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Kruising with the Kostas
La Paz
George Kosta
01/22/2012, La Paz

Spending the days walking and eating around town and seeing some crazy sites! Tuesday, we will probably go to the island closest to La Paz for a few days with our friends Dana and Micah on Audacious and will most likely not have internet. We have been having a good time chiecking out La Paz.

01/22/2012 | Ron Bolton
Looks like you guys are having some great fun.
How perfect to meet up with other cruising friends. "La Paz on line" looks like there's some killer beaches / anchorages nearby. Take lotsa pics. Aloha..... I mean adios !!!
Muertos to La Paz
George Kosta
01/18/2012, La Paz

Had a good time in Muertos with cruising friends Daniel on Trilogy and Micah and Dana on Audacious. For 3 days in a row we went to have lunch together at a restruant and hotel on the beach and had nice long walks on the the wide white beach. When we first went to the hotel to check it out, we accidently walked into a " house " at the hotel with the family sitting outside under a large palapa....we thought it was the hotel bar and were ready to order fish tacos and margaritas! the people were from Nebraska and were used to cruisers making the mistake. We had a lot of wind , 20kts, daily and so waited for it to ease up and then took off at 3am for La Paz. Had a very relaxing ride up the Ceralvo channel up to La Paz. We got a slip at Marina Palmira for the week and yesterday went into town and met up with friends Pete and Kathy from San Diego for lunch. Dana and Micah joined us for carne asada tacos and margaritas, it was great. Today, Linda and I will go into town to find some fish tacos and beers, ummmmm.

01/19/2012 | Ron Bolton
Glad you guys can stay put for a while. Looks like great weather. Let the vacation begin !!!
02/25/2012 | Leslie Emery
remembering womderful times aboard Sunbreak!
Los Frailes then Muertos
George Kosta
01/12/2012, Muertos

Went to Los Frailes for a couple days and aborted two attempts at crossing over to Mazatlan because of too much wind and waves. Decided to go north to Muertos 55mi then onto La Paz another 55mi or so after that. Made it to Muertos in 8hr at night to avoid too much wind and waves. Very tired when we got here at 7am and it was a rocky ride all the way and cold. Looks like we may stay in the Sea of Cortez for the season instead of going down the coast of the mainland as we started late and took a long time to come down the Baja coast. Took a nap when we pulled in and then had lunch a a very nice palapa resturant on shore with some cruisers we met at Los Frailes. It was great to meet and talk with them. We will wait for good weather to make the 9hr trip to La Paz. Lot's of small Manta rays jump out of the water all the time.

01/13/2012 | Chris Dempsey
Its so great to see your trip unfolding in to what you dreamed of! I would love to untie and sail down to meet you in the Sea of Cortez, I think I could get lost there for a couple of years!
01/13/2012 | Pete n Kathie
The northers have been frequent this winter, here in the Sea. The good news is that we'll see you when you arrive in La Paz Kathie just returned from a short trip back to San Diego. We look forward to seeing the two of you!
01/16/2012 | Brett Hiltscher
Hey You Two...

Trying to give Mom a stroke?? Better send an update before she sends the Coast Guard after you guys??

Hope all is well.

01/18/2012 | Moe
Linda & Geo. -- please give us an update with pix of u both. We just want to hear ur latest great experiences!!! Luv u, Sis
Onto Mazatlan
George Kosta
01/07/2012, what ever

We go to Los Frailes tomorrow apx 40mi equals about 6hr which puts us on the east side of Baja. Then we will make the 165mi trip to Mazatlan on the mainland. At least the full moon is happening which makes it a lot less scary so we will update in a couple days about 3 actually. Does anyone know of any Winnabago sales jobs out there? Had a lobster dinner tonight. 25usd each. It was OK. Cabo has become noisy with disco music at 1am and now at 8:45 a pontoon party boat that came back but still has a noisy generator running, ugh. Time to go back to the void.

01/09/2012 | Stephan Boatin
What? Leaving party town Cabo so soon? Is it really the journey, not the destination? :-)
Red skies at night!
George Kosta
01/06/2012, Cabo

