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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Still in Fairport
Sunrise 6:35am/Sunset 8:28pm
08/17/2008, Fairport Harbor, OH N41 o 46 x W081 o 16.9

There's another sailboat anchored in here with us called Carpe' Diem. Nice looking boat - not sure but it may be a Morgan or Endeavor 30 something - nice lines to it. It looks like they hail from Holland, MI (hmmm, wonder if they're headed for the canal or back home). There's a nice sandy bottom for anchoring; a beach, park, water toy rental area and a marina (that is to small and shallow for us to get into) but even with all the wind we haven't moved while at anchor. I think I like these all chain anchor lines. Not much to do today but read and use up the rest of my battery on the computer.

Kinda funny - Wayne hooked up the 12volt for my adapter that I used before but it won't charge my batteries - there's something different but I don't know what. We plug in the puter and the charge light blinks, but never charges. He spent all day wiring it for me too . This time I have Internet access (more so that last year) and now, not unlimited computer access - It may be back to the pen and paper journal for me and I'll type up things as I can... I feel bad that he spent all day wiring it and it doesn't work - strange how the computer battery won't charge but the fans work on it... When I try to use the computer - it kicks off the 12volt adapter. Greg or anyone else - if you're reading this, any suggestions?

We now have the wash down pump working too, so after dinner and a bottle of wine, things quieted down on the beach so we went up front and hose-showered off and got a bit silly. I can't say as I ever showered in Lake Erie before, even though I grew up near it. Clean and Lake Erie have never been intertwined in my vocabulary before. It was fun and we laughed a lot (maybe it was the wine). It FEELS like we're clean anyways.

Lorain to Fairport
Sunny, High Pressure System today
08/16/2008, From: N41o28.9 x W082 o 11.7 Lorain Ohio to N41 o 46 x W081 o 16.9Fairport Harbor, OH

This was a very well protected anchorage at Lorain - quite still and I slept like a baby...Made coffee while watching sunrise and the silhouette of fishermen as they walked out on the breakwaters to fish in the red-pink glow of the rising sun. I love sunrise - my favorite time of the day when every day is fresh and new with possibilities; There was a steady stream of Saturday morning fishing boats leaving the harbor.

We saw a 1000 ft. ore carrier come in to the harbor and past us going into Loraine to the Kobe Lorain Works or LTV pellet terminal on the Black river. The surrounding area has a nice looking marina and is still pretty much a suburban area. We waited for the freighter to go in (of course I had to take pictures - Wayne loves my digital camera J) before leaving. Look at the picture - there's a 30 ft sailboat next to him going out of the harbor - whoosh. It looks like today may be a 10 hour day - Destination Fairport Harbor, OH about 50 miles from here. Light winds NW to SW should help us out a bit.

Coming in at 7:30 a coastguard call came in for a capsized vessel (26 ft sailboat) with 2 people in the water from another sailing vessel that went to help and fouled their anchor chain in their propeller. They were 3 miles or so from here and the sirens went off at the coastguard building, near us, calling everyone in for a rescue. It made me feel good seeing how quickly they were responding to the mayday as their orange zodiac, with lights flashing and siren blaring as it sped out of the harbor. It was interesting listening to the proceedings on channel 16. The sheltered area behind the breakwater is huge - like a small lake in itself. Many boats and jet skis in here. Depths range from 3-15 feet and there's a public beach/park east of the river entrance. A couple of powerboats decided to circle us and generate waves. One of them was towing 2 kids on a tube - nice example to teach the kids - harass the anchored sailboats... The second time they came by us (quite close) Wayne yelled, "Thanks" to them. Think they got the message? I doubt it, and the kids will follow their example when they get older no doubt...

Wayne had the helm most of the day while I did my navigator thing. Not much to it though it was a pretty straight run without much in the way. I finished the 2nd Stephenie Meyer's book in her trilogy today and was going to start the 3rd but it's buried in the back berth (our official garage) so that will have to wait... My computer battery is running low and Wayne is going to put the 12-volt adapter in so I can recharge the puter and the phones tomorrow... Batteries low so.... Signing off for now in Fairport Harbor.

S Bass Island to Lorain Ohio
Sunrise 6:37/Sunset 8:26 Departure 9:50am Nwinds 10-15knots
08/15/2008, 41o39 x W82o49 Put-In-Bay S. Bass to N41o28.9 x W082o11.7 Lorain Ohio

Life is for learning -

Two things learned - don't tie up to short on a mooring ball and the stove top won't open to remove the cover if the control knob isn't all the way closed. We rocked and banged on the mooring ball a good portion of the night last night and this morning getting up to make coffee I couldn't light the stove - duh I had the new gasket on inside it (to prolong the alcohol) - so tried to open the top for 4 minutes before I figured out the problem. Problem solved good morning world.

Pretty uneventful day. No sailing - we were heading pretty much into the wind all day. Passed by Cedar Point - Wow - nice skyline showing their high roller coasters and a drop ride that was the same if not higher than the highest roller coaster.

Lorain is an interesting anchorage. S. shore of Lake Erie roughly 25 miles west of Cleveland. It has an outer harbor, inner harbor and the Black river has a large industrial complex with boating facilities and freighter docks too. 2 converging breakwaters make the outer harbor then a small, detached riprap breakwater protects the entrance of the harbor. We put in a little after 6pm (total trip distance so far 62.05 miles) inside the outer break wall but outside of the marina.

We got to try our windlass for the first time - it works! What a nice way to drop anchor. Wonder if anchoring with all chain is different than with rope... We anchored in front of the small riprap wall out of the way of traffic and the sheriff came by close to 8:20 to tell us to turn on our anchor light. We were about to anyways - waiting for sunset to conserve battery power (in another 5-10 minutes). Winged a chicken salad recipe (left my recipes at home evidently - can't find them) with rolls and wine for dinner & we read until 11ish.

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