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The First Mate's Journal
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Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Sweet Pea has a boat - or should I say Mega Yacht!
02/02/2009, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Wow - a 125 ft yacht came through the bridge called Sweet Pea! I got a pic of it - if Mom were still around she'd love it! Not the littlest Sweet Pea I've ever seen but very sweeeet! Glad I don't need to pay for the gas but whoever owns it I'm sure doesn't need to worry about such things.

Today is kind of interesting - we have a warm front coming in followed closely by a cold front. Time to pull the sweats out again - seems like we just packed them away too. I can't believe all the mega yachts they have here...

Happy Birthday Tanner
Two fronts coming through this day
02/02/2009, Ft Lauderdale

Not only is it Groundhog day - it's my grandson Tanner's birthday. Happy Birthday Tanner! 6 more weeks of winter according Punxutawney Phil (the groundhog). I wonder who came up with that...

I hope you have a good one - found this pic on the web I thought you might enjoy LOL

02/02/2009 | Tanner Martin
Look out it's an ticked off Groundhog, and he isn't taken it anymore! Enough Winter - follow that boat into the sun!

Thanks for the birthday wish!
Another month gone...
60 degrees, windy, partly sunny
02/01/2009, Fort Lauderdale, Florida N26*07.132 W80*04.357

Sunday, February 01, 2009
Wow - February - the doldrums of winter approach. When at home I start looking forward to those Burpee Seed and Rose Catalogs as the snow and ice start piling up!

It didn't get as cold last night (no port/window condensation on the head) so it was nice to be able to get up and look outside. I was looking where the large catamaran was moored next to us and noticed that it was no longer there. There was a dinghy at the mooring so I thought, "oh they went out this morning for a sail" because sometimes boats do that. Then I noticed there was somebody sitting in the dinghy... It was Chris from Spirit - holding the mooring for Nelson "Last Boat" - their buddy boat that we'd met in Vero Beach. I yelled good morning to him and kidded him about really being in the doghouse with Marie LOL. Nelson showed up about 10 minutes later and they got all secured.

Not much happening today. It was a beautiful day out - sunny and cool temperatures. I made some blueberry muffins (found some awesome looking blueberries in town) to go with breakfast then we went for showers. I ran into a woman from our mooring field, going into the shower, from Happy Cat & we chatted for a while. I guess it was a little more than a while, because I could hear the shower cut off over on the men's side before I even got into the shower, so Wayne was waiting for a while& getting worried that something happened to me in the shower.

It was a beautiful day to be out and about. I watched people walking and jogging along the bridge and boats coming and going, then laid out in the cockpit reading while Wayne worked on one of the thru-hulls that has a drip.

We split a Cuban (sandwich) and read a bit, then I made sloppy joes for dinner - a Superbowl Tradition. Unfortunately the TV wasn't being cooperative and our picture kept coming and going with a lot of static so the TV went back off after the 1st quarter while the Steelers were ahead at 10 to zip. We're rooting for Laura & Greg's Cardinals but don't know the outcome of the game...

Another cold front is heading through tomorrow and it looks like an Arctic Front moving southward again.

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