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Kruising with the Kostas
Concepcion to Santa Rosalia
George Kosta
04/06/2012, Santa Rosalia

After catching all those fish in Escondido and getting our windless fixed, we headed back north once again. We went to Ballandra once again and then finally to Concepcion for a few days. Ate at some nice palapa resturants and watched the jet skis go by. It is a big holiday week so a lot of families were camped out on the beaches. Had a few windy days but not bad. Didn't catch anything to mention. Continued on to Rosalia with a stop at a nice long beach that Linda and I along with our friends Dana and Micah on Audacious had a great beach bonfire party. We all collected drift wood for the fire and had hotdogs cooked over the fire. The beach had tons of shell pieces and rocks that had been polished from the wave action over time. A full moon rose at 7pm and it was amazing. After we went back to our boats around 9pm, we could hear dolphin feeding near the boats. You could hear them exhale when they came up and see there dorsal fins in the moonlight. What a night! Now we are in Santa Rosalia and walked around town a bit. It has all this big machinery around from when they used to mine copper here. Trolled all the way here with no luck. View Photos

04/10/2012 | John Meyer
We also enjoyed the dock party and meeting you both. The overnight from Santa Rosalia was like sailing on a Mill Pond, only the slightest of a breeze. It took 14 hours.
John & Anita Meyer
04/13/2012 | Ellen
You guys are killing me... Please, please come back to SD and rescue me from this dungeon!!!
Back on course
George Kosta
03/29/2012, Ballandra 16mi N of Escondido

We went back to Escondido to get our windlass motor fixed and all went well. anchor there in the bay, I caught some of the best fish yet on this trip!
I caught two 6lb red snappers, one 6lb Corvina, and this morning, a 10lb Sierra which is one of the best fish for ceviche. I got it on a light tackle outfit and it was quite a fight! At one point , it took out almost all the line and I thought I would lose it. What a great fish and some will be fish tacos tonight and Linda is making fresh corn tortillas right now. Holy Cow. See the pics. So now we are headed north once again before returning to La Paz. This has been some of the best times yet. View Photos

03/30/2012 | Miff Laracy
Wow, what an adventure and an inspiration you guys are. Fun to see what you're up to. All the best - Miff
04/01/2012 | BRETT HILTSCHER
04/06/2012 | Hilbre
Welcome to Santa Rosalia. We are also on sailblogs.
John & Anita Meyer
La Paz to Loreto
George Kosta
03/23/2012, Puerto Ballendra

We left La Paz to go to Isla San Francisco and a couple of more stops then to Escondido for a few days. Had one very windy/gusty night there. Went to Mission Javier outside of Loreto so see the pics. Just working our way north up the coast and at islands. Still haven't been in the cool water but at the next bay there is a half sunken tuna boat that should be fun to explore! View photos.

03/27/2012 | Ron Bolton
Great Pics Guys. Isla S.F. looks amazing.
Happy Sailing !!!!
Further up the Sea
George Kosta
03/12/2012, La Paz

Finally, we are leaving today to go up North into the Sea of Cortez heading for Loreto and possibly Santa Rosalia. There are a lot of places to stop along the way and we are excited to get going after waiting out the strong winds that have prevented us from leaving. We might not internet for about a week hense no posts. The weather is warming up which is nice but the water is still around 70 and we haven't been in it yet. Hope to be catching more fish too as the water warms but now that our freezer is fixed, we have tons of food for this leg of the trip. Then we come back to La Paz by April 24 to get it ready for the delivery and our flight out on the 28th. View more photos

03/13/2012 | Mike & Diane Cook
Hola from CCYC! Feliz cumpleanos to you both! When Mike turned 60 he said "let's sell everything and buy a boat" & here we are happily aboard the Millennium Falcon! Glad you are safe. See you next month! M & D
03/14/2012 | Capitan Tapio
Happy Birthday from southern Costa Rica!!!!! Sounds like you are giving up the lifestyle??? Are you sure? Well, anyways I am happy that you made it down the coast sound and safe. We are getting close to Panama ... right now as illegal aliens in CR ( not worth checking in :)) .... Let me know where you are in SD and I ll come and say hi this summer when I visit .... - Pirata Tapio
Still in La Paz
George Kosta
03/04/2012, La Paz

Well, another Norther is coming down the sea in a few days and it looks like it's going to be a big one so we are still not heading north to the Loreto area. I guess this is a bad year for Northers which actually come from high pressure over the 4 corners area in the US where Arizona and Utah meet. We certainly have had our share of winds that prevent us from going anywhere on this trip! Yesterday was Linda's birthday, and tomorrow is mine. I'll be 60 yikes. We had a nice lazy day on her's and I made her a couple Bloody Marys and we went to the Farmer's Market where vendors gather on Tuesday and Saturday to sell foods and breads and jewerly etc. Luckily, the "Hummus Lady" was there as Linda loves her hummus. Last two times she didn't show up which was a big dissapointment. We watched Johnny Carson DVD,s later, they're great. Tomorrow we will go to the anthropology museum which should be fun, then find a place to eat and have margaritas, woohoo. We decided to hire a couple to deliver our boat back to San Diego. There is no way we want to do it, WAY too far and it's against the wind and current. They call it the Baja Bash. We will fly to LA on April 28th and stay with Linda's brother Matt. Make sure to see new pics in the photo gallery and leave a comment! View more photos

03/04/2012 | Yael & Gerry
Happy Birthday Linda and big Happy 60th to you George!! What an adventure for you guys! Best wishes from both of us.
03/05/2012 | Sis, Moe
HAPPY 60 th Georgie!!!! What a gorgeous photo. So glad u guys have found a couple to bring back your baby. Cheers to u both. Snowing here in Va. Luv ya!!!
03/08/2012 | Ron Bolton
HAPPY B-DAY GUYS. Looking forward to seeing "Kruising With The Kostas" full length movie when you get back. Happy Sailing !!!
03/12/2012 | Doug & Claudia
So sorry to have missed wishing you two a Happy Birthday -- So... Happy Belated Birthday's! Better late than never, right...
Love that sunset pic !
04/13/2012 | Ellen
George, I would like to paint this photo with your permission... soooo beautiful!!! Say hi to Linda and tell her to EMAIL me. It's HER turn!
Carnaval in La Paz
George Kosta
02/21/2012, La Paz

Had some fun watching the parade at the Carnaval which goes on for like 5 days. Tonight is the last night and it will be nice to not hear the bands playing until 2am. We had a good time watching the parade with everyone on the floats dancing including me! One more week here and we head up north to Loreto with friends Dana and Micah on Audatious. After that, we need to think about how to get the boat home. We may truck it up from San Carlos as doing the " Bash " up the coast against the wind and current isn't too appealing to say the least.

02/26/2012 | Ron Bolton
George ......... is that you with the blue hair ?
Man ... that anchorage looks beautiful. Glad to hear you found a solution to get the boat home.
Happy Sailing Guys !!!
03/03/2012 | Moe
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA, what a great way to celebrate!!!!!! Miss u guys, have fun!!,

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