Well , we finally were able to leave Abreojos after our aborted attempt in the 30knt winds and big waves with water spraying all over the place, ugh! It had still been real windy in the morning and then one morning, I noticed the hatch above the bed was wet, signaling that the Santa Ana was over, so we were able to leave after being in this area for 6 nights! We headed for our next stop, Bahia San Juanico, 60mi south which took about 10hrs. Just before we arrived, I caught my first Yellowtail about 10lbs. We had some nice meals from it and the best ceviche ever! It was a nice place with some Americans living there but we had no internet service which seemed odd since we had it at some remote spots. Went into town a couple times and walked down the beach to look at a crazy beached whale boat. Had good surf there which attracts some of the Americans. Finally time to head to Mag Bay and the anchorage just 20mi north of it , Bahia Santa Maria about 95mi south. Since this was going to be a long one, we left about 2am so we would get there before dark. Well, we were disoriented trying to leave the bay in the dark, going in circles for a while, then got out on the ocean and were uncomfortable in the pitch blackness but finally got under way. Finally the sun came up making everything feel better, but a thick fog came in which lasted till noon, quite errie. I saw a blip on the radar and sure enough, a panga was out fishing in pea soup fog 10mi out from shore, crazy! I think we sailed for awhile but not long as the wind changed. We pretty much have motored all the way down. Since we left a little late and the distance was long to enter the bay and clear a nearby point/island, the sun set and it was completely dark as we were entering this large 10mi across bay. We were worried about running over a lobster pot float and getting it tangled in the prop as almost every bay we had been to had them when you got close and some are hard to see. So for the next 6mi ( 2hr at reduced speed ) we had spotlights in hand and using radar and chartplotter to see land and anything that may be in the way, very nerveracking! Oh, and at some places in Mexico, the charts in the chartplotter are not correct and you have to rely on the radar more so. Luckily the radar and the chartplotter were in agreement. Finally we heard surf and anchored 1/4mi from shore in 35ft to play it safe. When we woke up in the morning it was socked in fog, couldn't even see shore. We didn't go ashore here but it was another pretty, but desolate place. Nice sand dunes on shore though. Had to stay another day to avoid the fog. Next stop a short hop to the inside of Mag Bay to a spot called Belcher's Point which used to be a whaling center. Now there are pangas and tent's on shore for the fishermen to stay in. Also some old building remnants from a phosphorus plant which looked like stonehenge from the boat. We went ashore for a good long walk and got some shells and saw a dead dolphin on the beach. Caught a bunch of puffers which are posionous, luckily we didn't eat them! Had some foggy days here also and had to wait another day to make the long non-stop overnight trip to Cabo. We were running out of food also. Finally took off for Cabo at 6am which would get us there around 10am the following day. Had mild conditions motoring in the day and then night came. We were planning on having the moonlight help out but there were clouds blocking it most of the time and then it set around 2am. Now it was total blackness so I brought the tv/dvd player up to the cockpit and we watched Seinfeld episodes almost the whole 12hr while checking the radar every 15min. Neither of us slept so we were up apx 28hr. Getting close to Cabo, the sun rose which changes everything and we were so excited to be close to Cabo and people and food and drink and a boatyard. There were three cruise ships in the bay and it was so crowded coming into the harbor it really was a joke, insane. The engine had been running a bit hot lately and using more oil. I added about 16oz on the trip down to Cabo but as I found out when I checked it today, it was very low on oil. There is a boatyard here and I had a mechanic take off the exaust elbow, clean it out as it was fairly plugged up and he ran a rod in the heat exchanger to clean it out which should really help out with the overheating and also the oil usage. We were lucky to get it fixed so soon. I sat in on bongos with a really good Mexican band last night and it was really fun. Now we are trying to decide where to go next. Either up the inside baja coast to La Paz, or head across the sea of Cortez another over nighter, and get to the mainland and start heading south. I am really not looking forward to another overnighter but the moon is getting full so it will be brighter and will stay up longer, all night, so there is that to figure in. Cabo sure is a fun crazy place, party city. All the colorful buildings around the marina look cool. Kinda like Monaco, although I don't know what Manaco looks like. Doing laundry today, changed engine oil and coolant. Still haven't had a lobster yet but may here but prices are high, apx 40us a piece. See pic gallery and leave comments

01/06/2012 | Stephan and Lesa
Woohoo! So glad you weathered the stormy weather and are enjoying Cabo!
01/06/2012 | abba
What a fantastic dream adventure you are on!!
Thanks for all the great photos and comments-
youare very special and I am vicariously enjoying your journey - love to both of you - abba
01/06/2012 | Ron Bolton
All Right Now...... you made it .... YyyyeeeHhhhaaa!!! You're in fishermans paradise...... enjoy it you guys. Luv dreamin' along with your reality. YoHoHo ........
01/06/2012 | Rita
Yes we wondered why there was no communication for awhile. Sounds like an exciting trip. We are sending regards from our family trip in Hawaii which unfortunately ends tonite!!! Keep us posted on your travels. Have fun!!

