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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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On to the boat!
08/12/2008, Jackson to Lassalle

What a maddening day - rush rush rush...
Go to the post office & drop off package and change of address - check;
Go to Comcast - return 2 cable boxes and cable modem - check;
Go to Best Buy and return phone and pick up a different one - check;
Get oil changed - check;
Go to CVS check prescriptions - check;
Absentee ballots - these didn't work out - the clerk was never there;
Final laundry, dishes, clean out freezers, frig - Thank you thank you Stephanie for the help this afternoon;
Final wrap-ups water, pipes, power, and plants whew!
We finally got on the road between 6-6:30 and at 6:40 turned around to go back home and pickup the rose that Steph brought me (my favorite - Veteran's Honor), then - back on the road again (spotted some golf balls along our walking course and was tempted to stop again LOL) and a stop at Big Boys in Tecumseh. Dinner reminded me of when Steph was little - you order it you eat it LOL. It was so great of her to pick us up & see us off. She had me in stitches with her tales of language mishaps/blunders throughout dinner and when we got to the boat Penelope and Patrick were waiting for us. Penelope had given me a Sweet Pea character awhile ago that I brought on the boat with me that I had to show them. The theme: "Where in the world is Sweet Pea?" Long day but I loved having my "peeps" there to say adios. We still need to finish unpacking the rest of the stuff that we brought in Steph's car but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow - it's about midnight and time for shuteye... According to QAS Wayne's monitor should be here tomorrow first thing - we'll see - we've been waiting for almost a month for this piece of equip.

very cooooolllll 58 this morning
08/11/2008, Toledo Beach Marina, Lake Erie

Well after delay, delay, and more delays it looks like Wednesday (8/13) we'll be outta here? Fingers crossed...

Leaving The Great Lakes
08/13/2008 | Stephanie
8/13/08 You're off! It was wonderful getting to be a part of your departure and new adventure. Congratulations. Ya Whooo!
Your Daughter Loves You!
08/13/2008 | Ashley Smith
Mrs.Aben you are doing it! Very cool!! How are you liking it???
08/13/2008 | Mother Mary
May God be with you and keep you safe and happy!!!
08/14/2008 | Carmen Mitchell
Hi Mrs. Aben I've been thinking of you off and on all summer. Woww how coooll!! I would like to see pictures.
08/14/2008 | Laura
YEAHHH!!!!! I'm so extremely excited for you! Now it's my turn to live vicariously through you.

Be safe. Love ya oodles!!

08/19/2008 | elaine
Just to let you know they haven't filled your shoes yet at JHS and they never could. Miss you!! Have a great trip.
08/21/2008 | Dawn
Hi Patti:

How exciting!!! May your trip be safe & fun!!! Keep us posted as you travel. We'll be checking in on you!!!!!
08/22/2008 | Teri Ollila
Pat glad to see you're on your way. I can't wait to keep track of your adventure. I'm jealous!! Have a great voyage. We miss you at JHS!
The next chapter
86 degrees, sunny
07/10/2008, Toledo Beach Marina, Lake Erie

Well, we're currently getting ready for the next chapter in our trip from the Great Lakes to the East Coast. We've added a windlass, chartplotter and the work continues on the boat as we get ready to leave. It seems like an unending list of things to get done!

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