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s/v Kristali's Sailing Adventures
Who: Steve & Connie
Port: Palm Bay, Florida
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Rally to Thompson Bay
Sunny, NNW 17
03/08/2014, Sand Dollar

Now that the regatta is over, there is one more rally to Long Island. Steve and I opted not to go, because we were just there. Long Island Breeze was the destination. There were 60 boats plus leaving the Harbour. Some of our friends were going and we said Bon voyage! Hopefully we will see them again as we head north.

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Greet and Meet
Windy W 15; wavy
03/07/2014, Sand Dollar Beach

It's another Meet and Greet at Sand Dollar! More ladies from Women Who Sail and their mates got together on a very windy and wavy afternoon. Most of the ladies were going on the rally to Long Island tomorrow. It was nice for them to meet each other before their trip. These get togethers are so nice because we are meeting each other in a small informal setting. Everyone gets to share and learn about each other's stories.

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Electronics Seminar/Dominoes
03/06/2014, Chat 'n Chill

Thursday morning - a special electronics seminar and Dominoes! What a deal! I get to play Dominoes while Steve learns more about electronics.

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Batelco and Immigration
03/03/2014, Georgetown, Exuma

A busy day - We wanted to change our SIM card in our I-phone so that we could use it in the Bahamas. It was explained to us that our I-phone was unlocked and we could easily obtain a Bahamas SIM card to give us access to the internet by using the cell towers here. We purchased the card and made the change. We now can get our necessary weather information from Passage Weather, Windfinder and couple of others. We would now have access to them everywhere except for the Exuma Land and Sea Park where there are no towers.

Getting this SIM card was more reasonable tham the Bahamas subscription service WI-FI. And we could get 2 GB data for $30/month. So we checked that box.

Next, was the immigration renewal.

The old immigration office where we checked in 14 years ago had been changed. The pink building is now the police station. Next, we thought it was the green building across from the town dock. No, wrong again. We discovered it is located near the Batelco office. So we back tracked and found the immigration office next to the Scotia Bank, upstairs on the second floor, all the way to the south end of the building.

Once the paperwork was completed and our passports were stamped, we felt relieved. We have another 90 days and we are free to sail the waters again.

Oh, made a quick stop at the grocery store and Steve purchased some Dark Myer's Rum at the liquor store, to make his new favorite drink, The Dark and Stormy.

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Meeting Halekai
03/02/2014, Chat 'n Chill, Volleyball Beach

After lunch Steve and I stopped by Chat 'n Chill and met the folks aboard Halekai - Nancy and Burger Zapf. Also seated at the table were Mary and Christian Verlaque (I Wanda), Chelsea (Cignet) and Dave and Sue Torgersen (Sans Cles). After sailing some 30 years we had never met these commodores and now we are sharing wonderful conversations and information to add to our data banks. All of these cruisers are active SSCA members and offer their expertise to cruisers everywhere. We all had a very enjoyable afternoon. As we walked around we also saw Curt and Kathy Barth (five and Dime) and I introduced Nancy to them. So let's see five commodores in Elizabeth Harbor all at the same time. I can remember back in 2000, we didn't see any commodores until we were deep into the Caribbean.

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Boats, Boats and More Boats
Sunny, N 15
03/01/2014, Elizabeth Harbor

Looking around the harbor we noticed there were more boats than ever! They seemed to be anchored all the way across the harbor, except for the channel. Unbelievable! We thought there would be fewer boats because the regatta was over. Several boats had moved over to Sand Dollar anchorage including Sans Cles. They had just spent time in Cat Island visiting the monastery and watching a rake 'n scrape band.

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