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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Bounding into Bimini
82* Sunny
02/14/2009, Bimini, Bahamas

Okay It's almost 5:30 and we are now tied up at Bimini Docks. The crossing was wonderful. Waves were less than 2 feet, swells had a long period. I didn't see dolphins today but did see quite a few Man O Wars floating on the water catching the wind to sail across the water. They reminded me of the old bubble plastic ballons that we used to make as kids (you put a glob on the end of a straw and blow then seal). They were very shiny like a bubble on top and heavy on the color towards the bottom where they ride in the water. I also saw quite a few flying fish as they scurried out of our way. They actually flap their wing/fins and fly through the air. They reminded me of little streamlined hummingbirds.

I ran aground trying to get into the channel to enter into Bimini but it was sand and not coral so not bad. A guy came out to help show where the deeper water was.

My phone doesn't work at all, but in checking in the dockmaste told us that I could use the internet so... Just to let everyone know - WE MADE IT!!! We are officially in the Bahamas after customs clears us in. They're not here now (we were told they'd be here until 6pm but they must have left before 5 when we got there) Wayne will have to clear us in tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nathaniel - I tried calling you back before we left this morning. My phone won't work here so email me. Big hug to you, Allie, Tiffany, Tom, etc.... A.

02/18/2009 | Stephanie
So excited you finally made it! Have a cold tropical drink for me! Love you both....

It looks Good - We're up and ready
winds wnw 8, Temp 68
02/14/2009, Miami Fl

Okay at 3 am it still looks pretty good here - we're heading out at 4 am. The approximate location of the Gulf Stream is 8 nautical miles from Port Everglades;

Happy Valentines Day to everyone - Sending love...
The First Mate and Capt'n

It looks like a go for tomorrow
82 and mostly sunny
02/13/2009, Miami, Fl

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well after listening to the weather and looking at the weather patterns on the web in the morning and this evening it looks like we'll be leaving in the morning ~ 4am so we can make the Bahama Banks by 3pm in order to be able to see the coral heads and shallows in the right lights. 2pm would be better but we'll work with 3 LOL.

So today was a workday. We dinghied over to the Miami Marina near Government Cut to fill up our Diesel cans, then hauled water (3 trips to the police station) to top off our water and get a little extra (stored in the tub) so we wouldn't have to pay for it as soon once down there. Next the dinghy emptied, engine off it and onto the boat rail, then dinghy on the boat deck, course calculated, and plotted from Government Cut to Bimini and entered into the chart plotter; everything stowed away again.

So our tentative itinerary (weather permitting) is tomorrow we head for Bimini and clear customs there. Depending on how many boaters are there (we heard it's a favorite power boat destination and it's a holiday weekend) we may be there one or two days. From there we're planning on heading to Chub Cay but may anchor on the bank before getting there depending on the time/weather element. From Chub Cay we'll head south to Andros Island. There's a place called Morgan's Bluff we've heard about on Andros so we'll probably stay a couple days there and from there we'll either head further south on Andros to Fresh Creek or cut across to New Providence to the West End. After that we'll head further south into the Exumas but aren't sure which islands yet.

Because Internet and wireless are poor to nil there - we'll be out of communication until I can find areas. I'll post more to the journal when I'm able and will try and stay in contact and check my email as often as possible.

I'm nervous and excited to start this next chapter - hope I can get some sleep before the alarm goes off at 3 am...

Love and hugs to all!

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