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38' Island Packet cutter rigged sailboat - sailed 20,000 nautical miles from New England to the Bahamas. Now with new owners Tim & Susan Tiefenbach
Holed up here for the oncoming cold front
Randy - 80's, S winds 10-20 kts
03/04/2012, Lake Sylvia - Ft Lauderdale, FL

Today's photo is of Nikki writing in her journal. She is such a good writer and captures the essence of the moments ...

We departed Angelfish Creek at 0645 yesterday and sailed 56 nm averaging 7 kts. A big part of that is we found the Gulf Stream for about three hours and saw ground speed jump to a max of 11.1 kts, which means the current at one point was pushing us at 4 kts. Really great and we arrived 2 hours ahead of schedule.

We had hoped to find a slip or a mooring at a marina to weather the oncoming cold front but no luck, so we anchored here in Lake Sylvia. Good protection and holding but it is very crowded with many other boats with the same need/idea. This morning's ebbing tide pushed us so far sidewise AGAINST the wind that we nearly collided with a boat who anchored next to us. I got on the motor and maneuvered away and held a safe position until slack tide and then all was well. The winds have now shifted from SW to NW with sustained winds around 20 kts, which is not bad, but we have seen gusts up to 40 kts and that really stretches out the chain anchor rode and you worry a bit about popping the anchor loose and dragging. That hasn't happened and we should be fine as long as it does not get any worse. However, we are staying on the boat to keep an eye on everything for the day and have therefore taken advantage of the time to do a few boat chores, not the least of which was defrosting the freezer. Nikki jumps right in on this stuff. I really know how to show a girl a good time ...

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and settled, weather-wise, and we plan to go ashore and stretch our legs some. That will be Nikki's last full day in FL as she flies back to VT Tuesday afternoon. I have been trying to arrange to meet my nephew Andrew who lives near Miami and hopefully we can get together tomorrow night. I will continue the trek north Wednesday. The winds are forecasted to whip the seas up this week with strong easterlies causing 10' seas, so I am planning to head up the ditch (ICW) at least as far as Cape Canaveral. Somewhere along the way I hope to meet Dick and Kay Axelsen, the original owners of Kristinly. Uncle Dave (aka uncle Animal) gets on the boat the 14th around St Augustine to help sail north for a couple of weeks.

Will update more after Nikki leaves.

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Return trip through Boot Key Harbor
Randy - Sunny, 80's, winds SSE 15-25 kts
03/02/2012, Marathon, FL

Another beautiful day, including the stop at Looe Key. Great sailing to Boot Key. This time we anchored outside the harbor as the winds were calm when we arrived. We were rewarded with a VERY beautiful sunset. We departed at 0645 this morning and are bound for Angelfish Creek where we will anchor for the evening and then sail outside up to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow. That will have us inside before the arrival of the cold front Sunday.

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03/02/2012 | ken & Francie
It sure looks as though you both are having a ball.. It must be working.
03/02/2012 | Dean certainly were all around us... as Straight from the Heart is right behind us... We're on Mooring B-12.

and were out a Sombrero Beach today... Probably as you sailed by...

Don't remember getting any sort of message that you were even in the area....

OH well
Stopped by Looe Key to snorkel on the way back to Marathon
Randy Sunny, 80's, winds SSE 15-25 kts
03/01/2012, About half way between Key West and Marathon

The picture is of the sunrise.

I know I keep writing the same thing about the weather, but that's the way it's been. Nikki brought her good weather karma with her and it has been spectacular.

On the way back to Marathon we stopped by at Looe Key to do some snorkeling. We were here in 2008 and it is still beautiful. It was calm then and this time we had 3'-5'seas so the water was a bit murky so visibility wasn't quite as good, but still beautiful. LOT'S of fish here as at Sombrero Reef with all the same species, only this time we saw a 4' Reef Shark. The only casualty here is that Nikki's underwater camera appears to have bitten the dust. We were able to retrieve the pictures but the camera is toast.

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Most Southern Point in the USA
Randy - Sunny, 80's, winds SE 10-20 kts
02/29/2012, Key West, FL

Mostly sailed, but motor sailed at the end as winds lightened up. We tried to anchor across and somewhat north of Mallory Square, but the holding sucked so we gave it up and went around Flemming Key and picked up a mooring for the night. We know this place well and loaded the bikes into the dinghy and went ashore for a night of fun. We started by going to Mallory Square to catch the traditional tourist sunset (it really is a great place watch) and got a surprise. While standing in line to get a beer, we saw a guy (also standing in line with 5 other people) bend down on one knee and propose to his girl friend. None of us, including his new fiance, expected that.

After the sunset, we caught a couple street entertainer acts and then went to Soppy Joe's to catch the Pete and Wayne Show. These guys are about as raunchy as it gets but are absolutely hilarious. They are still doing the same bit with topically updated stuff and we laughed our asses off. While there, I sent a text to Jenni and Kristin and told them to catch the live video feed from Sloppy Joe's and went up front and waved to them. Kristin saw it and posted a smart as remark on FB about my 15 minutes of fame. She's right - I can be so infantile, but I like it!

Made the ride back to the boat in the dark (around 2300) and called it a night.

Before we left to go ashore, we studied the weather and realized that our plans to sail out to the Dry Tortugas (about 60 nm) would work weather-wise, but if we did that, I would likely get stuck in Key West for as much as a week due to a front moving through and strong NE winds following by Sunday. So with that bit of information, we opted to turn around and sail back towards Ft. Lauderdale on 1 March.

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LOTS of fish
02/28/2012, Sombrero Reef, S of Marathon (Boot Key)


We stopped and snorkeled Sombrero Reef just south of Boot Key. Tons of fish, quite a bit of live coral, but the seas at 3' - 4' made the water a bit murky, but still it was a great time. Nikki took the video of these fish that were basically right under the boat.

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03/01/2012 | s/v namesake
where's the vid? would love to see it! :)
03/01/2012 | jenni
more videos please!! :)
Boot Key Harbor
Randy - Sunny, 80'S, WINDS sse 15-25 KTS
02/28/2012, Marathon, FL

After another great day of sailing and stopping at Sombrero Reef to snorkel, we arrived at Boot Key Harbor and picked up a mooring for the evening with hopes of meeting up with friends Dean and Susan (s/v Autumn Borne) and Don and Maryann (s/v Straight from the Heart). As it turned out, we were able to contact Don and Maryann who invited us for sundowners on Heart. They also invited Jack (an absolute Uncle Animal look-alike)and Tatiana (s/v Pashka) who sail an IP38, sister ship to Kristinly. We had lots of fun reuniting and after cocktails, headed to the Dockside for dinner. Jenni and Matt met us here in 2008 and we danced the night away then. As it was, all there was for the night was karoke - some good, some really bad - like me. Never did hear from Dean and Susan, but maybe another time.

We got an early start on the 29th and made for Key West

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