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38' Island Packet cutter rigged sailboat - sailed 20,000 nautical miles from New England to the Bahamas. Now with new owners Tim & Susan Tiefenbach
A VERY long day
Randy - mid-70's, partly cloudy
03/22/2012, Cedar Creek, NC

We traveled 86 nm in 13 hours, which I think is a record for this boat in the ICW. We managed to catch favorable tides most of the way. Could not leave Wrightsville Beach until 0730 because the bridge just north of us did not open until 0800.

I screwed up when taking on fuel in Charleston, SC - forgot to also take on fresh water. WTF?! A sure sign of getting older, I guess. I've run out of water before, but that was because there wasn't any available, not because I had shit for brains. Anyway, we ran out of water for showers and washing dishes the 20th. Wouldn't have been such a big deal except the marina I wanted to stop and take on fuel and water at yesterday closed before we could get there. Sooooooooo, we continued on north of Beaufort, NC, and headed for this anchorage. The current pushed us along at 8.5 kts, but as it was, we were in the dark the last 45 minutes and finding a place to anchor was, shall we say, "interesting", arriving at 2015. We stopped in Oriental for fuel and water this morning and I promised uncle Dave we will drop the hook no later than 1700 today so we can relax before dinner.

As of now, we are making great time and expect to be in Deltaville, VA (the end of the trip) the 26th or 27th.

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More of the same
Randy - hi 70's, mostly sunny, scattered showers
03/21/2012, Wrightsville Beach, NC

The weather today was similar to yesterday. We made good time but not well enough to advance past Wrightsville Beach due to limited anchoring opportunities that were within reach before sunset. So we pulled in here around 1600 and set the hook. I have been here numerous times and it is usually pretty crowded, but we are ahead of the usual migration of cruisers heading north, so we only had one neighboring boat for the night.

Uncle Dave marveled at the real estate located in the area immediately south of here. There is clearly some serious wealth here and people aren't afraid to be building nice homes here. We've seen lots of active development going on right now.

After we anchored, I emptied out the quarter berth to get at the packing gland (where the propeller shaft exits the hull) as it was running water, not dripping as it should and it needed to be adjusted. One of the things stored there was out automatic margarita maker. David saw that and it was all over. After I was finished with the project and everything was properly stowed again, we set about making margaritas, playing a bit with the recipe as we only had one lime and a little triple sec. To make a long story short, we put on the Jimmy Buffet and almost forgot about dinner. With slightly thick tongues, we managed to get that done and crawled into bed around 2130. Sunrise came a little early today and required a bit more coffee than usual. I a m blaming uncle Animal.

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Long day but good day
Randy - hi 70's, mostly sunny, scattered showers
03/20/2012, Little River, NC

Another picture of a sunrise - today.

We managed to travel 68 NM in 12 hrs, and considering that we had to start an hour late due to dense fog and fought a foul tide for the better part of the day, that's pretty good. There were a few scattered T-storms, but they missed us. I considered stopping well short of this anchorage due to the tide, as there is no place to anchor for about 20 nm once you get near Myrtle Beach, but then the tide turned in our favor so we took a gamble we could make it before dark, and we did. However, it was about 10 minutes past sunset and I spotted what looked like a good anchorage about 1 nm short of the planned anchorage. I checked the tide table AFTER we set the anchor and of course, we were going to find the keel in the mud at low tide if we stayed there, so we weighed anchor and moved the extra mile to the original planned spot and anchored there. A bit of a delicate move around some channel markers found only with my 2 million candle power man spot light in pitch black darkness and we were fine. I have to say that uncle Animal is a natural at the helm and we have made an excellent team, particularly when arriving and departing at anchorages.

We will make it past Southport at Cape Fear today. We are carrying the tide as I write this but will soon be dealing with a strong ebb on the nose, to the tune of about 3.5 kts. Considering that we only motor at around 6.0 to 6.5 kts, that will feel like we are dragging an anchor. We'll see - I think we will likely end up at Wrightsville Beach, north of Cape Fear about 20 nm.

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Up the ditch
Randy - stormy
03/18/2012, South Santee River, SC

With thunderstorms in the forecast, we chose not to go outside as originally planned and headed north up the ICW. Since we started late, we were only able to go 50 NM today. That will add another day to the trip, and maybe two if we have issues with tides, bridges, and the like. As it turned out, we threaded the needle between nasty storm cells that produced a lot of lightning. They missed us by less than a mile and we were both glad about that.

Somewhere along the way, David was chewing some gun and managed to bite his tongue enough times that he was sucking his own blood. See the picture for proof ...

So as it turns out, we will be in the ditch now for the duration all the way to Norfolk, VA. David will be flying home from Richmond, VA on the 29th.

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03/20/2012 | Joe and Deb
In the House of Crumble he will be lucky if that's his only injury of the trip !! Take care you guys. Hope the trip goes well to Deltaville. Are you leaving the boat there this summer?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Randy - Hi 70's, winds L&V
03/17/2012, Charleston, SC

After a bumpy night, we arrived at the entrance at 0600 and of course, it was pitch black out. I no more than lined up the heading for entrance into the inlet and the radio woke up with a call from the cruise ship Carnival Fantasy, and they were closing fast. I moved over to the red (right) side and watched them pass in near total silence and only about 75 yards away. We saw each other and all was well, but it is easy to feel very small when right next to one of these huge ships.

Our excitement last night was dodging a thunderstorm that showed up just after sunset. LOTS of lightning! We talked to the USCG to find out the direction of the storm after changing course once (in the wrong direction) and managed to out run the storm cell. Actually, it pretty much dissipated by the time it passed astern of us, but it was exciting at the time. I REALLY hate lightning. Wind and waves I can deal with but lightning sucks.

We dropped the hook at 0730 and I took a 3 hour nap after being up most of the night with small cat naps. David and I went into town at 1300 and celebrated St Patrick's day in the old market area. I took some funny pictures and they are in the photo gallery of this site if you are interested.

The eats on board are much better with David doing the galley wench duties. We plan to leave here tomorrow morning around 1000 and sail offshore to Cape Fear, arriving somewhere around 0700 - 0800. Forecast is the same as the last couple of days, so we expect little help from the wind, but you never know. We might get lucky.

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03/17/2012 | Richard
Yeah, I hate the lightning too when at sea. You're so exposed with the big lightning rod... I'm gald that you made it in safe.
More later
03/17/2012, Charleston, SC

Arrived and dropped the hook here at 0730 as planned. All is good. Heading ashore to celebrate St Patrick's day. Will write more later.

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