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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Rock House Creek Anchorage
12/19/2008, (N29o03.677; W80o55.881)

Friday, December 19, 2008
Slept in and then checked out the charts. We could either break the trip to Titusville into 2 days and anchor along the ICW or get an earlier start tomorrow and make it in one trip so we decided to stay put. We hung out here and explored a tidal flat/dune at low tide by dingy. Watched the dolphins and birds in and on the water. This is a nice little anchorage - big enough for 3 boats (comfortably) with access to the ICW, river and the Atlantic. Watching the surf hit the breakers was kind of cool considering we were safely ensconced behind a barrier of sand.

Matanzas River Inlet Anchorage to Rock House Creek Anchorage
12/18/2008, (N29o03.677; W80o55.881)

5:52pm 9ft of water.

What a beautiful travel day. The predicted fog didn't materialize where we were - it was just hazy so we were able to leave around 9:30am with sunshine. I actually FEEL like I'm in Florida now. The smell of the water, and feel of the moisture on my skin are remembering previous times.

The first anchorage we went by was to shallow. Don't know why but the charts were way off (even though they said depths might be different) but we were uncomfortable so moved on. I'm glad we did - even though we got in at dark the area is small but the depths are better.

Fort Matanza
12/17/2008, Saint Augustine to Matanzas Fort anchorage (N29o42.992; W081o14.349) on the Matanzas River Inlet 2:45pm

The fog bank that rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean last night stayed with us all morning. We were finally able to weigh anchor after noon o'clock which meant we weren't able to go very far so we anchored in the Matanzas river inlet, in front of the fort, in 13-15 feet of water (s.t.m. 792.4) The current here is strong - running out at 1.6 knots (we're approaching low tide). Neat looking fort (in the picture) but after reading the history - kind of gruesome. Matanzas means slaughter in Spanish and more than 300 French Huguenots were killed where the fort stands in 1565. I guess that a group of them left their settlement somewhere near Jacksonville to attack the Spanish at Saint Augustine. They evidently got lost and shipwrecked here near the inlet and when the Spanish discovered them, on the beach, they demanded that they surrender and renounce their protestant ways (and change to Catholicism). They did surrender but when they refused to renounce their faith, the founder of St Augustine (Pedro Menendez de Aviles) ordered their deaths. They were bound and led behind the sand dunes and all summarily stabbed to death. The fort was then erected sometime after that to guard St Augustine's from further attacks that might come through Matanzas Inlet.

The surf sounds loud from where we're anchored. There's a ferry (free) that runs from across the beach over to the fort. They give a tour of the place and the history (once again gruesome). An osprey flew overhead with a small fish. Is this guy following us? Stay away from our mast and boom. Gorgeous birds...

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