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The First Mate's Journal
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Heart Stopping Day of Learning
01/14/2009, Vero Beach

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Vero Beach Florida

After coffee and making breakfast I decided to jump ship and run into Vero Beach to go to West Marine to pick up our order and CVS while Wayne tore the quarter berth apart to get to the hot water heater in order to see if we could hook up the energy dissipater from the wind generator to the hot water tank (generating hot water in the event of excess energy - ya ya we're dreaming I know). This was actually the first time I've taken the dingy out by myself and I was a bit nervous, but everything seemed to go smoothly so I made it to the dock and locked up and made it to the bus stop with 5 minutes to spare.

I couldn't remember where the CVS was but the bus drivers helped me out - take the #1 to the transfer station, then the #4 to Albertson's (a food store) and it was right at the corner. After waiting a half hour for the script to be filled, I headed out only to notice that I had 2 scripts - one that belonged to someone else, so I had to return (missing my return bus) to take that script back and get a refund. Then back to the bus stop to wait for the bus, then to the transfer station and on to West Marine for our parts and then to the grocery store for a few items then wait for the bus again. There was a TJ Max next to the grocery store so I wandered in there and browsed while waiting for the bus.

They have sea turtle scultures around Vero similar to the cats in Catskill - the picture here is of one by the bus transfer station.

It was an enjoyable day zipping around Vero Beach and then coming back to a boat that I could actually walk in (everything was out and all over when I last was on the boat). Funny how in order to do one thing, everything has to be unpacked to get to the one thing... then, to get to the tools, another section has to be overturned and unloaded

Anyhow, After I got back and started making dinner (country ribs, twice baked potatoes with sour cream/chives, and corn), my phone case (containing my phone, license, credit card and some cash) was missing from my waistband. What a god awful feeling - my life took a nose dive during making dinner and discovering it was not hooked onto my waist. I'd gotten into the habit of carrying essentials in my phone case that Steph gave me instead of a purse, and this is the second time I'd lost it... Wayne & I got in the dingy and zipped around looking for it - back tracking from the dingy dock, up to the bus stop. I thought maybe I dropped it in the water while loading groceries and my back pack into the dingy - in which case I didn't have to worry about somebody ringing up charges on my phone and credit card and becoming me... After searching the dingy area we tried calling the number. It rang with no response and we couldn't hear it ringing anywhere near the water. From there, we managed to catch the last run for the bus from the marina to see if it was still on the bus, or if any turned it in - nobody turned it in (if I dropped it there). So we went back to the boat, where I discovered - I'd left the potatoes on in the oven (they were well done for dinner - but hey - not bad). I decided before I went on line to cancel my phone, credit card, and report my missing license I'd try calling my number again. The first time, for some reason, I got busy signal on my phone - which ticked me off - I was seeing cha-ching signs in my head - so I called back again and heard my phone ringing... at my feet... I'd dropped it behind the stairs bringing the groceries and parts down in the boat. Whew.... I gotta tell ya my pulse must have been pounding away at 150 beats a minute the entire time. Another new discovery - a drink helps to calm you down - and me - rather quickly since I'm not a big time drinker (I didn't mind my allergic reaction at all this time)! So we got to finish making dinner and reading the mail Laura sent to us. It was great getting more Christmas cards again!

Needless to say - besides learning that I can handle the dingy by myself, the big lesson of the day for me: I will not be hooking the phone to my waistband anymore - after two times, I'll not be pushing my luck for a third time (specially since I was using the case as a mini-purse).

Hmmm... the 8th thru today
01/13/2009, Vero Beach, Fl

Well we've been here working on the boat projects still. Other than work, work, work, not much happening hence no postings really. I've been pretty negligent with my journal - it seems to have taken a back seat for a while. I'll try and be more diligent since it's hard to remember what we've done on which days...

This is a rather nice place to be working on the boat though - stores are accessible and free bus transporation to most places that a cruiser might want to go to :) Picture is of the bus transfer station where the buses all collect on the 1/2 hour

Parts & Pizzas :)
01/07/2009, Vero Beach, FL

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Let my fingers do the walking this morning on the internet to find some hardware stores in Vero Beach (still in search of the correct flat head bolts for the wind generator mounting to the deck). Sewell Hardware on US 1 looked like our best bet and when the bus driver asked if we found our stuff at Lowes yesterday (he was surprised we didn't) also recommended Sewells to us and told us which bus to take and told the bus driver to watch out for us. We caught the bus there and found Sewells, no problem it was two stores down from the bus stop. Unfortunately it didn't have the items we were looking for. We were told to try Vero Industrial a block and a half down, around the corner. They'd probably have it. So, we went around the corner and down the street in the industrial area to Vero Industrial Bearing and Bolt. Ya got to love it when you find just what you need after looking and looking and not finding it in other places! They have quite the assortment of stainless and other types of nuts, bolts, screws, etc... By the time we headed back to the bus stop we'd just missed her so we headed for the gas station with a Blimpy Subs in it and ate lunch then went back to the bus stop to wait for our wondrous chariot back to the marina.

Back on the boat, Wayne started bolting the brackets of the wind generator to the boat while I decided to try making pizza for dinner. I've got to remember to make sure that the alcohol canister for the oven is full before I start these adventures in cooking in an alcohol oven. I should have remembered from the other time when it took 3 hours to heat the oven, and knowing that I hadn't used it in a while should have tickled something in my brain...

The oven got to a mighty 250 degrees over the course of an hour and 45 minutes so I just took my chances and put the pizzas in the oven. (Side note here: my oven is quite small so it won't fit a decent size or normal regular size pizza so I made 3 - 8 inch pizzas and fit two on the rack and one on the bottom of the oven.). After an hour in the oven, the temperature went to 200 degrees but the cheese looked melted finally so after another 15 minutes for good measure - we had PIZZA for dinner! It actually wasn't to bad. The better one was the one on the bottom of the oven (we split that one). The hottest part of the pizza was the pepperoni - I wonder if they have different variations of pepperoni? I can't remember pepperoni ever being so spicy before. Anyhow, I've decided that I can add pizza to our menu on the boat. I just need to remember to fill my burners before using the oven. The top burners - I can pretty much tell when they're getting low on fuel - it takes longer to make coffee in the morning.

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