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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Last Minute Stuff
08/13/2008, Lasalle, MI

Wow what a night - the boat next to us had his halyard slapping most of the night (very loudly) so there was very little sleep. It took me almost an hour to find the coffee pot, find the coffee and use some decent water - the stuff in the tank needs to be emptied and refilled because it tastes bitter and just plain yucky.

The monitor showed up UPS 8:00 am and we were going over the data still when they called us for training on it at 10:00am. Slight problem hitting the target but the readings were pretty accurate (Dr's office called too with his current results and they matched up pretty good).
Today was a mishmash of unending things to do. One thing led to another and needless to say - we worked on the water pump, the water tank, stowing and restowing tools, stores, etc., tuning the mast, scrubbing the deck and general maintenance. Before we knew it, it was dark and time for bed

On to the boat!
08/12/2008, Jackson to Lassalle

What a maddening day - rush rush rush...
Go to the post office & drop off package and change of address - check;
Go to Comcast - return 2 cable boxes and cable modem - check;
Go to Best Buy and return phone and pick up a different one - check;
Get oil changed - check;
Go to CVS check prescriptions - check;
Absentee ballots - these didn't work out - the clerk was never there;
Final laundry, dishes, clean out freezers, frig - Thank you thank you Stephanie for the help this afternoon;
Final wrap-ups water, pipes, power, and plants whew!
We finally got on the road between 6-6:30 and at 6:40 turned around to go back home and pickup the rose that Steph brought me (my favorite - Veteran's Honor), then - back on the road again (spotted some golf balls along our walking course and was tempted to stop again LOL) and a stop at Big Boys in Tecumseh. Dinner reminded me of when Steph was little - you order it you eat it LOL. It was so great of her to pick us up & see us off. She had me in stitches with her tales of language mishaps/blunders throughout dinner and when we got to the boat Penelope and Patrick were waiting for us. Penelope had given me a Sweet Pea character awhile ago that I brought on the boat with me that I had to show them. The theme: "Where in the world is Sweet Pea?" Long day but I loved having my "peeps" there to say adios. We still need to finish unpacking the rest of the stuff that we brought in Steph's car but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow - it's about midnight and time for shuteye... According to QAS Wayne's monitor should be here tomorrow first thing - we'll see - we've been waiting for almost a month for this piece of equip.

very cooooolllll 58 this morning
08/11/2008, Toledo Beach Marina, Lake Erie

Well after delay, delay, and more delays it looks like Wednesday (8/13) we'll be outta here? Fingers crossed...

Leaving The Great Lakes
08/13/2008 | Stephanie
8/13/08 You're off! It was wonderful getting to be a part of your departure and new adventure. Congratulations. Ya Whooo!
Your Daughter Loves You!
08/13/2008 | Ashley Smith
Mrs.Aben you are doing it! Very cool!! How are you liking it???
08/13/2008 | Mother Mary
May God be with you and keep you safe and happy!!!
08/14/2008 | Carmen Mitchell
Hi Mrs. Aben I've been thinking of you off and on all summer. Woww how coooll!! I would like to see pictures.
08/14/2008 | Laura
YEAHHH!!!!! I'm so extremely excited for you! Now it's my turn to live vicariously through you.

Be safe. Love ya oodles!!

08/19/2008 | elaine
Just to let you know they haven't filled your shoes yet at JHS and they never could. Miss you!! Have a great trip.
08/21/2008 | Dawn
Hi Patti:

How exciting!!! May your trip be safe & fun!!! Keep us posted as you travel. We'll be checking in on you!!!!!
08/22/2008 | Teri Ollila
Pat glad to see you're on your way. I can't wait to keep track of your adventure. I'm jealous!! Have a great voyage. We miss you at JHS!

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