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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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St Augustine
12/15/2008, Saint Augustine, Fl anchorage (29o53.314 x –081 18.463)

After showers we went into town again to find cards for the grandkids and walked over to the college and the fort. Flagler College, formerly a hotel, has a Spanish Renaissance style and includes 79 Tiffany stained glass windows and an electrical system that was designed for the building by Thomas Edison! The fort – Castillo de San Marcos dates back to 1672 - was continually shooting off its canons during the weekend and it was interesting to see the walls are made of coquina and tile. Beautiful stonework. The city itself, has beautiful architecture, dating back to the 1500’s and with all the little white lights at night, it positively glows. December is a good time to visit Saint Augustine. Going back into town toward evening to mail the cards and have dinner, we ran into Sea Sharp and The Dove at the dock. It was nice to chat with them both & sounds like we’re all planning on leaving tomorrow or the next day to go further south.

We ended up eating at a place called Scarlett Ohara’s. The place looked like it could have been set in Gone with the Wind. They had some beautiful portraits of the characters from the movies. We got to watch the news and eat in a Gone with the Wind décor.

St Augustine
12/14/2008, Saint Augustine, Fl anchorage (29o53.314 x –081 18.463)

Wow, sometime during the night it warmed up and instead of tugging for the blankets we were both throwing them on each other to get them off of our own bodies! Got up and it was already in the upper 60’s. Went up top with my coffee, without shivering, and really felt like I was in Florida.

After we finished having coffee, we went ashore (using our $10 dingy dock pass again) in search of a Winn Dixie store across the bridge. The Bridge of Lions is currently under construction and a temporary bridge spans the waterway while they rebuild the old one. It’s supposed to be a spectacular looking bridge that dates back to the twenties with a set of marble lions; paws balanced on spheres that guard each side of the bridge. The lions are currently in a warehouse until the bridge reconstruction is complete - so I never got to see them. But if we pass this way again – hopefully I’ll get to see them. After an almost mile walk, with no Winn Dixie in sight, I asked a lady that we passed if there was one there (we were in a residential area and it didn’t look right) and she said no, so the one that Mapquest said was there – wasn’t. She said there was a smaller one about 6 blocks down but it was more expensive, less stocked, and closed on Sundays. So we headed back across the bridge and went in search of the one that was a mile away from the City Marina. There were two that were outside of the old town – one about a mile away and another about 2 miles away that was next to a West Marine. Needless to say, we opted for the closer one and used the city map to try and find it. We ended up at the other one near West Marine and a shopping mall and before shopping decided we needed lunch so sat outside at a Checkers Burger place with pop, hotdogs and burgers before shopping.

In the store we met a couple that were also from Michigan. She noticed my Saugatuck T-shirt and stopped to chat with us (Laurel and Bob). They’re in the marina right down the block from here at Oyster Creek marina in a catamaran that is a bright yellow – called Sunburst. It’s funny because I saw them pass by when they came through the bridge and brought the boat to Wayne’s attention as they passed. They are also teachers from the Grand Rapids area and are heading south. I’ve never been on a catamaran before – I’m going to have to check one out one of these days, I can’t imagine what they’re like to sail, only that they’d be fast – probably handle much differently, but definitely faster than our little cork.

We called a taxi to take us back to the boat (thank goodness – I’d be crippled lugging the groceries back two miles, not to mention having the food get warm) and after putting the food away, I still wasn’t hungry after the two burgers so Wayne got the leftover pizza and tuna salad for dinner tonight. I feel my knee stiffening back up and aching and I’m sure Wayne’s feeling the walk today too…

Saint Augustine, Fl anchorage
12/13/2008, Tolamato River Anchorage (30o00.043 x –081 20.168) to Saint Augustine, Fl anchorage (29o53.314 x –081 18.463)

Watched the other boats leave the anchorage this morning. Jon Ray hailed us to thank us for our contact with Rapscallion before leaving which was very nice of them. Sounds like both of them are heading for Daytona Beach. We’re headed for Saint Augustine for fuel, groceries and to take in some of the town. It’s the oldest contiguous city in the U.S. and has quite a history.

We left the anchorage before 10:00 am and headed for Saint Augustine – one interesting note – the charts have everyone going on the inside part of red buoy 60 which guards a depth of 3 ft of water. Why? – I don’t know, but we ignored the chart and went around it. I guess quite a few people follow the chart and end up grounded (one would think that someone would fix the charts) but the only problem we had was the current – very strong currents.

We checked out the anchorage before the Lion’s Bridge (currently under construction) and figured the one on the other side might be better protected so went through the bridge at the ½ hour opening then headed for the fuel dock. The currents were incredible and I was running at 2000 rpms to get into the fuel dock and pull up without slamming into them. It was wild but we fueled up, pumped out and filled our water tanks. Chatting with the tender there was very informative – I learned a lot about the city, the fort, and his feelings on sailboats anchoring and staying. We talked about derelict boats and transients and I guess they really have a problem with people abandoning their boats. They sell them to others on the cheap for “waterfront property” and somewhere along the line, whoever owns them gets lost in the shuffle. I guess the marinas need to find the owners in order to get rid of the abandoned boats or something, but it sounds like a real problem. Trying to get off the docks was also an adventure. I had to gun it almost full throttle reverse with the back line acting as a spring line until the boat would move sideways off the dock, then throw it into forward straight at full throttle. What a rush – hope I don’t have to do that again any time soon. Interesting marina - the city dock, they sell you a key card to use the dingy dock and their showers for $10.00 a day (the shower facilities and laundry facilities are A-1 but for $10 I guess they should be).

After squaring away the boat, lowering the dingy and locking up, we headed into town in search of pizza. Tonight is the boat parade in Saint Augustine and I guess it’s a big deal, which is why it took us so long to find a place to anchor and then to actually anchor. The harbor is packed with boats and none of them are anchored the same way! Most had two anchors out and with the currents here and the crowds – we did the same to stay stationary. We walked into the old part of town, then down St. Georges street. The amount of stores and each one pretty unique was amazing. We found several pizza places and decided to eat at Pizzalley. Pretty good pizza and the interior reminded me of the old Library restaurant/pub in the U.P.

After pizza we wandered to the town plaza park (very prettily decorated for Christmas) and noticed all the people lining the waterfront for the boat parade. The boats were amazing with all their lights & I was frustrated trying to take pictures – I had to zoom in and in the dark had problems focusing and they all look blurry. We hadn’t dressed for the cool evening so went back to the boat and watched from there. Two large boats that were decorated were trapped on this side of the bridge and couldn’t make it over to the parade side (the bridge wouldn’t open for them). I felt sorry for them because they were decked out beautifully and the one would have been a contender to win the trophy. ¾ of the way through the parade, he gave up and left and there was quite a crowd on his boat too – what a disappointment…

We have wireless here – it comes and goes - but we have wireless as well as our cell phones so we checked out where the nearest grocery stores are. It looks like there’s one about a little less than a mile across the bridge and a couple on this side of the bridge about a mile or two away. So tomorrow is the search for groceries.

The town looks very pretty from the boat. It’s all lit up for Christmas…

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