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Kruising with the Kostas
Carnaval in La Paz
George Kosta
02/21/2012, La Paz

Had some fun watching the parade at the Carnaval which goes on for like 5 days. Tonight is the last night and it will be nice to not hear the bands playing until 2am. We had a good time watching the parade with everyone on the floats dancing including me! One more week here and we head up north to Loreto with friends Dana and Micah on Audatious. After that, we need to think about how to get the boat home. We may truck it up from San Carlos as doing the " Bash " up the coast against the wind and current isn't too appealing to say the least.

02/26/2012 | Ron Bolton
George ......... is that you with the blue hair ?
Man ... that anchorage looks beautiful. Glad to hear you found a solution to get the boat home.
Happy Sailing Guys !!!
03/03/2012 | Moe
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA, what a great way to celebrate!!!!!! Miss u guys, have fun!!,
Whale watching/harrasing
George Kosta
02/12/2012, La Paz area

We went on a tour, a 3hr drive to the Pacific side of Baja to a lagoon to see the whales and their calves that they recently birthed. Here are the pics, I have mixed feeling about this as even though we were able to get close to the mothers and their calf, I couldn't help but feel that we were bothering them. At times , it seemed that we were between the mother and the calf in our small boat which usually in the animal world is a huge No No. They didn't tip any boat over and our guide assured us that all was OK. It was amazing to be so close to such a large and different kind of animal, I must say. It definately widenes your view on the wildlife on this planet. You don't see these 35ft beings at Sea World....thank God for that.

02/14/2012 | Ron Bolton
Hi Guys...Luv the shot of mom holding baby. It is cool to see up close but I know what you mean about "interference". Hows the water temp for snorkeling? ...... Happy Sailing .....
more bay hopping at Espiritu Santos and Isla Partida
George Kosta
02/05/2012, La Paz area island

We continued anchoring at different bays on these two islands just north of La Paz and had a great time. Went on hikes, out in the dinghy and kayak. Caught another Bonita and a porcipine fish which I could not get the lure out of, it's spines were sticking out and I thought it was going to put a hole in the dinghy. We spent about a week out there and now are back at a marina in La Paz. Went to a beach that had thousands of small fiddler crabs. They looked like a army storming the beach. Walked in the best sand ever as it was powdery and your foot would sink about 3in in it and carress your foot like a massage. Went kayaking close to some cliffs and saw big blue queenfish, bright red crabs and a bright red big starfish. The Carnival days ( 5 ) start here on the 16th so that should be fun. I think they close off a lot of the streets in town. Still have not had a very good fish taco. Best still is Mitch's in San Diego by far! Be sure to see pic gallery and leave a comment.

02/05/2012 | Ron Bolton
Caught a big rock fish like that once.... it was as big as a bolder ...... must of weighed a ton.... tasted like dirt however. Man .... the beaches look
incredible. What an adventure you guys are on.
Happy exploring.
02/05/2012 | Dave
The 2 best fish tacos in La paz.

1. Across the street from Allende books. Open for lunch only. Its a street taco stand and many times sell out by 2pm. On the corner

2. 8 blocks up the street from Rancho Viejas (up the street from marina de La Paz) on the same side of the street. Also only open for lunch. It all SS tables and counters. HUGE pieces of fish, shrimp and clams tacos. YUM
02/07/2012 | rita seidman
so nice to see your photos. looks like you are having a wonderful trip. enjoy.
02/13/2012 | Susan Beaupeurt
George and Linda, looks like you are having a fab time! I spent a month down in La Paz on a 50ft sailboat w/ friends who were going to cruise around the world (in my 20's).....Fun times! That is a mellow place to be! Have Fun....Suz
Georgie caught a Porgy
George Kosta
01/28/2012, La Paz/Bahia San Gabriel

Well, we still have internet even though we are in a bay on an island about 20mi from La Paz. We are leaving today, Saturday to go to another bay further up to hopefully have better protection from the nightime 20kt winds that came from the S last night. We rocked like crazy all night long! I did catch a couple fish from the boat though. One was the Porgie which is good eating and the other was a bass-like fish called a Cabrilla. We had them for brunch. Our friends Dana and Micah on Audacious and Linda and I went for a long 3mi hike to the other side of the island to Bonanza cove. It was like being in the desert on the way there and we were very glad to get back to the boat. When we got back to our dinghys, the tide went out so we had to drag them quite a ways to the water. Luckily, we have wheels on ours that helped out. Had a beautiful sunset and went down below. Soon after, the winds changed direction and blew hard all night. VERY unerving! So today we go up to a different anchorage at Caleta Partida which should have better protection. We may not have internet at the next bay.

01/28/2012 | Ron Bolton
Looks beautiful guys !!! Luv the color of the water. The adventure continues ...... enjoy
02/02/2012 | Ellen
Cool Gorge... I want fresh fish!! Say hi to Linda!
La Paz
George Kosta
01/22/2012, La Paz

Spending the days walking and eating around town and seeing some crazy sites! Tuesday, we will probably go to the island closest to La Paz for a few days with our friends Dana and Micah on Audacious and will most likely not have internet. We have been having a good time chiecking out La Paz.

01/22/2012 | Ron Bolton
Looks like you guys are having some great fun.
How perfect to meet up with other cruising friends. "La Paz on line" looks like there's some killer beaches / anchorages nearby. Take lotsa pics. Aloha..... I mean adios !!!
Muertos to La Paz
George Kosta
01/18/2012, La Paz

Had a good time in Muertos with cruising friends Daniel on Trilogy and Micah and Dana on Audacious. For 3 days in a row we went to have lunch together at a restruant and hotel on the beach and had nice long walks on the the wide white beach. When we first went to the hotel to check it out, we accidently walked into a " house " at the hotel with the family sitting outside under a large palapa....we thought it was the hotel bar and were ready to order fish tacos and margaritas! the people were from Nebraska and were used to cruisers making the mistake. We had a lot of wind , 20kts, daily and so waited for it to ease up and then took off at 3am for La Paz. Had a very relaxing ride up the Ceralvo channel up to La Paz. We got a slip at Marina Palmira for the week and yesterday went into town and met up with friends Pete and Kathy from San Diego for lunch. Dana and Micah joined us for carne asada tacos and margaritas, it was great. Today, Linda and I will go into town to find some fish tacos and beers, ummmmm.

01/19/2012 | Ron Bolton
Glad you guys can stay put for a while. Looks like great weather. Let the vacation begin !!!
02/25/2012 | Leslie Emery
remembering womderful times aboard Sunbreak!

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