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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Annapolis is starting to feel like home!
80's sunny, 70s rain & cloudy
10/16/2008, Annapolis, MD

Okay, today - we trashed the boat... Tore the boat apart to get at the sewing machine which was at the very back corner of the garage (back berth). Then we both realllly needed a shower, then to the Naval Academy for those missing clams... Ran into Greg & Jo (Simpatico) - they were going into the Officers Club as we were leaving. The crab soup mmmmmmm.... Divine. Wayne doesn't like soup, but he agrees, it was good - lotsa crab in a tastey, rich, creamy base. Went to the hardware to replace things that go overboard, then we were going on a beer run but it started raining so we scrubbed that and went back to the boat and finished working on the dingy and davits. I got the straps sewed up, we hooked them on the davits and tested them out for reachability. Tomorrow morning when we take off, we'll see how good of a job this rubber cement stuff is... It'll also be a test of our creativity in putting those davits up. It looks pretty good right now though...

Now to put things back so we can take off tomorrow... Where? Not sure, but the eastern shore of the Chesapeake is probably where we'll end up (somewhere around the Choptank River).

Staying Busy Today
Sunny, nice
10/15/2008, Annapolis

Bitter Sweet day, I already mentioned that though. The rest of the day today:

Breakfast - sausage, eggs, toast and homemade jam. Staying busy today. After breakfast and cleanup we headed for the dingy dock to cut the stainless steel tubing, then brought it back to the boat, fitted it, refitted it, adjusted the hole Wayne drilled, then headed to the hardware to replace the set screws we lost. Then it was grocery-shopping day before the powerboats take over.

Stocked up on groceries, and pop, and I thought I was going to die carrying it back to the bus stop. 3-12 packs of pop, plus all the groceries in the big bag (Steph's bag), plus Laura's bag, plus our back packs. The Navy Blue bus was irregular today, and I started worrying about my meats and milk getting warm but we managed to get back and stow stuff. Huffing and puffing. These 80 degree days are nice unless you're doing heavy lifting and working.

Finished putting the crosspiece up then dinnertime. Meatballs, salad, and hard crust rolls. Awesome meatballs...

Interesting observation. The Harbor Master is still working, but not working. We, are not working, but working... does this make sense? We're retired he's not. He's puttering around on his boat, and we are working on our boat... hmmm...

Called Aunt Joyce and checked in on her. She went to the Casino today and won :) Yay! That would have made mom happy :)

The picture is of the mooring/anchorage on Spa Creek taken from the bridge. Note the pretty Bayfield 32 & we're to the left of it.

Happy Birthday Laura & Mom from Annapolis
80, partly cloudy, muggy
10/15/2008, Annapolis, MD

While I've other things to post, they can wait. I need to say Happy Birthday to a couple of my favorite people that share the same birthday. Laura I hope you're home and recuperating from Disneyland. Happpppy Birrrrthdayyyy to you our little munchkin. I hope you have a terrific day :)

Mom, I miss you. Happy Birthday. If there were a casino nearby I'd play a few slots for you. I love you and wish I could have told you more often. I only hope that you know... I only hope that you knew...

Your Swee pea'

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