to do this. The power boat show starts October 12. Then when the show is over all of the docks have to be disassembled and stored for the winter.

Denny is working hard in 86 degree weather, doing a lot of grunt work. He tells me he is one of the younger guys. Many of the workers are retired and want something to do for a couple months. He is enjoying himself, but is sore and eating much ibuprofen.

Me, I'm in a air conditioned office with the owner and 6 other employees. The group of women are very nice, friendly and helpful.

We are anchored in Back Creek right in front of the boat show office. It is about a 2 minute commute by dingy for me. Can't get any better than that!

Life is good on Kokomo!

Happy Anniversary

20 September 2017
Today Drew and Erica celebrate their third anniversary. We are so proud of the two of you and the accomplishments you have achieve in such a short period. Especially the way you are raising two outstanding little boys!

We love you!
Denny & Becky

Happy Birthday Denny

13 September 2017
Want to wish my best friend a great day today!

Love you!


Navy Wins

10 September 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
Becky/78 degrees, sunny & beautiful
For an early birthday present, I took Denny to a Navy football game. We walked from the boat, got there really early and was able to watch the teams warm up. We had great seats, 5 rows up from the field on the 40 yard line. My dad was in the Navy, I remember him watching the games on TV, he would have loved being at this game. But just watching Denny have a good time, wide eyed and all smiles was fun for me.

Life is good on Kokomo!


There were over 20 companies that were introduced and marched onto the field.

After the national anthem was sung, the blue angles flew over. Then a skydiver drop down on the field holding a huge American flag. The timing of it all was very impressive!

Happy Labor Day

03 September 2017
Becky/75 degrees, cloudy
We are enjoying family time on the boat with Michael, Allison, Christian and Kaeje. They are helping us sail from Dennis Point Marina to Annapolis.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Looking Good Kokomo

31 August 2017 | Dennis Point Marina, Maryland
Becky/82 degrees, hot and humid
New bottom paint, waxed the haul, five coats of varnish on the toe rail and we are ready for take off! Just a few minor details like putting the sails back on, but for the most part we're finished.

After a long day of working on the boat, we are meeting a few friends at the marina pool for happy hour. These two catamaran boats we met in the Bahamas last spring.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Power Envy

30 August 2017 | Dennis Point Marina
Denny/78 degrees, sunny
As we travel around the Caribbean we have noticed that people with mega yachts also like to have a second boat called a tender towed behind the big yacht. The tender always has 3 or 4 big outboards with 300 hp or more. The biggest set of outboards we had seen on a boat to date was 4-400hp Yamaha's. Well today we saw the most hp ever from outboards on a boat. 2450 hp! That's 7 Yamaha 350's on one boat. And who has these bragging rights. The US Army. And they have two boats!

Life is good on Kokomo!


Happy Kokomo

28 August 2017 | Dennis Point Marina, Marysville
Becky/78 degrees perfect weather!
We arrived to see Kokomo just as we left, no live bugs or mold! Now putting everything back where it belongs. First thing is the repaired fuel tank. It went back in place just as easy as it came out. We have to touch up the bottom paint, wax the hull and we splash first thing Friday morning.

Now I think it's time to celebrate we are home with a cocktail!



Seattle to DC

25 August 2017 | Washington DC
Becky/76 degrees, sunny
We drove from Seattle to DC (2,775 miles) in two days. We made good time because Denny got me up at 4 am each morning and we drove until 10 pm. To say I'm happy to be at Denny's brother, Michael's house, would be an understatement!

We will stay here the weekend and start working on the boat first thing Monday morning.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Good Bye Lighthouse

10 July 2017 | Sand Island, Wisconsin
Becky/70 degrees, cloudy
After a month as lighthouse keepers, we are leaving in the morning and driving to Tacoma. Our experience here as been rewarding and memorable!

We will be making a few stops along the way home. We will see Steve and Rena, my college friend Deana and her husband Eric and our oldest son this weekend, DW! Looking forward to our visits!



08 July 2017
Before we left, I canned white chicken chile, red meat chile & stew. Each night we have one of these for dinner. It has worked out great. After walking 4 miles neither us us wants to cook. So heating up one of the jars works perfect!

Denny told me this morning we have walked 100 miles!


Denny Blazing the Trail

07 July 2017 | Sand Island, Wisconsin
Becky/67 degrees, stormy
This is what Denny is doing on the 2 miles trail, cutting back the bushes. It's a hard job and his arms are tired when he is finished.

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm come through with hail. Wait a minute, it's after the 4th, it's suppose to be nice warm weather!


Stormy Weather

29 June 2017
Last night we had thunder, lightening and high winds. It was coming from the east which is right at us. Because of this, there is 1-3' swells and crashing on the shore and dock large waves.

The above photo was taken a few days ago when it was calm. Denny is drinking his morning coffee and checking out the sail boat anchored in front of the house.


