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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Working on my website
11/11/2008, Oriental, NC

Today was a chance for me to try and figure out how to insert code into my web page so that it will show Google stuff. It's frustrating because every time I re-write and reorganize my web page, it still doesn't show up. I thought maybe it was because I was trying to view it on my own computer so kept running to the office to see if it came up on Linda's computer... after several days of trying to figure out what's wrong - it finally works! It showed up on Linda's computer! Internet Explorer doesn't like Netscape Composer's ftp I discovered. So success finally! I've managed to add google stuff to my web pages. I've been negligent on keeping up with my journaling while trying to work out the bugs on my website but have finally got those worked out- I guess I just needed time to sit at the computer and work it all out :0) While I had fun, I hope I didn't bug Linda to much (she's pretty cool). She does a lot in the office and seems to be quite the multi-tasker (a little of everything at once). Give that woman a raise!

Company for my walk
Sunny, High: 68, calm, Low 41
11/10/2008, Deaton Yacht Service, Whittaker Creek Oriental, NC (N35*01.933 x W076*41.149)

Got up and took a walk this morning before Wayne got up. Thought I might get some pictures of the surrounding area. A couple of dogs decided to follow most of my walk barking at me but I ignored their yap yap grrrrrl, yap and kept snapping my pictures. After I got back to the boat Wayne was up so we walked into town - breakfast first at Brantley's - nothing to write home about but I did have toast :-) and eggs over easy. Hash browns were like McDonalds though - a clumpy mass (disappointment - should have gotten grits I guess). Then we went to the hardware for another bolt and tap for the davits (which turned out to be a weaker metal than the davits). After that we walked around Oriental to the various marinas, the Marine store, consignment store, then to the other side of town to the West Marine (sorry the parts aren't in yet), and the grocery store. When we got back to the marina, West Marine called to say our parts were in - so, took a walk back to West Marine, then back to the boat to finish working on the davits. I really like this place. If I had to say why, I'd have to say it the same way Mike (Sapphire) put it: "We like it for what it's not"...

Saturday & Sunday at the boat yard
Sunny, 68, calm
11/08/2008, Deaton Yacht Service, Whittaker Creek Oriental, NC (N35*01.933 x W076*41.149)

Picture is of the davits in their new placement on the boat

Wayne worked on the davits all-day and chatted with the other boaters here. One fellow gave us extra water repellent that he had left over from the fellow next to him. It was a kind of pass it on project - so I interrupted my work on the computer to apply it to the dodger. Doesn't seem like we got much done today though - One trip to the hardware for longer bolts. The ones we have won't do, to move the davits to their new home; they're going through a thicker area, which requires longer bolts.

We're still hoping to use the "Spartite" on the mast while here but I doubt we'll get to it at the rate things are going. Very nice people here though. We keep running into Gary - the Boat-US guy - saw him while running to the hardware store and ran into the electronics guy at the hardware.

I really like Oriental. Nice people, great food, and you haven't seen Holly till you've seen Holly here - huge trees here. Beautiful little town, that I wouldn't mind living in. The town is being taken over by retirees moving here from other places. Like elsewhere there are so many houses for sale, and not just large new ones either.

Made pork chops & spinach with garlic bread for dinner. Never made it to the grocery store so no Sunday breakfast tomorrow. I have a mental wish list going of things I left home. First thing I reallllly miss is my cart for hauling stuff from the store. Second thing is our portable hair dryer, and Third thing now is a toaster for when we have shore power - my toast is more like burned bread, not toast at all. Wayne probably likes the biscuits better than toast anyways, but there's something about eggs over easy with real toast!

Sunday, November 09, 2008
Deaton Yacht Service, Whittaker Creek Oriental, NC (N35*01.933 x W076*41.149) Sunny, High: 68, calm, Low 41

We worked on the Davits again today. Rumor has it there's a lions game on. Our source for how the lions have been doing seems to have disappeared but whenever we can check, it sounds like our Lions are still losing, and losing, and.... Losing.... It's hard being a Detroit Lions Fan, what can I say... We'll have to see if we can pull in a T.V. channel here.

Never made it to the grocery store or for a walk today. The davit moving took pretty much all day and we need to go back to the hardware for another bolt. Snapped one and had to tap it out. We can't finish the davits without it so tomorrow when we walk back to West Marine, we'll have to detour to the hardware along with the grocery store.

We don't have cell service but we have several TV Stations. We didn't get to see the Lions but it sounds like it was pathetic anyhow. We've got the Steelers & Colts on though and hopefully we'll get to see something on the election on 60 minutes tonight... TV blipped out after 60 minutes but that's okay - it was nice to see 60 minutes - a real treat.

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