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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Transporation that's hard to beat!
01/06/2009, Vero Beach, FL

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wow - Vero Beach is much larger than I thought. They have everything here - shopping malls, theaters, you name it - it's here. The best part is the free bus service that stops at the marina and drops you off at various places along specific routes (like Walmart's, Sams, Target, Publix (groceries), Lowes, etc...). We weren't sure of the pattern so while waiting for the bus pickup I asked a couple of ladies how to get to West Marine and Lowes and got the scoop as well as an introduction to the bus driver who told us which bus to take where. While they were out of bus schedules, everyone was very helpful and friendly. It looks like most everything we want can be found by taking the number 1 or number 2 buses - very accommodating for cruisers! We went in search of the stainless bolts - first to Lowes and found quite a bit on our shopping list there but the bolts weren't the right size so we went to West Marine next and ordered some sanitary hose (for the macerator) checked out various things but still didn't find any bolts the correct size. The next delivery to the store is Saturday so it looks like we'll be here until then so we can get the macerator pump going.

After we got back to the marina we decided burgers and beer sounded pretty good so made a side stop at the Riverside Café before going back to the boat. I must say that their burgers are much better than their ribs and of course I got the cole slaw again (it's a winner).

Hurricane Kolibrie
01/05/2009, Vero Beach, Fl

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Spartite has to set for 48 hours before any load is put on the mast so the shroud lines are all still loose for the next couple of days to ensure that we have a tight fit between the mast and the deck coupler. Our next project - is the Kiss Wind Generator. We took it out of it's packaging and Wayne started going through the manual and notes. He got the main support for the wind generator cut but couldn't go any further because the bolts to mount it to the deck aren't included in the parts. So it looks like a trip to town tomorrow.

The inside of the boat looks like a hurricane hit. Everything had to be unloaded from the quarter berth (our garage) so Wayne could access the back part of the hull/toe railing to attach the generator and struts to the boat so there's very little room to walk or sit anywhere.

Tonights menu - grilled salmon, salad and rolls. I normally have spinach with the salmon but alas we have none. It was still a tasty meal (if I do say so myself). The spinach pie will have to wait until we go home again - I just can't do it on the boat...

No more leaky mast
78*, sunny and calm
01/04/2009, Vero Beach Mooring, FL

Sunday, Vero Beach Anchorage

It was a nice quiet day on the mooring. We spent the day working on the mast - stripping off the tape, cleaning off the silicon sealer, loosening then centering the mast and finally building the mold to put the Spartite into the mast collar. Theoretically this will seal the mast so we don't have a leaky mast. It will also help to keep it in the correct position. It seems like whenever we hit choppy water the mast wedges come out, so with the Spartite we shouldn't have this problem anymore. The directions read that it was a couple of hours job. It turned out to be a 4-hour job, with all the prep to get it ready. Overall it went pretty smoothly. In the picture I posted, it's the blue jell looking material sitting on/in the mast collar. Today was a perfect day to do it, not much wave action and very little wind to move the boat or mast so that the seal doesn't break. I may be able to keep my pans where they belong now when it rains, and my hand towels can be used for... well - hand towels as opposed to mopping up rainwater. LOL.

It feels weird to be caught up on my blog again, but right now we've got the generator going to charge up the batteries, so it's the perfect time to get on my computer and use the wireless. Tomorrow hopefully we can get to the wind generator.
Work, work, work...

Made pork chops for dinner with left over spaghetti and a small salad. Wayne said "it's to much - but - he ate it all LOL

01/07/2009 | allllisssssssa.
you've became quite the photographer, dear.
01/08/2009 | Jackie
WOW!! Love the shirts. Good idea LAUR!!

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