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The First Mate's Journal
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Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Good Bye NY, Hello NJ
70, Sunny, Perfect
09/21/2008, Atlantic Hts NJ

What a day. We had a beautiful morning. I watched the fog roll off the water and then the haze start to burn off as the sun came up. We cast off from the mooring and headed down the Hudson River. It was kind of sad to leave New York (I can't believe I said that). For all it has wrong with it, there's an awful lot that's right with it. A melting pot that really works to form a booming metropolis that has something for everyone.

Going past Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty was quite an experience for me. I couldn't believe how choked up I got passing those places. Places of hope, of new beginnings, for so many people. I could only imagine how people coming to this country might feel at entering NY Harbor and seeing Lady Liberty for the first time after hearing about it - her torch gleaming in the sunlight... A new life, new beginning in a country where you can become whatever you strive to become without the government saying "No - you must be a bricklayer, you were born into that caste" So many have died for our right to be free to choose. So many do not appreciate that, or what they have here. I cried and couldn't voice the emotions that sprang from me as I snapped picture after picture...

Coney Island, Riker's Island, the NY City Sky line all grew smaller and I said goodbye to New York. It will probably be a long time before I see it again. I'm so glad that Wayne and I got to share this time here together. It means a lot to me - China Town, Central Park, the Subway, 5th Ave (yes I felt frumpy with all the fashion palettes and pencil thin women strolling by - but I felt loved too), Broadway, the deli's. Thanks for a great time N.Y.

The harbor was packed with freighters anchored all over, barges, tugs, and cruise ships, weekend boaters. What a madhouse trying to get out of the harbor. So much humanity in the water and surrounding it!

We set anchor, after topping up our fuel and water and pumping out, inside the break water of the Atlantic Highlands. It's funny because I was just thinking about some of my students while making dinner and the phone rang. I thought it might be Penelope or Stephanie but it was Nate (also Allie, Tiffany, Todd and I'm not sure who else). I had to laugh because I thought of him and Allie yesterday and how much they'd like parts of NY... It was good to hear them & I hope all is well with them. I hope that someday we'll get to meet up! Todd is supposed to be going to N. Carolina?

Well tomorrow is the day we'll start our trip out to the Atlantic and around the Jersey shore and back in around Cape May. It will be a long one. From here we calculated it's about 133 miles and at 5-6 knots per hour it will take us about 25 hours solid to make the trip. If we leave here around 11am then we should get in at noon the following day (Tuesday) and if we get hung up anywhere we should still get back in during daylight hours. I should add here why we're going outside around New Jersey as opposed to staying in the inter coastal waterway. Our boat has roughly a 52 ft high mast and a depth below water of almost 6 ft. The Inter-coastal waterway along New Jersey has a couple bridges that we can't get under (now that our mast is back up) and the ave. depth of the water there is 4 ft in some places (which isn't deep enough for our boat). Therefore we must leave the shelter of the Inter-coastal waterway.

Okay, BBQ pork chops, stir fried zuck/peppers/onions in a wine & butter sauce with some sour dough bread and wine for dinner... and a good rest up for tomorrow (weather permitting).

09/21/2008 | ALLI!
i love new york. :)

& Todd wasn't there-
Tom was. :D
but, you were close.
& Alicia, Lydia, & Tiffany.

haha- he was going to move to N.C. but, nate just told me he didn't. It's a dramatic tale.

I'm glad you enjoyed N.Y.
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee New York. :D

And It's good to know you haven't forgotten me. xD

By The way- I take my last comment back, you're pictures are not 'good' they're pretty much amazing.
you should increasing the saturation-
it's bring the color of the water and stuff out, make it even more spectacular. :D

K. This comment is long enough now.

A Perfect Fall Day in NY
70, sunny, perrfect
09/20/2008, NY, NY

After coffee and lollygagging about, we dingied to the marina and walked up 79th to Broadway to Zabar's. We both got the Ruben Panini this time (they forgot the sauerkraut this time). They have the leanest, tender corn beef. Then we walked up Broadway to 97th Street to the Walgreen's where we were able to get the scripts from last time refilled. At first they gave me a hassle saying there weren't any refills, but they then discovered I only got a partial so we both now have 30 day scripts left. I must be missing something that people under the retirement system do when they travel because I've never heard of anyone having so much difficulty getting scripts filled when they travel in retirement!

