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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Sigh... Down days even in Paradise
03/28/2009, Still here :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The waves were to rolly and wind to high to cross in the dink to George Town for the festivities and to see if I could find the conch horn lady. So after making breakfast (French toast with the coconut bread) I defrosted the frig and Wayne fixed the cup holder then it was a totally nothing, hide in a book type of day.

Fishing Seminar and forgettable afternoons
03/27/2009, Monument Anchorage, Elizabeth Harbor Great Exuma

Friday, March 27, 2009

We were going to go into Georgetown this morning but remembered the fishing seminar being held at Volleyball beach. After I made BLTs (using moms coconut bread) we loaded the garbage into the dink and headed over to the seminar and were going to go to town after that. The seminar was pretty good. Useful tips, and info on what to use for fishing, but by the time it was over (close to noon) the waves were pretty big so we came back to the boat. I think my conch horn and learning to blow one are quickly going by the wayside.

When we got back I cut up some sausage and cheese with crackers and beer bread for Wayne, and I had some salsa and cheese dip on corn chips for lunch. Then we read some in the cockpit.

Wayne started the engine to heat some water for a shower. It felt delicious to take a shower and finally desalt my hair (and myself). The water pump cooperated and stayed on without shooting the voltage to the point the breaker switch would shut off and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to take a shower without having Wayne man the water pump (off, on, off, on).

I read for a while up top but the afternoon sun was hot and came downstairs to read in the bunk.

I'm making pizza for dinner right now. I finished another book and might as well start the next one.

George Town & Recipe Exchange
03/26/2009, Monument Anchorage, Elizabeth Harbor Great Exuma

Thursday, March 26, 2009

After the morning weather and announcements on the Cruisers net we read some then dinghied over to George Town. I decided to wear my yellow foulie jacket to see if I could stay dry and it worked for the upper half of me. My butt looked like I'd peed my pants though. Where I was sitting on the dinghy the water would drip down my jacket and wash over the side too. It was a rousing ride over there with the boat filled with our garbage, diesel and water jugs. We were going against the waves this time and even though they were smaller than the previous couple of days, it was a wet ride over and even worse back.

We filled our containers with diesel and water and dumped our trash off and I went over to the straw market to see if I could find Rachel (the conch horn lady) but she didn't come in today - try back tomorrow.

Next stop the wine shop - we picked up 3 more of the French red and one Argentina sweet red to have with spaghetti. The Wine/Liquor Store was busy today with locals and cruisers both.

At Exuma Market I found a loaf of Moms Coconut bread and had to buy it along with some buns for sloppy joes and Mozzarella cheese for pizza. I didn't want to buy much because the dinghy is going to be heavy enough on the way back. At the checkout - I spotted a Snickers box of candy and could not resist (even at $1.25). The dinghy was packed and our bodies jammed in between the fuel and water. The ride back was quite wet. We were both wishing we had a baler for the dink. The water kept washing over into the boat from the side and front. It was NOT a fun ride back. The only dry thing in the boat was my T-Shirt. Note to self: make a bailer for the boat and leave it in it!

We unloaded the dink and loaded the water into the tank and stashed the fuel. Then I cut into Moms bread. It didn't taste much different than her white bread and Wayne was a little disappointed. The second piece we had later - there was coconut in it but Wayne still didn't taste it.

At 2pm we headed over to Volleyball Beach. There was a recipe exchange going on there and I wanted to see if I could find any new ones. Wayne came with me and read on the beach while I went over to browse and share recipes and pick up some starter for bread and the recipe that goes with it. We were told to feed and water our new starter once every 5-7 days and not to mind if it makes weird noises at us LOL. I'm wondering if it's like Mary and Elaine's friendship bread. Quite a few people showed up. I recognized the guy from Autumn Born but I really don't know from where. High Noon (Mary) had a couple nice recipes, Bess (Alibi II) and Cheryl (Just Imagine) both brought starter and bread recipes, Three Quarter Time (Margerty) had an English Muffin recipe, Gennesis had some dip recipes and people were intrigued with my salt water bread recipe (no salt water from this harbor though please - people dump their animal and human waste here). There were quite a few recipes to share and I got to meet Bev from Cloverleaf. She's the person that put out a call for Mahjongg or Scrabble players. I hope I get a chance to play with her before we leave - her dance card sounds a bit full and unfortunately they're heading south while we're heading north.

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