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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Atlantic Highlands Anchorage
depends on who you ask
09/23/2008, Atlantic Highlands NJ

What a beautiful day out it is in the Atlantic Highlands anchorage. I can't believe that it's that much different off the coast of the Atlantic -but - wait we will - until the forecast calls for more moderate weather. We used the day to straighten up the boat. Things seem to get disorganized so quickly if you don't put things back when done.

I got out the ole kit and fixed the snaps on the dodger that had broken. Wayne started taking some rubbing compound and polish to the cockpit area (in bad need of a cleaning). I'm noticing some salt crystal growth on the windows from the saltwater spray but that will wait until the rain. Pumped up the fenders, cleaned the floor and rugs, galley, then head area. The boat looks good when she's cleaned J

We met Skip and Lydia from the boat across from us (also SSCA members). The boat name: Flying Pig; You know we had to ask how they came up with that name... They told us: "When Pigs Fly" I loved it! It's a pretty little Morgan, quite equipped for cruising. Looking at it makes me really feel like a "Newbie" but hey, we are newbies at this LOL. Skip and Lydia are my heros!!! They went to Walmart today (they have access to a car) and we now have in our possession hair cutting tools (to make Wayne pretty) and Da Da Da Dahhhhh.... a 400 watt inverter THAT RUNS MY COMPUTER AND CHARRRRGGGESS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was such an unexpected surprise and so terrific of them to pick one up for us. Especially since we didn't ask them to. We had just lamented that we couldn't charge my batteries and run the computer at the same time or any other time, unless the engine was running... So, this will make my life a little easier. I take that back - a LOT easier (Wayne will agree).
New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey... I look across the water and can see NYC. Hmmm... a week here, or a week there... hmmmmm.... I do like the neighbors though in Jersey. We noticed Lydia and Skip have a cat (I miss my two - they were very special). We actually noticed something hanging off the back of the boat that looked like a knotted rope and both remembered reading something about that (allowing cats to get back on board) and weren't sure where, but it was probably from the SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Asso.) bulletin. Later in the day we saw the little fur ball sitting on the back of the boat and wondered if they were the ones that wrote the article on traveling pets...

Fog is coming in - the picture is of the Flying Pig

A week in Jersey
Windy and fussy
09/22/2008, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Well, we haven't headed out yet. Refueled, etc... but when we got up yesterday and heard the weather we'd be going into we decided to stay put until we get the right weather window to venture out to the Atlantic. Right now we're under a small craft advisory and looking down the coast that we'll be traveling it looks like we'd be facing 10-12 ft waves and gale force winds until the end of the week. Soooo.... I think we may be at anchor for a while. Today or tomorrow we'll put the dingy back into the water and visit the shore - look for a grocery store...

hmmmm... "A week in Jersey" sounds like a book title LOL...

Alli if you're reading this - email me - how do I increase the saturation?

09/23/2008 | Mother Mary
Hey there, I have got to find time to read your blog more takes a long time when I wait a week or so....Did you ever think of being an author...YOU write such good descriptive verses. I am so appreciative that out in that water world you remembered my birthday...I told Elaine, Lisa and Dawn I was going to write you and tell you we MISSED you at CC's for my birthday lunch....maybe next year. :-) Sounds like you are enjoying life to the fullest...KEEP IT UP!!! Love and safety to you......Mother Mary
09/24/2008 | Jackie Yaroch
Yea, I heard the weather will be rough around there this week. Good idea, no sense "Rocking the Boat", lol Stay safe!!!

09/29/2008 | Pat Hock
Finally caught up with all your adventures. You really should publish it. I had my own advneture. I was in Texas, Florida and Texas again for Gustov, Hannah, and ike. I kept missing the storms until Ike, but again I was in San Antonio and it came to Houston. Did work in a shelter for awhil. Really enjoy your adventures. I am going to show John how to use the computer as I'm sure he will enjoy the trip seeing as how he took it many years ago. Keep up the good work and enjoy. Pat
Good Bye NY, Hello NJ
70, Sunny, Perfect
09/21/2008, Atlantic Hts NJ

What a day. We had a beautiful morning. I watched the fog roll off the water and then the haze start to burn off as the sun came up. We cast off from the mooring and headed down the Hudson River. It was kind of sad to leave New York (I can't believe I said that). For all it has wrong with it, there's an awful lot that's right with it. A melting pot that really works to form a booming metropolis that has something for everyone.

Going past Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty was quite an experience for me. I couldn't believe how choked up I got passing those places. Places of hope, of new beginnings, for so many people. I could only imagine how people coming to this country might feel at entering NY Harbor and seeing Lady Liberty for the first time after hearing about it - her torch gleaming in the sunlight... A new life, new beginning in a country where you can become whatever you strive to become without the government saying "No - you must be a bricklayer, you were born into that caste" So many have died for our right to be free to choose. So many do not appreciate that, or what they have here. I cried and couldn't voice the emotions that sprang from me as I snapped picture after picture...

Coney Island, Riker's Island, the NY City Sky line all grew smaller and I said goodbye to New York. It will probably be a long time before I see it again. I'm so glad that Wayne and I got to share this time here together. It means a lot to me - China Town, Central Park, the Subway, 5th Ave (yes I felt frumpy with all the fashion palettes and pencil thin women strolling by - but I felt loved too), Broadway, the deli's. Thanks for a great time N.Y.

The harbor was packed with freighters anchored all over, barges, tugs, and cruise ships, weekend boaters. What a madhouse trying to get out of the harbor. So much humanity in the water and surrounding it!

We set anchor, after topping up our fuel and water and pumping out, inside the break water of the Atlantic Highlands. It's funny because I was just thinking about some of my students while making dinner and the phone rang. I thought it might be Penelope or Stephanie but it was Nate (also Allie, Tiffany, Todd and I'm not sure who else). I had to laugh because I thought of him and Allie yesterday and how much they'd like parts of NY... It was good to hear them & I hope all is well with them. I hope that someday we'll get to meet up! Todd is supposed to be going to N. Carolina?

Well tomorrow is the day we'll start our trip out to the Atlantic and around the Jersey shore and back in around Cape May. It will be a long one. From here we calculated it's about 133 miles and at 5-6 knots per hour it will take us about 25 hours solid to make the trip. If we leave here around 11am then we should get in at noon the following day (Tuesday) and if we get hung up anywhere we should still get back in during daylight hours. I should add here why we're going outside around New Jersey as opposed to staying in the inter coastal waterway. Our boat has roughly a 52 ft high mast and a depth below water of almost 6 ft. The Inter-coastal waterway along New Jersey has a couple bridges that we can't get under (now that our mast is back up) and the ave. depth of the water there is 4 ft in some places (which isn't deep enough for our boat). Therefore we must leave the shelter of the Inter-coastal waterway.

Okay, BBQ pork chops, stir fried zuck/peppers/onions in a wine & butter sauce with some sour dough bread and wine for dinner... and a good rest up for tomorrow (weather permitting).

09/21/2008 | ALLI!
i love new york. :)

& Todd wasn't there-
Tom was. :D
but, you were close.
& Alicia, Lydia, & Tiffany.

haha- he was going to move to N.C. but, nate just told me he didn't. It's a dramatic tale.

I'm glad you enjoyed N.Y.
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee New York. :D

And It's good to know you haven't forgotten me. xD

By The way- I take my last comment back, you're pictures are not 'good' they're pretty much amazing.
you should increasing the saturation-
it's bring the color of the water and stuff out, make it even more spectacular. :D

K. This comment is long enough now.

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