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The First Mate's Journal
Where to next?

Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Kolibrie Shirts!
79 and sunny
12/27/2008, Titusville, FL

We opened our mail from Laura and what an awesome surprise! There were T-shirts in it with Kolibrie on it (first mate and captain). Laura - we love them - Thank you guys!!!

All day shopping in Orlando and Titusville - Lowes, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Walmart. Not much to talk about other than provisioning all day and trying to figure out where to put stuff! I got a food saver to preserve our meats and other perishables - most other boaters have recommended one and it seems to work pretty good! It creates a vacuum seal to prevent freezer burn, etc... We'll see.

Cape Coral Fl to Titusville Fl
12/26/2008, Back at the Titusville Municipal Marina

Friday, December 26, 2008

I'd have loved to have stayed another day but we needed to be off chasing life again. We made it to Tarpon Springs to go to Hot Wire for our Wind Generator (so we can make more energy without using fuel). Cute place - they were having some sort of festival at the sponge docks and by the time we got there and got the wind generator, we didn't have time to make it to Orlando so called ahead to let them know we'd be there Monday instead and stayed for an early dinner at the Lime and Coconut. They have a deadly Mojo Pork sandwich slathered with garlic so hopefully I didn't breath to much on Wayne after that! What a variety of sponges there were along the docks and storefronts. Off again to Titusville where they have signs posted all over the marina "Do not pet, feed or water the Manatees". Ah the allusive manatees - maybe I'll get to see one before we leave Titusville. I'm told that they hang out there in the lee part of the marina eating the sea grass that wash in there. Tomorrow we start shopping and provisioning while we have a car. Rumor has it that pop, beer, and well.... Everything... is more expensive there. So we'll buy as much as we can store on the boat before we head for the Bahamas. We also need to hook up the wind generator and do some minor repairs and boat work before heading offshore too but for right now we need to focus on buying anything heavy that we don't want to carry (while we have our wheels).

Christmas Group Shot
12/25/2008, Cape Coral, FL

Here's a group shot from Christmas. I had a terrific, loving day...

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