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking/shopping up and down Broadway and people watching. Allie & Nate, if you're reading this - you'd both like NY and Broadway! Bought Vegi's and fruit (hey got some lichee nuts!!!) from the street stalls, then went back to Zabar's to explore their deli-stores. Wow! They've got so many different cheeses, breads, ready-made meals, etc... there - It was amazing! I picked up some bakery fresh sour dough bread, bypassed all the pastries, tarts, etc. and opted for another bread (a Bon Pain Baguette), picked up some of their salmon chowder (I'd tried this yesterday - very yummy); tasted some of their samples of spreads, etc... just an amazing deli. It was a very nice walk. We both decided that "we like New York" which kind of surprised us both. It's an artificial environment that's a super melting pot that in every essence seems to work. Yes there were still bums in doorways, homeless panhandlers, and gang symbols scrawled across most everything and in the subway etched on the windows, but everyone that we met and asked for directions or assistance went out of their way to be nice. This trip we didn't really run into the nasty disposition people that have been run into before - they're still there though - listen to all the car horns and swearing at each other - but the people we met this trip were warm and friendly (in the subway and in the park). So, for it's vitality, ease of travel, shopping, outdoor activities, museums, etc... it got a 2 thumbs up from us.

Back to the boat now and we've hoisted the dingy up, went over our charts and set in the waypoints for our trip outside on the Atlantic to Cape May (the day after tomorrow, weather permitting). Tomorrow we'll head down to a Bay inside Sandy Hook to position for our outside trip.

10/03/2008 | Bob Robinson
Hey, I enjoyed your trip down the Erie Canal; most informative. I think that I could do that. As long as I don't have to travel on open water, motion sickness probably would not take over. Also, you can take turns walking or running along the footpath to stretch your legs. Now if there were only canals from Washington state to Michigan....
New York, New York
Sunny, Nice, 68
09/19/2008, 79th Street Boat Basin, NY

Wow... From 11pm to 2:30 am I listened to the mooring ball smacking into the boat when we switched directions. Went up several times to check on it because it sounded like it was going to come through the hull. Current was running 3.2 - 3.7 knots and at slack tide until the tide turned back again it was not pleasant. Not much sleep atoll... Wayne was dreaming something about water and my stomach was giving me fits the rest of the night...

After coffee we hoisted the dingy off the boat and put the motor on it. Did I mention the current here is something else??? If the motor conks out there's no way we can row against it (luckily the motor worked). After we signed in at the office we learned that they have free ice and free laundry facilities (wow - free is good). Then we got directions from one of the road crew on how to get to a CVS pharmacy, the subway, Broadway and Central Park. He was pretty terrific and actually stopped traffic so we could get across the road area and on our way...

Went to Zabar's Deli for panini sandwiches. Awesome Ruben and we noticed they have a block of restaurant, bakery, store, etc... then we found CVS. Interesting note here - on prescriptions. If you get a refill on a prescription in NY, they will give you one refill, but it negates the rest of the refills if it's from a different state. Soooo, we decided to wait until we leave NY to refill unless we find a Walgreen's (since we got new scripts there). The whole thing is ludicrous as far as their pharmaceutical procedures in NY.

Went to Zabar's Deli for panini sandwiches. Awesome Ruben and we noticed they have a block of restaurant, bakery, store, etc... then we found CVS. Interesting note here - on prescriptions. If you get a refill on a prescription in NY, they will give you one refill, but it negates the rest of the refills if it's from a different state. Soooo, we decided to wait until we leave NY to refill unless we find a Walgreen's (since we got new scripts there). The whole thing is ludicrous as far as their pharmaceutical procedures in NY.

Next up - 5th Ave and Madison Ave stroll, then on to Central Park. What an awesome place that is. Gorgeous park, huge, with parks, lakes, walking and jogging routes. I couldn't believe the amount of nannies, joggers and bicyclists there are there during the day. A short visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art then to the subway and over to China Town. The walk from the subway to there was unbelievable. Hawkers trying to sell you watches, perfumes, etc... and the street venders and junk stores were abundant. Once we got off Canal Street, we visited a park that I remembered... Filled with oriental people playing games on game boards - pretty place. Then the Chinese stores, pharmacies, food stalls, etc... with live crabs trying to escape their baskets, the smell of fish, and fresh seafood in the stalls - clams, crabs, squid, mountainous piles of fish, eel, etc... restaurants with pigs feet, hanging cooked duck, and pigs heads in the windows; the busy store front stalls, loading and unloading of goods, it was quite a busy place... After eating at one little restaurant and walking back through central park and museum row we were both to tired to hike up to the theater district of Broadway so caught the subway back to 79th and Broadway and dingied back through the strong currents (running against us of course) back to the boat. I'm still rolling in the boat. Back and forth, as I type this up. No sleep last night and walking all day today... The lights of Broadway are definitely not calling our names tonight... I foresee a long night again - this is a very roily anchorage here.

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