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38' Island Packet cutter rigged sailboat - sailed 20,000 nautical miles from New England to the Bahamas. Now with new owners Tim & Susan Tiefenbach
Camden, ME N44° 12.550' W69° 03.746'
07/22/2008, 44 12.550N 69 03.746W

Departed Boothbay Harbor at 0600 and arrived at Camden at 1600. It was an easy trip, albeit cold. It is amazing how much cooler it is out on the ocean than in the harbors. 58° water temps will do that! Air temp was in the low 60's and a breeze coming across the water had us both in fleece/sweaters and wind breakers. Not enough wind to sail again today, so motored all the way. Funny, but since we left the Chesapeake Bay, we have had very few pure sailing opportunities. That is a surprise to me. Not sure if that is just the way it works or if the weather patterns are not working in our favor.

We saw a few porpoises and a couple of seals again today, but that was about it. Read about a couple of islands near Camden that were supposed to have a lot of seals hanging around (Reynold's Rock and Goose Island) so we detoured there before coming into the harbor, but nothing but a bunch of gulls. We arrived at high tide (up 10+ feet), so am guessing that had something to do with it - no place for the seals to lounge around.

We are planning to stay in Camden at least through Friday, and maybe depart as late as Sunday for Bar Harbor. Some of this is due to weather, and some to possibly meet Nikki's brother(s) up here for the weekend. My dear friend Rolanda who lives here has graciously offered her home (laundry and a bed on land that does not move) and we are going to take her up on it. Thanks Rolanda!!!!!!

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Boothbay Harbor, ME N43° 50.828' W69° 37.990'
07/20/2008, 43 50.828N 69 37.990W

We left Portland (I forgot to list the coordinates in the last update: N43° 39.825' W70° 14.352') at 1000 after taking on fuel and water and travelled the 35nm in good time arriving here at 1600. It was a grey day all day, foggy, and rained a fair amount. The ride was a bit lumpy and the boys weren't crazy about it, plus it was motoring all day, so they did not seem to enjoy the sound of the engine anymore than I do. But once we arrived, all was well and Rocky was back to kicking Spike's little ass. After less than 2 days, Nikki has them doing their business on a pee pad nearly all the time, which is huge.

We saw our first whale today near Halfway Rock (N43° 38.715' W70° 03.075'), about 20 nm southwest of here. Not sure what it was, but it was BIG. Even though the weather was crappy, it was a wildlife viewing kind of day, as we saw 5 harbor seals and some very small porpoises we think are harbor porpoises, based on what we have been able to research on the Internet.

Tropical Storm Cristobal is climbing up the coast and will probably slide by just east of us on Tuesday. There is a weather system coming from the west that is actually giving us the business more than Cristobal, and we plan to spend the next couple of nights here, and possibly head to Camden (50 nm) Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the weather. We will use tomorrow as an opportunity to take the boys ashore and get reacquainted with terrafirma.

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Portland, ME Meet Spike and Rocky! N43° 39.825' W70° 14.352'
07/18/2008, 43 39.825N 70 14.352W

No, they are not parrots, as surmised by some of you. These little guys are Maltese, and they are 9 weeks old, about 2 pounds each, and will get to about 5 pounds. Don't eat much, don't poop and pea much, very friendly, and don't shed fur, and the size seems about right for a boat. We wanted to get a pair so they can keep each other company. Nikki found them on the Internet, and came from Judy and Richard Bolduc in Lewiston, ME. They brought them to us in Portland this afternoon. So no matter where we go, we will have a little piece of Maine with us at all times. They are really cute. We decided to give them names that sound like they are tough guys (they are both boys) even though they are so tiny. Rocky (Nikki's choice) hit the ground running and doesn't seem to be phased much by his new surroundings, which includes a rocking boat in the middle of a thunderstorm. He also seems to have a lot to say. Very appropriate ... Spike (my choice) is turning out to be very timid, at least for now. Maybe if I name him Killer, he will strut his stuff. That's it for now. We plan to stay here in Portland at least through tomorrow, and maybe longer, depending on the weather, which the long range forecast isn't looking so good. We will let you know when we pull out and head to Camden. Enjoy the weekend!

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Cape Porpoise, ME N43° 21.589' W70° 25.808'
07/17/2008, 43 21.589N 70 25.808W

We made it to Maine today! Another gorgeous day, with a little wind in the morning that basically went away by noon and it was dead calm. It was cold on the water, as we were offshore about 15 nm at one point and we both had fleeces and sweatshirts on for several hours. Warmed some in the afternoon and actually got a little foggy, but not very bad. We had intended to go to Kennebunkport and check in with the Bush's, but there was no place to anchor there, so we told them we might catch them on the trip back south. We are about 2 nm east of Kennebunkport here at Cape Porpoise, which is a pure fishing village and the entrance is lined with hundreds of lobster trap buoys. These were so close together that there was barely enough room for the hull to pass between them. Thought I would include a picture of it. The picture doesn't do this justice, but hopefully you'll get the idea.

