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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Critters & Crabpots
12/03/2008, S. Edisto River Anchorage (N32*37.218, W80*23.87) to Factory Creek, E. of Lady Island Bridge (N32*25.202, W80*39.251)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up early again (what else is new) and while looking out of the window, making coffee, it looked like a picture morning so I took my camera up top and was shooting pictures of the docks in the early morning light with fog when I heard a very loud snorting and thrashing of the trees and brush on the shore. It scared the bejabers out of me. I couldn't see anything but could definitely hear it storming through the underbrush - branches snappings and leaves being crunched. I scouted out all the pathways to the water but couldn't see anything. I must have scared whatever it was that came down to the water to drink when I came up and it must have stood still for a while before clamoring off into the woods and grassland. Originally I thought it might have been a large buck, but that wouldn't have made the noise and ruckus I heard. Next thought was bear - that would make a lot of noise running through the trees/grasslands. While meandering back to the ICW I saw some large wild boar moving along the water into the brush and a gray coyote. One boar was huge! Probably what I heard earlier this morning. Didn't know they could snort so loud or break branches!

We also saw more dolphins today - they seem to be more numerous the farther we go! Speaking of which - the swing bridge we're coming up to has been broken since before Thanksgiving (Lady Island Bridge). It only opens at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. People had been saying it was closed, but it does open twice a day to let boat traffic through - they need to open and close it manually until the parts to fix it come in - so we'll be anchoring in the creek next to it since we missed the 2:00 opening by 20 minutes. We could hear boats giving the bridge tender their names and hailing ports an hour before hand and it sounded like their were a lot of boats waiting for the 2pm opening of the bridge. It was amazing as we pulled up - you could see cars backed up for miles waiting for the bridge to let them cross. I hailed the bridge to make sure they were still opening at 10 am the next morning then we set about looking for somewhere to anchor in the creek right next to the bridge.

We ended up anchoring across from some houses next to the grassland across the creek. It was strange to watch the grass get taller than the boat as the tide lowered us in the water. You could see the black mud the grass was growing in get taller and thicker. One minute you see us, the next - from down river - all you see is our mast LOL.

rainy morning
12/02/2008, Charleston Harbor City Marina to S. Edisto River Anchorage

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
(N32*37.218, W80*23.87

Definitely calmer out today. I listened to the pitter patter of a gentle rain early this morning then decided that if I didn't get up, put my bucket and pans around the mast and under the butterfly hatch where the water manages to leak in that I'd be mopping up water with my newly washed towels, so fumbled around in the dark to find and place them, then went back to bed and listened to the ping, ping, ping of the rain hitting my bucket and pans (good placement). As much as I wanted to go back to sleep, I couldn't, so at 5:30 am got back up, put the coffee on, waited for it to finish perking, then grabbed my cup and went to the showers. I love mornings when the possibilities of a new day are endless. I even liked seeing my breath and feeling the chill air nip at my cheeks as I walked towards the shower knowing that an abundance of hot water in a clean facility was waiting for me. Back on the boat I read a little & Wayne got up. We heard a golf cart come up and stop, and a plop. Our morning paper was on deck again. I forgot to mention that yesterday morning a USA Today was waiting for us up top. The City Dock must deliver papers during the weekdays to all the boats on the Mega Dock and not on weekends. Another neat service that they provide as well as wifi, etc... Oh also a neat tote bag too.

Played a game on the computer with my second cup of coffee and putzed about the boat until Wayne was up and ready to go. Sea Sharp pulled out about an hour before us, then the other Montreal Canadian boat in front of us pulled out so we waited until he cleared us, then we pulled out about 10 minutes behind them (around 9:10). After going through Elliott's Cut (they're right the currents are something but they were with us so we didn't have to fight them - just steer them) Wayne took the helm and I went below to make grilled ham/cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I figured something warm would be good since it was chilly (it really hit the spot). After lunch I sat and read and went below to putz around for a while. We were originally going to put in at Fishing Creek but ended up a few miles down to the S. Edisto River. Fishing Creek didn't look so good which is good because this place looks more wildlife friendly. We're anchored on a bend near to large docks that don't seem to belong to anyone - no houses in sight, just plenty of swamp grass and some trees. A good place for reflection, and probably fishing too. There are a lot of fish here and from the looks of it, pretty good size ones too!

Can it really be December already???
High winds, waves, still small craft advisory out
12/01/2008, Charleston, SC

I can't believe that it's December already. The days seem to blur into each other so fast. We seem to move so slowly but seem so far from home at the same time. Very strange...

After listening to the weather and then getting ready to leave, the winds and currents were still pushing us into the wall so we then decided to stay today. We'd missed the optimum time for timing the tides and currents to make it through Elliott's Cut, which has notoriously fast and nasty currents if you don't time them correctly.

Checked back into the marina and this time we have power tonight! They finally got a splitter for us YAY! Took the courtesy van into town - the 11:00 one always goes to West Marine (they bought a splitter there LOL) and after dropping the West Marine people off there, they dropped us back in town and we walked about looking at all the buildings, and through the market area again, this time with camera in hand. I think Wayne aggravated his knee again in the back of the van (it was crowded so he was on a pillow in the back next to Mike) and didn't enjoy the walk as much this time. I went to the Customs house and shot some pictures - it was a beautiful building but I could only go on the first floor. Today a new law goes into effect and all incoming shipments need to have some new ID - it must be keeping them busy in the harbor because there were very few people about.

We went back to the marketplace. One vender didn't want me to take pictures of her cypress bowls, which bummed me out because they looked beautiful, gleaming a yellow gold, in the sun streaming through the building. So I put my camera away while walking through the market.

It looks like all the Bridge People stayed today and are leaving tomorrow. I was trying to budget my time and figure out whether to shower tonight or tomorrow morning - thinking tonight would probably be better and for some strange reason the discussion led to another stupid argument - we seem to be having a few of those lately for some reason.

Oh hey - the picture is of a phone pole where people stand and wait. It looks like there are quite a few gum chewers aye?

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