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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Family Time
12/24/2008, Cape Coral

Okay - this one is a pic of my sis Penelope :) I'm so happy she was able to make it down to Florida for Christmas. I have a ton of pictures from Christmas that I'll post on my website when I get some more time - but on the blog I can only post one per entry so patience with me :)

Titusville Municipal Marina FL
12/23/2008, (N28o37.270; W80o48.5921)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We waited until 10:00am then headed into the marina. The currents were still strong but pushed us into the marina, and the guy directing us in kept yelling at me to give it the throttle - which I was because the currents kept pushing me. I had it damn near full throttle reverse and he was yelling at me to give it the gas - yikes! Anyhow we still managed to crab sideways, bending the regulator on the grill, as we scraped the piling to tie up to (the grill is on the side of the boat now that we have davits on the back). It was funny because after we got all tied up he told me that "I done good" and asked if he could hug me (probably for yelling at me). Of course I took the hug LOL as Wayne told him "Yep you got her number - she's a hugger". Checked in, showered, stowed things away then picked up the car from Enterprise (they come out and get you) and headed toward Cape Coral to Joe and Diana's for Christmas.

It was nice to be on land and in a car again. The drive was terrific since we had sunny skies and 78 degrees. Turned on the radio, rolled down the windows and headed south! We weren't expected at Joe and Di's until tomorrow so we stayed at a hotel (Sleep Inn?) that gave us some great cookies. Nice place - fairly modern and flat panel high definition T.V. on the wall (loved watching the news- we feel out of touch at times). I felt guilty soaking up a ton of hot water in the shower - but it was marvelous! There was a Cracker Barrel restaurant next store that we ate dinner at - I'd never been in one before and it was an interesting place like an old time mercantile with a restaurant attached to it.

This is a pic taken at Joe & Di's - I didn't have any from today and someone requested a pic of us.

Titusville FL anchorage
12/22/2008, (N28o37.454; W80o48.242)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wow! We were supposed to go into the marina today and kept waiting for the winds and waves to die down from last night but they never did! We had wicked winds and waves all day so stayed at anchor. It's to shallow here and going into the marina to make any mistakes so better safe than sorry. Our anchor has held wonderfully so we decided to leave it - We'll see what tomorrow brings... this reminds me of the Atlantic Highlands in NJ.

The picture here is the best one I got from the boat parade a couple nights ago - not a great shot but it gives the flavor of the boats

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