We head to Portland tomorrow to meet someone to pick up the packages I mentioned a week or so ago - named Spike and Rocky. At least those are the working names we have for now. Will send a picture tomorrow and let you know what this is all about. The weather is going to take a turn for the worse starting Sunday evening, so if we don't leave Portland Saturday morning, we may be there through Tuesday and depart Wednesday. It will take a couple of days to reach Camden, which is our next destination that we want to get off the boat and stretch our legs for a few days. We will let you know how that goes.

I just looked and our present latitude (north/south) is almost exactly the same as Manchester, VT. Then I looked a bit farther and Bar Harbor is virtually straight east of Burlington. Just a bit of geographic trivia for you ...

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Rockport, MA N42° 39.650' W70° 37.140'
07/16/2008, 42 39.650N 70 37.140W

After a fantastic stay at Scituate, MA and Hingham MA (N42° 15.857' W70° 53.529'), we departed Hingham for Rockport at 0930 and arrived here at 1545. An absolutely beautiful day, but very little wind - more motoring. Some of you have asked about the forecasted swells resulting from hurricane Bertha. There have been swells, but nothing much different than you might typically expect on the ocean on any given day. We will leave here in the morning bound for Kennebunkport, ME. Jeane (my cousin), if you get this and would like to get together perhaps at some point while we are near Saco, please give a call. This will be our first day sailing into Maine waters, and we are very excited! Just looked up the mileage since leaving Key West and have travelled 1,992 nm since leaving there, so we will cross the 2,000 nm mark tomorrow. Overall, since leaving Greenport, NY when we picked up the boat after the purchase, we have logged over 4,000 nm.

It was great seeing Nikki's family while in Hingham. All three of her brothers, wives and kids, and parents were there. Poor Jeff and Denise (who just had the baby) were so very gracious and generous. We can't thank them enough for letting us run them out of hot water (SHOWERS!) and monopolize their industrial size washer and dryer. We had been two weeks without doing laundry and were running low on clean clothes. Had planned to take Nikki's brothers out sailing yesterday, but Jeff was called away to work, so Stephen, Scott, and Nikki's dad Tom sailed with us from Scituate to Hingham. Fabulous weather then as well, and actually enough wind to move us along nicely and comfortably.

We had run provisions down to just about nothing, so picked up a LOT of stuff while there, as well as found a place to repair the windlass, so got that reinstalled before we left Hingham. Now I don't have to haul the chain and anchor hand over hand anymore! A great big thank you to Tom and Connie (Nikki's mom) for letting us use their car!

That's about it for now. Wanted to share some pics of the stay there.

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Scituate, MA N42° 12.198' W70° 43.226'
07/12/2008, 42 12.198N 70 43.226W

Departed Martha's Vineyard on schedule at 0530, arrived in Scituate, MA at 1700. This harbor was the water version of Boston rush hour traffic. It took us 1 1/2 hours to take on fuel and water and then get our mooring assignment. Wall to wall boats passing within feet of each other in every direction, some sailing, most motoring. It was a chore, but we are all set for the night.

It turns out there is a fireworks display planned here tonight at 2300. We will try to stay awake, but doubtful, as this was a long day. Beautiful weather, and motor sailed almost all day. We timed our departure to arrive at Woods Hole at slack tide to avoid what can be as much as 9 kt current, about 5 nm from where we started at Martha's Vineyard. We got that heads up from Peter - THANKS PETER! Anyway, it was a beautiful trip and we made it through there in great shape, but had to slow down to time our arrival at the Cape Cod Canal due to the currents there, as there was going to be over a 3 kt ebbing current early in the morning working against us. Remember, we only travel at 6 kts motoring! Saw some guys working lobster traps from the shore, which was interesting. Also, we are getting into more and more lobster traps around here, which is like dodging mines in a mine field so you don't get the lines wrapped in the propeller. Can't wait to get to Maine where I am told they are thick as whores in Texas. Sorry Uncle Larry and Aunt Rita. ;-)

Planning to get Nikki's brother Jeff and 3 of 4 kids (Alyson, Trent and Luc) on the boat tomorrow morning for a short trip to Hingham, MA, a little closer to Boston. Then we will hang out there at least through Tuesday. Will try to get the windlass repaired there, as well as laundry, reprovision, and if all goes right, all three of Nikki's brothers (Jeff, Scott, and Stephen) will come out for a day on the boat Tuesday. It would be great to see some whales! We are in the middle of a Right Whale critical habitat preserve, but did not see a single %$#@&^! one (Nikki's words). I suspect we will continue the trek north Wednesday or Thursday. As always, weather permitting ...

By the way, I received word that my friend and fellow sailor Ted is fighting the good fight against a tough illness and has been on my mind a lot these last few days. You might remember that Ted and his wife Carol met me in Key West and we had a great time together. He was hoping to launch his sailboat "Indigo" in Lake Champlain this spring but hasn't been able to do that. I have been sending good thoughts his way right now, and I hope you will too.

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