Wreck of the Sevona

28 June 2017
Thunderstorms all day today and into the night. It reminds me of what happened here September 2, 1905.

It was a dark day in the history of the Apostle Islands. Early that morning, the steamship Sevona sought shelter from the storm among the islands. Clawing its way through the tempest, the ship struck a shoal northeast of Sand Island. Seven crew members drowned in sight of shore.

Recollections of a Passenger

Miss Spencer's story of the wreck is as follows:
"It makes me shudder to talk or think of the terrible experience through which we passed. About three o'clock in the morning Captain McDonald knocked at out door and told us that he was going to seek shelter, and for us to secure all breakable stuff in a place of safety, as when the boat put about she would toss badly.

It was only a short time before the captain came to our stateroom again and told us to dress. This we did and a little later two sailors came and accompanied us to the after end of the boat. We were instructed to put on life preservers, which we did. No one seemed to be specially frightened, but a 5:45 came the terrible crash which broke the vessel in two.

We got into the life boat at that time, but the captain and the men could not come aft owing to the break. He hailed us through the megaphone 'Hang on as long as you can.' We did so, but the sea was pounding so hard, that we finally got out of the small boat, and into the large vessel again, all congregating in the dining room which was still intact.

The big boat was pounding and tossing. Now a piece of the deck would go then a portion of the dining room, in which we were quartered. During all this time, the men forward could not get to us. Finally, at 11 o'clock everything seemed to be breaking at once, and by order of the chief engineer, we took to the small boat again.

One by one we piled into the boat, leaving six men behind us. I never heard such a heart rending cry as came from those six. 'For God's sake don't leave us,' they cried, so two of the men who were in our boat got out and helped the six men get the port boat over to the starboard side so they could launch it. These men then left in their boat and our and our men came back to our boat, and we put off.

It was a terrible fight to keep the small boat afloat. And to the skill of the second engineer, Adam Fiden, we certainly owe our lives. He is an expert sculler, and kept our boat right, when oars on the side were practically useless. We knew we were in danger, but we obeyed his orders implicitly, and he finally landed us safe and sound.

When the tug Currie returned from Sand Island Monday afternoon with the six men who were in boat number two, it was also learned that the bodies of Captain McDonald and Nels Severson, wheelsman, had been found on the beach at Sand Island. Justice Davis was instructed to go there and hold an inquest. Upon their return to the island two more bodies had been found, Louis Darwin, first mate, and the other one could not be identified. The bodies were brought to Bayfield and taken in charge by Undertaker Sense, and prepared for shipment. The body of Captain McDonald was sent to his home ln Northeast, Pa., Tuesday and two more of the bodies were shipped to Buffalo Wednesday.

Harry Magnet, a sailor on the steamer W.H.Mack, arrived in the city from Duluth Tuesday evening and identified his brother, Otto Willett, the last one of the bodies that washed ashore from the steamer Sevona. He took the remains of his brother to Cleveland Wednesday.

A search has been made for the three remaining bodies but none of them have been found yet.

The bodies of the second mate and two watchmen are still missing. The survivors of the Sevona were sent to their respective homes Wednesday evening after being in Bayfield since Monday. Their expenses were all paid by the owners of the boat. Valued at $250,000, and insured for $160,000, she was a total loss."

The bodies of the remaining victims were all eventually recovered. Lying just below the surface, the wreck of the Sevona was determined to be a hazard to navigation, and so the Army Corps of Engineers dynamited the wreck in the summer of 1909. Nonetheless, significant portions of the Sevona remain today, and the wreck is a popular destination for sport divers.


27 June 2017
This morning Denny was picked up early and taken to the mainland. He is going to the grocery store for a few items and laundry mat to wash our bedding. So that leaves me to be the lighthouse keeper for the day.

The above photo is taken from the top of the lighthouse. It is a group of 17 that came for a tour. Not all fit into the photo. Fun group!

Today it's suppose to get up to 75 degrees! Woooohoooo, off come the woolies!

Vessel Name: Kokomo
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 425
Hailing Port: Tacoma, Washington
Crew: Denny & Becky Flannigan
After ten years of planning a trip around the world, we have given up our life on land to head to bluer pastures with the hopes of staying young as long as possible. Our mission is to have fun while moving about the earth. [...]
Extra: We have two boys and two grandson's and several friends and family of all ages. Our hope is that those we know will decide to spend some time with us. Life is enjoyed most when you share it with those your closest to.
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Caleta Partida - fish camp
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Caleta Partida
Grand Sueno restaurant in Bahia de los Muertos
Hillside with beautiful, very large homes in Bahia de los Muertos
Hillside with beautiful, very large homes in Bahia de los Muertos
Hillside with beautiful, very large homes in Bahia de los Muertos
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Fish camp in Bahia los Frailes
Boarded up houses in Bahia los Frailes
50-60 lbs. wahoo fish
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Sunrise, leaving Cabo San Lucas

Denny & Becky in the Bahamas

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