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The First Mate's Journal
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Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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A hike up the monument
03/29/2009, Georgetown Anchorage

Sunday, March 29, 2009

After announcements and weather this morning on channel 72 we headed for Georgetown in the dinghy. The only thing open today in town is the grocery store and it's only open until 11:00am. So we wanted to make sure we had eggs, bread, cereal and fresh vegis before we took off (as well as dropping our garbage at the dump). Bumpy ride over and into Victoria Lake but we got to the grocery store with no problems. Most people took their big boats over yesterday to go shopping and to the Steak Out so most of the fruits and vegis were quite picked over. I got a few green tomatoes and they actually had some avocado this time that I couldn't pass up. Then we headed back over to our anchorage at Stocking Island and deposited the groceries and went for a beach walk.

We hiked over to the other side and it was amazing how calm the water is on the Sound today. Not like the raging waves of last time. It was a nice quiet walk and Wayne wanted to hike up to the monument, so after watching the waves for a while we hiked up to the monument and I now have shots of the monument from the boat, and shots of the boat from the monument. What an awesome view from the monument. I know it will probably look flat in the pictures, but it was quite spectacular and you could see so many islands in a chain that disappeared into the haze in the distance. Breath taking scenery.

After our hike up to monument we came back to the boat and vacillated whether to go to St Francis for cheeseburgers or put the dink up and prepare for a departure tomorrow. We read some and then vacillated some more, read some - then what the heck they have very good burgers and fries - we decided to dinghy over for the burgers and a beer. Don't know when we'll get another one... Starting at 5pm they have burgers, then Trivial Pursuit after that. I know Wayne's not into games but hey - a burger and a beer? They still have awesome burgers and we watched North Carolina & Oklahoma basketball while eating. Love this Hi-Def T.V. What a difference! We ran into Camilla and Pete from Nele (the West Point Couple) while finishing up our burgers and stayed to play Trivial Pursuit with them. There were about ten other teams and we missed 17 out of 40 but had a great time. The winning team only missed 9 questions and we were right in the middle of the bell curve as far as the numbers missed. This is another couple I love to keep running into and I'm glad we stayed to play with them (everyone knows I love to play all kinds of games). If we'd have brought a flashlight for the dinghy ride back, we'd have stayed longer to chat, but sunset was approaching, and I didn't want to be caught after dark out in the dink and couldn't remember if the anchor light was on or not (it was).

It was a very nice last day here in Elizabeth Harbor. It's sad watching everyone say goodbye. They form a close-knit community here over the winter months and as everyone starts to depart it's like the entire community breaks apart, like a gypsy caravan that separates. It must be joyful to reunite the following fall/winter season.

Sigh... Down days even in Paradise
03/28/2009, Still here :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The waves were to rolly and wind to high to cross in the dink to George Town for the festivities and to see if I could find the conch horn lady. So after making breakfast (French toast with the coconut bread) I defrosted the frig and Wayne fixed the cup holder then it was a totally nothing, hide in a book type of day.

Fishing Seminar and forgettable afternoons
03/27/2009, Monument Anchorage, Elizabeth Harbor Great Exuma

Friday, March 27, 2009

We were going to go into Georgetown this morning but remembered the fishing seminar being held at Volleyball beach. After I made BLTs (using moms coconut bread) we loaded the garbage into the dink and headed over to the seminar and were going to go to town after that. The seminar was pretty good. Useful tips, and info on what to use for fishing, but by the time it was over (close to noon) the waves were pretty big so we came back to the boat. I think my conch horn and learning to blow one are quickly going by the wayside.

When we got back I cut up some sausage and cheese with crackers and beer bread for Wayne, and I had some salsa and cheese dip on corn chips for lunch. Then we read some in the cockpit.

Wayne started the engine to heat some water for a shower. It felt delicious to take a shower and finally desalt my hair (and myself). The water pump cooperated and stayed on without shooting the voltage to the point the breaker switch would shut off and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to take a shower without having Wayne man the water pump (off, on, off, on).

I read for a while up top but the afternoon sun was hot and came downstairs to read in the bunk.

I'm making pizza for dinner right now. I finished another book and might as well start the next one.

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