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The First Mate's Journal
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Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Naval Academy
Sunny, 78 and nice
10/09/2008, Annapolis, MD

Hey we had eggs for breakfast (YAY) then went into town to the Naval Academy. We've taken a self tour before but decided to take the walking tour this year. It was highly recommended and I'm glad we did. We went into the Phys-ed building and saw some of the cadets taking their swimming tests in uniform. By the end of their sophomore year not only to they have to swim 400 yards in 20 minutes (it gets longer each year with shorter times), but if they don't jump off the high platform (it's high) then they are booted out. I guess that by the time they finish their 4 years here, they're considered "drown proof".

We visited John Paul Jones crypt/memorial - very impressive. They finally were able to find his remains, determine his cause of death (pneumonia) and inter his remains here at the Acadamy.

We watched the noon day procession for the mid-day meal where all 4000 cadets assemble and call off before marching in to have their meal (family style). I cannot imagine 4000 cadets in a mess hall all being served at once, then leaving after 25 minutes. The Assembly was impressive and I guess they go through it every day. Their kitchens are definitely geared to the students better than at JHS... You can tell the seniors from the rest of the cadets - they get to wear khaki uniforms instead of the navy blue.

After the official tour we went to the Officer's Club and had lunch. That was impressive and it was the best clams (huge and tender - cooked to perfection) and crab cakes (all crab, no filler - honest!) I've ever had. It was a very formal looking place and I felt out of place in my Saugatuck Tshirt! I loved seeing the officers in their uniforms and loved the whole area. Very historic and beautiful granite buildings (French Venetian Style). The church dome is what a lot of people think is the state capital but it's the wrong style and the state capital building besides being smaller is less grandeur. Wrong style and materials.

After the tour and lunch walked back into town to the CVS and the bank. The opening day VIP people were at the boat show and it's packed already. We discovered that our dingy was having a huge gathering on the Navy pier and we had to tear it away from it's playmates in order to get back to the boat. The dingies were stacked in tight like a carton of eggs but we managed to weave and push our way out.

The trees are starting to turn and it was just a beautiful fall day!

Another beautiful day in Annapolis
Partly cloudy 70, pleasant day
10/08/2008, Annapolis, MD

Brrrr.... 40 out again this early morning. I kicked on the heat and crawled under my army blanket before making coffee. We headed over to the Harbor Master's after stripping the sheets off the bed - did a load of laundry while showering. Jan was there doing laundry when I got there and Iain was chatting with Wayne outside the shower/laundry rooms. We stood around chatting and watching the boat show go up. This has been interesting watching them put it together - all the docks with power lines, water lines going up, boats coming in, people all over the place setting up booths, etc... This is definitely a planning/organizing intensive operation. It's amazing to watch it come together slowly and amazing to think of how quickly it comes back down for the power boat show, then torn down again completely.

After laundry we walked into town & went to ACME for lunch, CVS (we need to go again with Wayne's script tomorrow to change it back to them), then back to the grocery store (this time I got eggs and brought them with me!!!), to Rite-Aid next store for beer (Yuengling), back to the Navy bus to downtown Annapolis again, a walk to the dingy and home again home again jiggity jig. J

We hooked up the t.v. and can now tune in a couple channels so we can catch up on some news. We heard that the Dow went below 10,000 the day before yesterday and was near 9000 (?) yesterday - yikes.

There's a huge mega yacht that's been dancing around in the mooring area Silver Seas about a 90 foot beast that I've no idea why he came under the bridge specially at rush hour because they won't open the bridge again until 6:00pm and his revving up his engines to go forward/backward is really churning up the water here. Incoming call brb...

Laura from Disney - they're having fun with the kids there LOL I can imagine Greg with the fast track pass - I'd be racing from ride to ride too! Awww how fun...

Okay - antenna is up and world news on the BBC! We can watch the news while the generator is running - looks like the Dow closed at 9200 today and other world economies are shakey too. Wow...

Hmmmm no eggs - I know I bought some...
Sunny, cool 68-70, very nice.
10/07/2008, Annapolis, MD

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It got cold out last night and when I got up this morning, I turned on the heat (oh no!). Then put together Aunt Joyce's fruit salad and made cinnamon rolls. Jo and Greg joined us for breakfast and we sat and chatted about everything. We're both nubies and they noticed Raksha here (and we told them about the boat incident yesterday). They were at Catskill with Raksha before we got there. So they were mast number 1, then Raksha, then us LOL. Honk, onk, onk... We've become part of the great migration south. They left right before we got there.

We all decided that today was grocery day and after they'd left, Jo called us back to let us know which bus to catch to go to the grocery store (the Free Navy Bus YAY). We ran into them in the grocery store and Greg looked a little worried at the amount he'd have to carry back to the boat. Hope they made it back okay. I know our load was heavy, and the further you walk, the heavier it gets. I was looking forward to eggs and sausage tomorrow, then we got back, I noticed we had no eggs (I know we had some in the cart), so no eggs for breakfast tomorrow L.

We barbequed some chicken, and had broccoli & cheese and Hawaiian rolls with wine for dinner. There's a chill to the air again. Must be that October weather trying to set in. But we are pointed south - in V formation - honk, onk, onk, ooonk...

I noticed that the finger piers and floating platforms are going up at breakneck speed in the harbor. It's all being fenced off and set up for Thursday - opening day of the Sailboat show. Time to start thinking about solar panels, wind generators and davits for the dink.

Honk, honk, ooooonk....

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