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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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very cooooolllll 58 this morning
08/11/2008, Toledo Beach Marina, Lake Erie

Well after delay, delay, and more delays it looks like Wednesday (8/13) we'll be outta here? Fingers crossed...

Leaving The Great Lakes
08/13/2008 | Stephanie
8/13/08 You're off! It was wonderful getting to be a part of your departure and new adventure. Congratulations. Ya Whooo!
Your Daughter Loves You!
08/13/2008 | Ashley Smith
Mrs.Aben you are doing it! Very cool!! How are you liking it???
08/13/2008 | Mother Mary
May God be with you and keep you safe and happy!!!
08/14/2008 | Carmen Mitchell
Hi Mrs. Aben I've been thinking of you off and on all summer. Woww how coooll!! I would like to see pictures.
08/14/2008 | Laura
YEAHHH!!!!! I'm so extremely excited for you! Now it's my turn to live vicariously through you.

Be safe. Love ya oodles!!

08/19/2008 | elaine
Just to let you know they haven't filled your shoes yet at JHS and they never could. Miss you!! Have a great trip.
08/21/2008 | Dawn
Hi Patti:

How exciting!!! May your trip be safe & fun!!! Keep us posted as you travel. We'll be checking in on you!!!!!
08/22/2008 | Teri Ollila
Pat glad to see you're on your way. I can't wait to keep track of your adventure. I'm jealous!! Have a great voyage. We miss you at JHS!
The next chapter
86 degrees, sunny
07/10/2008, Toledo Beach Marina, Lake Erie

Well, we're currently getting ready for the next chapter in our trip from the Great Lakes to the East Coast. We've added a windlass, chartplotter and the work continues on the boat as we get ready to leave. It seems like an unending list of things to get done!

St Ignace, MI

Thursday August 2, 2007 St. Ignace, MI
Started out with Thunderstorms and rain so we stayed today. Lazy day. Had cereal and waited to see if it was going to clear, but it was raining until close to noon, so we signed up for another day here at this pretty marina. Carted my computer up to the office to see if it would work better there and got the same message - invalid access code so the girl gave me another 24 hour one that also didn't work, so she gave me a 48 hour one that finally worked so I took it to the Marina lounge near the boat and got it up to 11Mbps - zoom zoom so redid my email messages and checked my weather charts online. Can't believe how much I miss accessing my weather data online. Went over the charts for the next couple days, then wandered into St Ignace for some polarized sunglasses, hard to find, but the lady at the pharmacy finally directed us to the Ace Hardware of all places and they had them! Now I need to make sure that these don't go overboard like my reading glasses did!

Ate at the Mackinac Grill again tonite - had the Caribbean chicken and coconut shrimp. Man that stuff was hot! Felt badly for Wayne, he got the same thing but we scraped off the Jerk and ate it. Terrific salad bar - Wayne actually got a tomato and some fruit tonight J

Came back to the marina - the band is really pretty good tonight. Last night's was pathetic, but tonight's group is rocking with classic rock. I'm still able to access the internet (just not from the inside of the boat). Temp is finally cooling - can see the leading edge of the cold front - good size clouds descending and bringing refreshing cool air after a few days in the mid 90s. Crazy especially here in the U.P. Waynes' reading and I'm catching up on my journal, emails, games, etc... It's nice to be able to charge our phones, computer battery, and read by light without worrying about the batteries starting. That will come soon enough... I'm signing off - going to sit here in the cockpit and enjoy this nice cool breeze and view of some beautiful clouds and a red sunset.

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