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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Beach Walking/People Watching
02/03/2009, Ft Lauderdale, FL

We followed the wiring and cleaned the terminals to the wind instrument under the floor, in the bilge and to the instruments hoping to get it working again but to no avail. We still can't get it to give us a reading - frustrating... Then we went for a walk along the beach. They have a beautiful beach walkway here and I was taking pictures left and right. The weather is rather nice for walking and there were a lot of people taking advantage of the weather to lie out or sit about the beach area. You could pretty much tell who the tourists were though - the ones in the water and laying out in their swimsuits (or lack of swimsuits). The majority of the beach people were fully clothed with windbreakers or long pants/shirts. This is a great place to people watch - both sides of the street! Along the outdoor restaurants/bars people were sitting with the largest sized margaritas I've ever seen in an amazing array of colors too - We're talking fishbowl-sized drinks! And the smells of food - ribs, pizza, Greek food, Italian, seafood, such tantalizing smells that beckon you to come and sit - enjoy...

When we finally got back to the boat - it was tidying time. It's amazing how quickly things get put out of sorts on the boat but it's starting to look livable again. It's always a chore to get something because no matter what you look for it's always the thing buried the farthest, or packed the deepest. That means the boat becomes a shambles to get to anything until you're done with it and can put it away. I never realized what good packers we are until we had to unpack things to get to others .

Sweet Pea has a boat - or should I say Mega Yacht!
02/02/2009, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Wow - a 125 ft yacht came through the bridge called Sweet Pea! I got a pic of it - if Mom were still around she'd love it! Not the littlest Sweet Pea I've ever seen but very sweeeet! Glad I don't need to pay for the gas but whoever owns it I'm sure doesn't need to worry about such things.

Today is kind of interesting - we have a warm front coming in followed closely by a cold front. Time to pull the sweats out again - seems like we just packed them away too. I can't believe all the mega yachts they have here...

Happy Birthday Tanner
Two fronts coming through this day
02/02/2009, Ft Lauderdale

Not only is it Groundhog day - it's my grandson Tanner's birthday. Happy Birthday Tanner! 6 more weeks of winter according Punxutawney Phil (the groundhog). I wonder who came up with that...

I hope you have a good one - found this pic on the web I thought you might enjoy LOL

02/02/2009 | Tanner Martin
Look out it's an ticked off Groundhog, and he isn't taken it anymore! Enough Winter - follow that boat into the sun!

Thanks for the birthday wish!

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