01/06/2012 | Cindy
I finally have had the time to read your blog! The pics are incredible. I have been to the Caribbbean, Miami, Chicago and Minnesota since November...not as exciting as your trip...but the big news is that I am going to be a Grandma - its a boy!.
I am tracking you and will write again. It's been in the 80s here with 15 ft waves today - closed OB pier. Completing a remodel of my upstairs so when you come back we really need to have the pierogi party. Man, I found some great sausage in Chicago and MN both! So, you two, we love and miss you and keep writing!!!
01/06/2012 | Yael & Gerry
Amazing adventures you're having- do you think you'll do this forever? Hope the fun continues. Take care & be well.
01/07/2012 | Moe
Cabo--Cabo--Cabo!!!!!!!! So glad to hear from u two. It was great & yet a little scary hearing all that u experienced so far. Wow, grand memories. Nice yellowtail Geo. Just got home to Fl. yesterday, Bev picked me up from airport, John has bad bout with the gout, in the right knee, Yuch!! Luv to u both Moe
01/07/2012 | Blair Frater
Woohoo! After the spell in the no contact zone I bet you are glad to be back in civilization... no? After some of your "lonely" anchorages tho... Cabo must seem like a zoo! Congratulations... you've made the first big leap!
01/07/2012 | Bev
Oola, I knew you were safe. Did not even worry one bit. The way you are, George, you never take shortcuts or are unprepared! Isn't that right, Linda? Wow, $40 for a lobster! $18.99 down here on Lobster Nights at local restaurants.
STILL at Abreojos
George Kosta
12/26/2011, same

Well, we didn't leave our beach anchorage at Areojos yet as it was too windy again this morning so we didn't want to chance getting beaten up again. High clouds are moving in so I think the Santa Ana is weakening and I'm pretty sure we will leave tomorrow 6am. This is a nice spot though, deserted beach with the sound of the surf and not much rolling so we have actually slept well the last 2 nights! Felt tropical today also which was nice. On with the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

12/27/2011 | Ron Bolton
Hey Guys ........ Water temp in Cabo is 73 today !!!
A few more days & you'll be in warm clear water.
What a great adventure to bring in the New Year.
Happy Sailing.......
12/28/2011 | Moe
Hi guys, Merry X-mas & Happy New Year!!! Cabo will look soooo good won't it??!! Sorry, but I gave Bev ur blog 2 times I don't know what happened. All is good now. We had a super X-mas with g-kids & John left t-day. Keep pix coming & all news. Luv Moe
12/28/2011 | Brett Hiltscher
Hi Linda & George,

Sorry I was gone when you called over at Moms. I hope you both had a Merry Christmas and were able to get the alcohol rations back up to snuff. George as you know by now.... My sister is nobody's dream date without alcohol to take the edge off. Like being locked in a cage with a pissed off bobcat I'll bet?? (just joking sis).

All is well on the home front except Mom and I both caught the cold from one of the Grandkids.... But it was worth it to get to see Olivia. She has really got big is a very happy baby. Looks like the Gerber Baby. I didn't get to see Kellys kids as I was at work when they stopped in.

I'm anxious to try this SKYPE again. Doesn't seem to work all that well? I thought that was supposed to work any place??

Gotta go. Hope your having a great time. Linda have George include a picture of you once in a while in your Blog.

Talk to you soon hopefully,

Love Your Brother Brett
12/29/2011 | Pete & Kathie Mirrasoul
It's December 29th and we are checking your blog to see where you are. We're guessing you're taking advantage of the break in the weather to make your way towards Cabo San Lucas. We look forward to meeting up with you sometime soon. Hope you have a safe and memorable New Year!
12/29/2011 | Jay Leavitt
Looks like you're having a great time. Most delicious photos, indeed.
12/30/2011 | Bev
Had a memorable time with kk and fam. Left yesterday. Drove straight thru. Red bull. Hope you guys are ok. XXXXX,sis
01/01/2012 | Moe
Hello, can't wait to hear ur latest news. Hope u have smooth sailing into Cabo. Took g-kids to see Zookeeper, great pix. With Matt Damon, also Moneyball was SUPER!! We had a nice dinner to celebrate James & Missy's engagement. Luv u Moe
01/02/2012 | Dave
So whats 30kts? Wind is from the NW right? Leave your main down & just roll out your jib and go. Ahhhh I bet your from windless SD. Abreojos is normally the windest spot along that coast. As you move further down it should ease up.

OMG Cabo stay away it will suck the pesos right out of your pocket!!!

Good luck

01/03/2012 | Moe
Hello u adventurers, please post something so we all know all is well. Luv moe
01/06/2012 | Stephan
Are you in Cabo yet?

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