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The First Mate's Journal
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas
Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
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Haapppy Birthday Bill
Windchill in the 20s for us and -20s back home
02/05/2009, Ft Lauderdale, FL

It's days like this that I look at all the boats, with cockpit enclosures, and wish I had the gumption to make one for Kolibrie. I didn't want to get out from the covers in the worst way this morning, but get up I did. I put on the coffee, started the sweet rolls for breakfast, and then proceeded to de-package the beef, and beef broth, scramble the eggs, and chop up the green onions and beef for the fried rice I am going to make for dinner today. That way Wayne could dispose of the garbage when he went to take his morning shower.

I couldn't rouse Wayne from bed with the temptation of hot coffee this morning - all he'd say is where's the heat, where's the heat? I thought you were going to get up and turn on the heat. So I kicked on the switch to the heat, only it'd been so long since I'd last done that, I flipped the switch the wrong way (to vent) and wondered why, after 10 minutes, the air coming out wasn't warm. I then discovered the error and switched it the other way - but it wouldn't come on. I guess that's one way to get the Captain up. "The heat doesn't work!" He got up and turned the thermostat up a notch and that did the trick. Duhhhh... With temperatures in the 30s and wind chills in the 20s this morning, we both voted to stay another day, as opposed to standing up top and freezing our "everything" off to head for Miami. It's not like we're in a rush to get anywhere at this point (other than out of the cold streak that keeps following us down). Hey! I thought that these freezing temperatures didn't come down to S. Florida Wendell...

Well Bill - I see that it's colder where you are with wind chills 15-25 below zero so wish you were here on your birthday to take a walk on the beach. See those two empty beach chairs on Ft. Lauderdale's beach? One for you and one for Holly to sit and sip a pinacolada on your day... We hope it's a good one - stay warm (we'll try too), and Happy Birthday!

We took advantage of our extra day here to walk the beach again. It's really nice to see that they kept the beach area open and for public use. So many areas let people buy up the shoreline and fence it off so that only a very few people actually get to enjoy it (those that can afford to buy it). It's a very nice, clean area of sand and water with chaise lounges and umbrellas along the water. The sand stretches for miles and there are joggers and walkers that take advantage of the fresh air and salt water on one side of the road and other tourists that walk on the business side of the street visiting the tourist shops, shopping areas, restaurants and bars. The beach was pretty deserted today with only a few die-hards laying out, copping some sun. At a temperature that was a borderline 60*, it was too cold for the other 90% of the population.

Oh Hey Hannah! Just read our email and Congrats on your award! We have another budding artist in the family (upper 10% Wow)! Wish we could see the origami album - send us a pic!

Chicken stir-fry with beef fried rice for dinner and fresh fruit salad for later.

Cubans mmmm....
02/04/2009, Fort Lauderdale, FL

After making blueberry/raspberry muffins for breakfast we decided to catch the bus into town to buy some last minute groceries before heading off to Miami tomorrow. The trolley that drops you in front of the Publix doesn't run except on Thursdays to Sundays so we had to take the bus that stops about a ΒΌ of a mile from the mall. This means - I'm not buying a lot of heavy items... I love the Publix store here - it's in the middle of a large outdoor shopping mall that has Boater's World, Wine World and a host of other stores with a fountain in the middle of the parking lot. I definitely bought another Cuban sandwich and we had that for lunch once we got back to the boat. Mmmmmmm... I love a good sandwich and this one gets high marks on my sandwich meter!

They're setting up a large tented area in the parking lot of the marina for a Bill Fish tournament this weekend and it takes up most of the parking lot. I guess this marina has sponsored the tournament for several years so it should be quite busy here this weekend. Hopefully they'll have good weather for it - another cold front is moving into the area tonight and there are freeze warnings up all over the state (are you paying attention Wendell LOL? I can hear Laura laughing too). I watched them assemble part of the tent while doing laundry. They have an awesome laundry facility here with plenty of washers and driers and large folding tables. They actually have very nice and secure facilities here. You'd expect that though since they cater to the mega-yachts.

Steaks, salad and French bread for dinner along with some TV news and reading before bed. I have time for a computer game or two too LOL.

Beach Walking/People Watching
02/03/2009, Ft Lauderdale, FL

We followed the wiring and cleaned the terminals to the wind instrument under the floor, in the bilge and to the instruments hoping to get it working again but to no avail. We still can't get it to give us a reading - frustrating... Then we went for a walk along the beach. They have a beautiful beach walkway here and I was taking pictures left and right. The weather is rather nice for walking and there were a lot of people taking advantage of the weather to lie out or sit about the beach area. You could pretty much tell who the tourists were though - the ones in the water and laying out in their swimsuits (or lack of swimsuits). The majority of the beach people were fully clothed with windbreakers or long pants/shirts. This is a great place to people watch - both sides of the street! Along the outdoor restaurants/bars people were sitting with the largest sized margaritas I've ever seen in an amazing array of colors too - We're talking fishbowl-sized drinks! And the smells of food - ribs, pizza, Greek food, Italian, seafood, such tantalizing smells that beckon you to come and sit - enjoy...

When we finally got back to the boat - it was tidying time. It's amazing how quickly things get put out of sorts on the boat but it's starting to look livable again. It's always a chore to get something because no matter what you look for it's always the thing buried the farthest, or packed the deepest. That means the boat becomes a shambles to get to anything until you're done with it and can put it away. I never realized what good packers we are until we had to unpack things to get to others .

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