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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Still working on the boat

Okay - this is what Gary looks like and for those interested - I've added new pictures to the website - Trying a new format - let me know what you think...

Yuk - what a rainy day. Everything's wet and soggy. I must have emptied 5 buckets of water near the mast last night. It's been a quiet day around the service yard. Worked on odds & ends on the boat, plotted routes for the next 6 days and went through the Cruiser's network trying to mark down all the trouble spots along the way in North Carolina. I stopped before reaching South Carolina figuring a week was all I could handle right now. This is one of those times I wish we'd have brought a printer so I could print them out! I'm wondering what they charge to haul out the boat and store it for hurricane season here - I'd like to come back!

Pete showed up with the antenna/GPS unit around 5pm and once we plugged it in, it worked like a charm... Thanks Pete - you're a lifesaver!

Working on the boat
11/12/2008, Deatons Boat Yard, Oriental NC

Gary finished up installing the battery charger & regulator between Tow Boat US rescues (did I mention that he's the one that ungrounded us in Broad Creek then again between Whittaker Creek & Whittaker Point Marinas?). While you can't tell what he looks like, that's him in the picture tucked into our engine compartment, he's very conscientious and thorough and we've decided that he's our favorite (dare I say best too) boat mechanic on the Eastern Seaboard. While he was tucked into our engine we heard a "hello Kolibrie" from up top. Ben and Kristin from Windborne stopped by to say hi and brought over their extra washers from their manual bilge pump. They're from the west coast, and like us, found their boat out here - also a Bayfield 36 - located across the way in the Sailcraft Boat yard. They're getting her ready to take south sometime next week. It was nice to meet them & we hope to run into them along the way - we like their taste in boats LOL.

We ran through all the diagnostics 3-4 times for the chart plotter and after finding a blown fuse and replacing it (those came in today), and a loose wire and rewiring, rerunning the diagnostics one more time we decided that the gps antenna probably was the culprit and took Pete up on his offer to purchase one and try it out - if it works, we buy it from him, if not we pay him for his time and he keeps it for future work. We're having it sent out next day so it should be here some time tomorrow. Funny but I find while I'm in a hurry to head south to warmer weather, I'm not so much in a hurry to leave here. It looks like some weather is supposed to head in tonight and tomorrow too so who knows.

By the time we got everything reorganized and stopped working on the chart plotter, it was pretty much dark so I put together a chicken and rice bake for dinner - it wasn't bad but I probably wouldn't go out of my way for it again - I like Patti's better (the one with the cranberry and Catalina dressing) and think next time I'll use that one (yum).

Working on my website
11/11/2008, Oriental, NC

Today was a chance for me to try and figure out how to insert code into my web page so that it will show Google stuff. It's frustrating because every time I re-write and reorganize my web page, it still doesn't show up. I thought maybe it was because I was trying to view it on my own computer so kept running to the office to see if it came up on Linda's computer... after several days of trying to figure out what's wrong - it finally works! It showed up on Linda's computer! Internet Explorer doesn't like Netscape Composer's ftp I discovered. So success finally! I've managed to add google stuff to my web pages. I've been negligent on keeping up with my journaling while trying to work out the bugs on my website but have finally got those worked out- I guess I just needed time to sit at the computer and work it all out :0) While I had fun, I hope I didn't bug Linda to much (she's pretty cool). She does a lot in the office and seems to be quite the multi-tasker (a little of everything at once). Give that woman a raise!

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