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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Rock House Creek to Titusville FL {35.1 miles)
12/20/2008, (N28o37.454; W80o48.242)

Left this morning around 8:45am and got to the anchorage and dropped anchor around 4pm. It was a straight shot and pretty uneventful other than being pretty shallow all around us! It was freaky in some areas we passed. We need 6 ft of water and areas around us we saw fishermen standing in a foot of water near our boat casting nets - THAT made me nervous. What incentive to stay in the channel! We anchored in 7 ft and while anchoring heard "Wayne!" "Hey Wayne!" Couldn't figure out where it was coming from then looked around and spotted Roy from Wind Drifter waving at us. We were anchoring right next to them and didn't see them. After we got tucked in, Roy came by to say hi and see if we needed any ice (he was making an ice run). He told us there was a boat parade tonight so this will be our second boat parade for the Christmas season. Roy told us that we should blow our horn at the boats we like so we got the horn out but it wouldn't blow. It seems to be plugged up with something - Wayne tried and tried but nothing was going through it. I tried taking pictures of the boats as they came right past us but couldn't steady the camera enough to get any decent shots (the boats coming by had us rocking). It was pretty neat to have them all lit up in the dark and circling us though.

Rock House Creek Anchorage
12/19/2008, (N29o03.677; W80o55.881)

Friday, December 19, 2008
Slept in and then checked out the charts. We could either break the trip to Titusville into 2 days and anchor along the ICW or get an earlier start tomorrow and make it in one trip so we decided to stay put. We hung out here and explored a tidal flat/dune at low tide by dingy. Watched the dolphins and birds in and on the water. This is a nice little anchorage - big enough for 3 boats (comfortably) with access to the ICW, river and the Atlantic. Watching the surf hit the breakers was kind of cool considering we were safely ensconced behind a barrier of sand.

Matanzas River Inlet Anchorage to Rock House Creek Anchorage
12/18/2008, (N29o03.677; W80o55.881)

5:52pm 9ft of water.

What a beautiful travel day. The predicted fog didn't materialize where we were - it was just hazy so we were able to leave around 9:30am with sunshine. I actually FEEL like I'm in Florida now. The smell of the water, and feel of the moisture on my skin are remembering previous times.

The first anchorage we went by was to shallow. Don't know why but the charts were way off (even though they said depths might be different) but we were uncomfortable so moved on. I'm glad we did - even though we got in at dark the area is small but the depths are better.

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